Personal Website Design Created To Help Market A Home Sale

Winston Salem Luxury HomesBob & Judy of Yadkinville, NC contacted BsnTech Networks a week ago to ask about website design services.  They wanted to find out if it would be worth the investment with creating a website to help aid them in selling of their home in Yadkinville, NC.

After answering many questions that Bob & Judy had about the website design process along with all that was involved, we got to work on the website right away.  They wanted to have the website done very quickly so they could also see about using AdWords to help advertise their website and get it listed higher in the search engines.

Bob & Judy’s goal is to have an offer on the home before Thanksgiving.

BsnTech Networks delivered.  In less than a week, we completed the website design that helps showcase the home.  It lists features of the home, a slideshow of photos, and sets the home in a setting to make it more interesting to potential home buyers.  In addition, a contact form was added right on the website to help potential buyers fill out an inquiry right on the website.

Bob & Judy were very pleased with the efficiency that BsnTech Networks provided and the quality of the website delivered.

We appreciate the business from Bob & Judy and look forward to helping them out with their AdWords campaign!

The website is at

Insurance Agency Website Design For Wolfe Furner Insurance

Wolfe Furner InsuranceNathan from Wolfe Furner Insurance based out of Clarksburg, WV contacted us about a week ago to create a website.  They wanted to have just a simple website about their insurance agency without any frills.

We got right to work for Nathan and just completed his website today!  Nathan had us create a simple three page website with a contact form so potential customers could inquire about insurance rates right from their website.

Nathan has already indicated that he will be asking us to take care of the website and provide updates and maintenance service.

Thank you to Wolfe Furner insurance for entrusting BsnTech Networks with creating an insurance agency website design for them!

Wolfe Furner’s website can be seen at

Vehicle Listings Management

How to update and manage your vehicle listings on a website that was designed from BsnTech Networks.  This video covers the necessary knowledge required to manage vehicle listings – including adding, deleting, and updating information for each vehicle.

Car Dealership Website Design For Inwood Pre-Owned Cars, Inc.

Inwood Pre-Owned Cars, Inc.Jim at Inwood Pre-Owned Cars, Inc. contacted us last week about an interest in having a website design done for his car dealership.  He wanted to have the ability to add his vehicle inventory on his website.  By doing so, it would allow customers and visitors to see what inventory he has right on his website and the information about the vehicles.

We got to work right away for Jim.  We told him that we could have an initial design on the site done within three business days.  We did better.  Once we obtained the details from Jim, we got to work and had something ready to show him within 24 hours.

After a few changes and updates, we completed his car dealership website design in a very timely manner.

Jim is very satisfied with the website and has indicated an interest in having us also create another website for him as well.

We appreciate the ability to help Jim with his car dealership website design and hope there is more work we receive from him!

Jim’s website is at

Bell Pepper Extravaganza!

Well, this most likely will be the last garden blog post for the 2013 year.  A great deal of time has passed since the last time that I made a post on here.

In fact, back on September 14th, I went out into the garden and took some photos – but failed to ever get the post made.  So, I will do that now.

So, let’s take a trip back to a little over a month ago!

First off – let’s see what the cherry tomato plants look like.  They absolutely LOVE the spot that they are put in.  A couple of years ago, they were put in this same spot and grew to be just like this.  At least off of just one cherry tomato plant, we got a bounty of produce for salads.

Side Garden

In addition, back behind the big cherry tomato plant was some potatoes that were both planted – and some volunteers from last year.  So the final amount of kennebec potatoes were picked.  The five gallon bucket is about half-way filled – so we got another decent amount of potatoes on top of the 80+ pounds from the front garden.

Kennebec Potatoes

Out in the front garden, I was finally fed up with the deer.  I tried the deer netting.  In some places, it works.  In others, it doesn’t.  If you are using the netting to cover something up fully, it works well.  But if you are using it in a fence-like manner to try and keep the deer out, I’ve had major failure.  Well, I had a huge roll of “snow fencing” that is plastic and pretty heavy-duty.  It is mostly always in a construction orange color and you see it around construction zones.  So I took down the deer netting and put this up.

Front Garden

It certanly doesn’t look nice, but wouldn’t you know it, there was absolutely NO more deer that got into the garden area after that!  Because the fencing was put up, we managed to get a whopping one-gallon freezer bag full of green beans this year.  Not a lot – but that is a whole bag more than last year.  So going forward, I have learned my lesson – only use the heavy duty fencing up around the front garden if we want any green beans!

Do you know what the green bean plants looked like before the fencing was put up?  Just look below.  They look awful and eaten down.  At least they did come back and put on some beans for us.

Green Beans

Speaking of the front garden, the California Wonder peppers are doing.. alright.  Not great, but they were growing.

California Wonder Peppers

And finally, around September 14th, there was a decent supply of tomatoes picked.  This year was nothing like the previous years with tomatoes, however.  In previous years, we could bag several gallon-sized freezer bags of tomatoes.  We didn’t bag any this year.  Just barely had enough to eat.


Fast forward to today, October 22nd.  Well, we had a frost last night.  Everything looked dead and droopy on my way to work this morning.  I had every intention of getting things picked Monday night but I just got too busy to get outside.  So after work, I went outside and went to work.

The green fencing was taken down around the front garden and I then picked the rest of the viable peppers.  Wow, there was a bell pepper extravaganza!  At the end of the season, we always have a huge amount of peppers to pick.  Mostly because I try to let them “ripen” up on the plants and turn red.  So at the end of the year, all of them get picked.

California Wonder Peppers

Wow, that is a sink full of peppers!  But wait, there’s more!

California Wonder Peppers

That is a lot of peppers!  Probably more than ten pounds worth.  I’m not sure, I quite weighing and counting everything a few years back.  Just was too tedious.

Well, there you have it for the year.  A lot of preparation and garden cleanup needs to be done now – and I’m not looking forward to it.  A lot of leaf mulching, tilling, and cleaning of everything that is left.  I did open the valves on the water barrels this evening to start letting the water out of those, so that is a small step in the right direction.

Affordable Website Design For Alan B Ashworth, Sports Psychologist

Alan AshworthAlan contacted us over a month ago inquiring about a potential website design.  He is a Sport Psychologist located in the Dayton Ohio area.

He originally requested us to provide an estimate to him for a basic website and a few add-on features.  A few weeks later, he let us know that there was another designer that he was previously working with, but they were not able to complete the website to his satisfaction and the previous website designer gave up.

Based upon the updated request he had, we provided him another estimate, at which he also requested bids from others.

In the end, Alan chose BsnTech Networks to create an affordable website design.

We worked closely with Alan to obtain the information and graphics that he wanted on the website and pieced it together over a couple of weeks.  Just this evening, Alan said that we had perfected the website and it was exactly what he wanted!

We appreciate ethe business from Alan and will continue to work with him as he needs updates made to his website.

Alan’s website is at

Affordable Website Designed For Mid-Michigan Hygienitech

Mid-Michigan HygienitechGreg with Mid-Michigan Hygienitech contacted us last week about making a website for him and his business.  We worked through the questions about website design, what is required to have a website, along with features and functionality that could be added to the site within his budget.

Greg wanted to get started right away with the site – and we did just that!  Within one week of receiving the initial payment, the website was completed and approved by Greg.

Greg said “I like it!  Enough info to be clear on our services but not buried with a bunch of junk. Great Job”.

We appreciate Greg and him providing us the ability to create an affordable website design for him and his business.  We look forward to any other website service needs that he might need.

Greg’s site is at

Affordable Website Design For Playground Rockstars

Playground RockstarsRoberto, the owner of Playground Rockstars near Tecumseh, MI contacted us a couple weeks ago about making a website for him and his business.

Roberto already had a Facebook page for his business, but many of his customers were also asking if he had a website as well.  Roberto had thought about getting a website but didn’t want to try and create one himself.  The estimates he also received from other design companies were over $1,000 for a website design.

After speaking with Roberto over the phone and answering his questions, he wanted to get started right away because of our low-cost website design services.

Roberto asked us to download all of his Facebook pictures and post them to his picture gallery on the website – which we did.  We also set up the information he requested for his home page and made a contact page for him.

Within just a few days, his website was done and functional!

We just spoke with Roberto a few days ago and he is very pleased with his website and said he has already made a couple more sales – simply because he had a website because it exudes professionalism.

Thank you to Playground Rockstars and Roberto for being able to create an affordable website design for you!

The Playground Rockstars website is at

Website Design For Red White and Blue Health, Inc.

Red White and Blue Health, Inc.Gary from Red White and Blue Health, Inc. contacted us a few weeks ago for a few projects.  He requested that we create a logo for his organization and also create a low-cost website so he could get established online.

Our graphic designer worked to create a logo that Gary was happy with.  There were a few mock-up designs sent to Gary and he chose one based on what he liked.

We also were working to get his website designed during that time so we could complete everything quickly for him.  He let us know to use a red, white, and black color scheme on the site – so that is exactly what we did!

Gary sent us all the information that he wanted on the site.  We were able to combine some of the items to save him the cost of needing another web page as well.  Instead, we took two of the files he sent and converted them to PDF files so they were easily downloadable for the website visitors.  At BsnTech Networks, we strive to find ways to save cost for our customers – and also make things look more presentable and easier for their website visitors.

We appreciate the business that Gary has provided us and look forward to making a few website modifications as his organization grows.

The Red White and Blue Health, Inc. website is at