Website Design For Brenda Thurston

Brenda ThurstonBsnTech Networks received an inquiry from Brenda Thurston – yesterday – regarding help with website design services.

When we called her back in the evening, she explained her situation.

She had a domain name that she got through WordPress with a website.  However, she had two other WordPress sites that she setup – one for her dog sitting business – and one for a personal blog.

She was very confused about what she had done – but essentially, she wanted to have just one website with everything on it that worked under her domain name.

Upon getting the list of items from her that she wanted, we explained the difference between using the free WordPress site versus having one that could be customized to her liking that is hosted with us.

After she agreed upon having us host the site, we got to work quickly to make her website.  Her color scheme was done along with all of the material from her other three WordPress sites.

Today, she approved of the site and was ready to take it live!  We have already initiated the domain name transfer and we will be managing that on Brenda’s behalf.

We appreciate the business from Brenda to help her with her website services!

Her website is at

Website Design Completed For A Blaze Of Color – In Less Than 12 Hours!

A Blaze of ColorBsnTech Networks was contacted by Paul, the owner of A Blaze of Color.  He contacted us late Saturday evening about a current website that he had.  He was not happy with the site at all.  Said that it was very bland and that he was paying for AdWords for his site.  He noted that he was getting plenty of clicks and was paying a substantial amount, but he wasn’t getting any business because it wasn’t clear what his business really was!

Someone he knew had created the site for him initially – which was a one-page site with a picture gallery of some of his work.  But upon first look, you couldn’t tell what A Blaze of Color did as a business – unless you looked closer in the small text on the site.

Paul was open to having the site completely re-designed so that it was eye-catching and there was no question about what business they were in.  By the time we were done with the site, he was astounded at how fast the site was done and how professional the site was created.

Sunday late morning he gave us the “go” to re-design the site.  Less than 10 hours later, we had the site fully up on his hosting account with all of the changes made.

Paul noted in an e-mail to us – “Boy, you get s**t done bro. Awesome. Took almost a year to get that last site going!“.

We appreciate the business from Paul and he has already provided our contact information to someone else that needs a website.  Hopefully we can earn their business as well.

A Blaze of Color’s website is at

Website Design For Northwest Wisconsin Property Mangement

Northwest Wisconsin Property ManagementBsnTech Networks completes a premium website design for Northwest Wisconsin Property Management.  Our designer, Sam Stebbins, created a very eye-catching and rich website for Nicholas and his business.  The website has substantial functionality for the ability to list properties available, landlord resources, and tenant resources on the website.

We appreciate the business that Nicholas and Northwest Wisconsin Property Managment provided us with the ability to create a website for them and provide website and e-mail hosting services.

Vacation Rental Website Design For Premier Property Management

Premier Property ManagementAngela Moody contacted one of our website design freelancers, Sam Stebbins, in order to get a website created for their property management company, Premier Property Management.  They specialize in listing and managing vacation rentals in and around the Destin, FL area.

Sam worked with Angela to get the website completed and setup over the course of two months.

Premium Website Design For Panhandle Fishing Charters

Panhandle Fishing ChartersOne of our website design freelancers, Sam Stebbins, recently completed a premium website for Joey and Mary, the owners of Panhandle Fishing Charters in Destin, FL.

Sam took the time to meet with the customer to go over the details of their site, the features the site would include, and worked closely with them to ensure the site was setup how they wanted it.

Over the course of about a month, work progressed on the site and the customers have now approved of the site for publication.

We appreciate the work that Sam does for customers and the high level of work he completes.

Panhandle Fishing Charters’ website is at

Website Assistance For Find Your Truth Coaching

Find Your Truth CoachingStephanie contacted us yesterday (Tuesday the 22nd) in regards to needing help with getting some items added and fixed on her website.

She provided us a detailed list of things that she needed to have done on the website.  Upon receiving that list, we provided her a specific estimate for each item that she requested service for.

In the end, she chose to have us complete most of all the items except a few.  We helped her with these things on her website:

  • Added her logo to the top of the site to replace the stock logo that was originally there
  • Added social network sharing buttons on the upper area of the right sidebar
  • Added a “Meet Stephanie” section on the bottom right sidebar that links to her About page
  • Fixed her contact form on the Free Consultation page so it worked and she was e-mailed the results

Upon receiving her credentials for the site, we started right away and had the work done within just a few hours.  She has since looked over the work and has approved of the changes.

Stephanie’s website is at

Website Re-Design For Luigi Morelli

Luigi MorelliLuigi has been a long-time customer of BsnTech Networks.  About once a year, he needs to have his one-page website fully re-designed.  This is usually because he uses his one-page website to market his books that he publishes.

This time, he wrote a new book, “Legends and Stories” and needed to have the site changed to provide the synopsis about this book and some links to the table of contents and other excerpts from the book.

We also had to work with Luigi to extract certain graphics from the book cover that was made from a professional designer.  This somewhat held up the process of us starting on the site for him, but in the end, he had us do everything for him since the person that created the book cover was not responsive to his requests.

Thank you for the additional work Luigi and we look forward to many other changes in the future!

Luigi’s site is at

eCommerce Website Designed For Brazilian Hair Dollz

Brazilian Hair DollzAngelKay, co-owner of Brazilian Hair Dollz, contacted us late last week asking to have an eCommerce website created.  She wanted to have the ability to sell different types and styles of hair on a website and take online payments.

Upon the initial payment being received, she quickly sent us everything that was needed for the website.  That included the product info, shipping info, pricing, pages that she wanted, and more.

We worked right away to get a site up and running for her – and within 24 hours, we had the majority of her website completely up and running.

Since it was Easter weekend, communications were a little slower but we still gave her a call late on Sunday to finalize some details, which were completed on Monday (today).

AngelKay was extremely pleased with our efficiency and the fact that we called and explained everything very thoroughly to her over the phone as to what to expect.  She has already let us know that there is another website that she will most likely have us start on for a colleague of hers within a week or two.

We appreciate the business from AngelKay and are very glad that we were able to exceed her expectations!

The Brazilian Hair Dollz website is at

Great Weekend For Transplanting

It was a great Easter weekend for transplanting some of the veggies out to the garden.  That also means a 50% reduction in the power usage in the germination station.  I setup four fluorescent light fixtures this year (usually do five) and after moving items out, I was able to shut off two of them.  Sometimes I wonder with the fact that the lights run for 13+ hours a day for three or more months if it would be less expensive to buy the plants as opposed to spending the amount on energy usage.

Anyways, temperatures got to over 80 degrees on Sunday and were in the 70’s on Saturday.  I spent most of the day outside on Sunday transplanting and also cleaning up the yard a bit – such as doing the first mowing of the year.

This year I’ve opted to not plant any carrots.  In the year’s past, I’ve planted a lot of carrots and then they mostly just go wasted by the time they sit in the freezer.  The problem with the carrots is that they seem to be mushy when you get them out of the freezer and thaw them out.  I’m not sure how the big veggie companies can freeze their veggies and still keep the carrots crisp when they are cooked.

So instead, the lettuce and some onions were planted in the carrot bed this year:

Lettuce and Onions

The onions are planted on either side of the bed above – very hard to see since they are still small but look like little twigs.

Since the lettuce was moved to this area, that leaves the garden bed by the patio available.  So the celery was planted here along with the bulk of the onions.  When mowing the garden, a lot of dead grass was bagged up (since we have the Zoysia grass that likes to hibernate for 8 months out of the year).  So it looks almost like straw, and this was put around the celery to help hold moisture in.

Over beside the house, the peas are coming up.  They were planted a couple of weeks ago.

I also planted several broccoli and one cauliflower in the side garden as well.

And here is the view of the side garden.  PVC pipe for the irrigation is already in place and this garden bed is all ready to go!

I still have some more broccoli and cauliflower to plant – and those will have to go in the front garden.  I don’t want to put up the fencing just yet, so I am holding onto those a bit longer.

Finally, I am starting to have some doubts about the potatoes that were planted.  It still is a bit early yet, but some of the potatoes that were left in the ground from last year have already come up and are full of leaves.  I saved some seed potatoes from our batch of potatoes last year (since we didn’t eat them).  Those were all planted a few weeks back – and not one of them has come through yet.  So this will be an experiment to see if the potatoes that I saved will work.  If not, then I know they need to be purchased each year.

eCommerce Website Assistance For Bavarian Almond Shoppe

Bavarian Almond ShoppeKeith, a representative working on behalf of Bavarian Almond Shoppe, contacted us Tuesday this week in desparate need of some help to get a website finished up.

Keith was building a website for Bavarian Almond Shoppe and the owner was scheduled to drive a few hours to meet him on Thursday (yesterday) to see the completed website and go over how to manage it.

Unfortunately, Keith was having some issues with several aspects of the website and needed to have the items fixed quickly.

Upon getting the full list of things that needed to be done, we got to work immediately on the site and met the deadline with an extra day to spare.  Keith needed us to help with these matters:

  1. Remove the ability for comments to be posted except for on a Testimonials page
  2. Remove the sidebar on the left side of all of the pages
  3. Fix some of the HTML formatting on the About Us page
  4. Get the form on the Contact page to function and send e-mails properly
  5. Setup the site to use an SSL certificate for the Checkout page
  6. Integrate the payment gateway and get it configured so orders could be placed
  7. Setup shipping rates for product orders

The majority of all the requested changes were done within an hour or two from our phone coversation while the payment gateway took a little bit of investigative work to get fully configured and tested.

In the end, Keith was very happy with our response and how quickly we got things done on the website.

Bavarian Almond Shoppe’s website is at