BsnTech Networks Chosen For School Website Design

Esther Miller Bais Yaakov WebsiteRabbi Kay from Esther Miller Bais Yaakov (EMBY) High School in St. Louis contacted us to get a low-cost website design made for his school.  Primarily, he wanted a way to be able to sell tickets to his school’s produce of “Made of Honor” and to be able to sell raffle tickets to help raise money for the school.

We worked with Rabbi Kay very closely to complete the website to his expectations and standards.  In the end, he also added on a few extra features and an additional web page because he was very pleased with how quickly we worked and how responsive we were to get the changes made on his website.  Rabbi Kay noted “Thanks so much for evertyhing, I’m very impressed with your work!”.

Today, we finalized the website and made it “go live” for Rabbi Kay and his school.  We appreciate the business that Rabbi Kay provided us to create an school website design!

Rabbi Kay’s website is at

BsnTech Networks Prevails in Court Case Against Barclay Jackovich & MyRCDepot, LLC.

BsnTech Networks LogoIn a sad turn of events, BsnTech Networks had to file a small claims case against a customer from back in July.  In July, we were contacted by Barclay Jackovich, owner of MyRCDepot, LLC out of Uniontown, OH.

Barclay contacted us to make an eCommerce website that was pretty intricate.  We provided him an estimate for the site.  During the design of the site, there were other requests and features that he wanted that were not originally part of the estimate, but he agreed to the extra charges.

Upon completion of the website, we agreed to split the invoice into two parts per his request.  When the time came for payment, he contacted us and said that the bill was not correct and wanted to have us explain the charges.  After we explained the charges in full detail to him, he agreed that everything was correct and said he would have his accountant send a check to us.

In the meantime, his website was then suspended because no payment was received.  He called and was upset that his website was suspended.

It is the policy of BsnTech Networks to suspend websites upon non-payment.  Additionally, we give a four day grace period after an invoice is due before a website is suspended.  That way it allows for additional time in the event a check is mailed at the last moment, although BsnTech Networks should be receiving those payments on the due date itself.

Although Barclay indicated a check was sent and confirmed to us on a few phone conversations that it was sent, no check was ever received.  Therefore, he had no intentions of paying for the site.

Upon the site being suspended, he immediately went to a different website designer and had them create a website for him.  Whether this designer was paid or not, that is unknown.

BsnTech Networks then filed a small claims lawsuit against Barclay Jackovich and MyRCDepot, LLC in Canton County, OH.  BsnTech Networks hired local representation to see the process through.

Today, we received word that BsnTech Networks won the lawsuit against Mr. Jackovich and MyRCDepot, LLC.

BsnTech Networks attempts to work with our customers as much as possible to help with payment arrangements for sites that are more sophisticated than our typical website design package.  In this case, we did just that, but the customer was not honest with us.  Barclay paid the initial pre-payments for us to start on the site by credit card, but would not pay any of the final balances for his website.

Affordable Website Design For Round 12 Boxing

Round 12 BoxingTimmy, the owner of Round 12 Boxing, contacted us a few weeks ago to make website to help promote an event that is upcoming for his boxing business.

One of our website design freelancers opted to take on the project, so we assigned the work to him.  We were able to get the website completed and up and running in just a few weeks after all of the information was received for the site.

We appreciate the business from Timmy for entrusting us to make an affordable website design for him!

Timmy’s website is at

Hair Salon Website For Hair Cuts Bossier

Hair Cuts Bossier City, LARon Horton contacted us a few weeks ago regarding the creation of a low-cost website.  Ron has over 30 years of experience as a hair stylist and used to own his own business.  He then sold out to a family member and started teaching for a few years before deciding that wasn’t for him.  He then went back to work as a hair stylist at a local salon in Bossier City, LA where he rents a booth.

Ron is hoping to reach out to some of his previous customers to drum up business and he wanted to market himself by getting a website online.

Originally, Ron attempted to make a website himself but didn’t have much luck.  He then had us set everything up for him.

He sent us the specifications, content, and information that he wanted on the website in addition to how he wanted the site designed and colored.

We put all of his information together and had his site done in just a few short days after receiving everything!

Thank you for your business, Ron, and we look forward to helping you with search optimization needs!

Ron’s website is at

Business Website Design For VGA Professional Services, inc.

VGA Professional Services, Inc.BsnTech Networks was contacted by Vernita, the owner of VGA Professional Services, Inc., several weeks ago to make an affordable website design for her and her business.  Vernita also requested that we make a high-resolution logo design for her as well.

Our graphic designer got to work right away on the high-resolution logo design and had it completed within a week.  Vernita was exceptionally pleased with the fast turn-around time with our graphic design services.

Over a couple of weeks, Vernita then sent us the information she wanted to have on her website.  We then put together the information and made a couple of changes and modifications throughout the process.

The website for VGA Professional Services, Inc. just was approved by Vernita – and she is very happy that she can go in and manage her own website and make changes to help keep her cost for the website design low.

We appreciate the business from Vernita, and she noted that there will be referrals coming our way!

VGA Professional Services, Inc. website is at