Website Design For All Green Roof Clean

All Green Roof CleanTroy from All Green Roof Clean contacted us several months ago in regards to getting a website setup.  Initially, he just wanted to get the domain name locked in along with an e-mail address.

After a few months, him and his business partner, Don, was ready to get started on the website.  After getting all of the informatoin for the site, we had it completed in just a few short days.

All Green Roof Clean specializes in clean residential and commercial roofs where there are black streaks or algae growing.  With their technology, they get rid of the organic deposits using eco-friendly products and make your roof look like new.

We appreciate the business from Troy!

All Green Roof Clean’s website is at

Mail Delivery Failures On Contact Forms

Recently, BsnTech Networks has started to see an increase in the number of mail delivery failure notifications from contact forms on customer websites.

Why?  The larger e-mail providers – such as Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail (Outlook) have started to use some of the spam frameworks that are many years old.  One such policy is DMARC – which is what Google Gmail has started using in the past few months.

In essence, DMARC is a policy framework that ensures that a mail server is “authoritative” for sending e-mail from a specific domain name.  Because many contact forms are setup to have the “From” address as the e-mail address that someone filled in on the customer’s contact form, it makes it look like the message is coming from their e-mail address.

As an example – if someone goes to a customer’s contact form on their website and fills in an e-mail address of “”, it will send out the e-mail to the website owner and show it came from “”.  Well, if the website owner wants the form to be sent to an e-mail address on Gmail, Yahoo, or another provider, they may reject the message because the mail server / web server that sent the e-mail is not allowed to send a message from Yahoo users.

To fix the mail delivery failures on customer contact forms, you must hard-code the “From” address to one that matches the customer’s domain name.  As an example, our domain name is  In the contact form settings, we would set the “From” address to something like “”.  The main key here is to ensure the From address has their domain name in it.  So it could be <anything> – just as long as it has their domain name in there.

Because web hosting and mail servers are authoritative for the domain name of the website, the message should then be allowed through to providers like Gmail or Yahoo.

BsnTech Networks would be happy to help anyone that has a website contact form that is having difficulty receiving e-mails from their contact forms.  We have experience with fixing the mail failures from contact forms on websites.

Memorial Weekend in the Garden

This weekend we visited some family and then I spent Monday doing a little bit of gardening.  Mostly just giving everything a good drink since the temperatures have been in the 80’s and will be so this week.  At least there is a chance of rain tonight and tomorrow morning so really hoping we get some.  Don’t know how much I’ve depleted the rain barrels but I’ve used a lot of water lately since we’ve not had an abundance of rain.

We did have a short rainfall on Monday as I was watering everything – but was just enough to make it humid outside and wet the ground just a bit.

I also picked some Easter Egg radishes.  Amazing – last week they were not bulbing at all – and then poof!  They all of a sudden bulbed up in just a matter of a couple of days and needed picked.

Easter Egg Radishes

I planted more radishes in place of the ones that were taken out – plus put more in the second strawberry pyramid to fill it up.

Radish Garden

The Kennebec potatoes along the road are growing great as well.  They are starting to push against the deer netting and do very well.  The potatoes were planted closer together this year – about 8 to 10 inches apart instead of a foot.  Hopefully that won’t crowd them too much – but yield more in the potato area.

Kennebec Potatoes

But the front garden by the road is filled with potatoes – and there is also a row in the back garden.  Last year, there were some “volunteer” potatoes that came up in both the back garden and side garden – although they were not harvested.  We had enough just from the garden by the road – and still ended up not using all of the potatoes.  So the left over potatoes were what was used this year as seed potatoes!

Back Garden

The Cascadia snap peas in the back garden left more to be desired.  The germination was poor – with maybe 25% of them coming up it seems.  But over in the side garden, it looks as though 100% of all the peas sprouted.  Just a matter of the ground temperature.  The side garden is next to the house – so the ground will be warmer – than the ground in the back garden behind the garage.

Side Garden

You can also see the row of broccoli and cauliflower in front of the peas.  They are doing well – although they are trying to reach for more sunlight with the way they are leaning a bit towards the south.

Side Garden

This week, I also planted some Straight Eight cucumbers and some eggplant.  I put two seeds each in some cups – used three cups for cucumbers and three cups for eggplant.  As of today, NONE of them have sprouted yet, so I am wondering if there is a problem with the seed or why they haven’t germinated.  With it being in the mid-80’s, it is more than warm enough.

Cucumbers & Eggplant Seed

The lettuce in the old carrot bed is dong well – along with the onions.  The lettuce has grown so much already that it is starting to crowd out the onions.  Unfortunately, I have lost a Simpson Elite lettuce plant somehow.  It is near the front of the bed (can’t see it here) but it wilted up and is now a goner.  We still have plenty of lettuce though – and it needs picked!

Lettuce Plants

It is also that time of year where the trees start putting out there pollen and junk.  Not sure what kind of tree it is, but there are brown stringy pollen ‘droppings’ everywhere.  Easily seen on the picture above of the lettuce and on the driveway.

The patio garden also shows that the Ventura celery is growing well – and so are the onions.  There wre a couple places where two onions were planted right next to each other – so those were thinned out and three green onions were pulled for a tasty treat.

Patio Garden

Well, what is left?  Just the front garden.  But before that, our pink peonies in the front have opened up with full blooms.  There still are several more that haven’t opened up yet.  Just amazing how large these flowers are.  Shame that they only last about a week or so.

Pink Peonies

And finally for the front garden.  Below is the row of broccoli and a few cauliflower – with Bush Blue Lake 274 green beans flanking either side.  There are also some California Wonder peppers planted in this row – although they are up in the front of this bed and cannot be seen below.

Broccoli and Green Beans

And for the tomatoes.  A mix of Roma tomatoes, one Red Cherry tomato, and Best Boy tomato.  After having the Best Boy packet of seed for about three or four years, I finally used all of the seed this year and had to pick up another $1.50 packet of seed for next year.  Still have plenty of Roma and Red Cherry tomato seed that is 6+ years old.  The seed packets back then really had a lot of seed.  Now, you are lucky to get maybe 30 seeds in a tomato packet.

Just like the picture above, the one below also shows that there are green beans flanking both sides of the tomatoes.  They are doing very well and I was surprised at the great germination rate of the green beans this year.  I’ve always seemed to struggle with this – but out of approximately 160 seeds, only about 25 – 30 needed to be re-seeded.


Website Created For Safety Green Economy Cab

Safety Green Economy CabAnna had contacted us a bit over a month ago in regards to getting a website designed for her husband’s cab company.  In the meantime, she also had us work on another website which we completed a couple weeks back.

We just finished putting the final touches on the cab company website – Safety Green Economy Cab.  The website includes three pages and a slideshow on the home page that provides some pictures around the San Angelo, TX area (which is where the cab company serves).

We appreciate the additional business from Anna and hope to earn her hosting business for the eBook website soon!

Safey Green Economy Cab’s website is at

Website Hosting For Eric Lilliebridge

Eric LilliebridgeOne of our website design freelancers, Sam Stebbins, found an individual online that had a very large following on YouTube.  Sam approached him (Eric Lilliebridge) with a propsal to create him a website at no cost to him.

Sam has started the work on the site and already has a good amount of it completed.  The idea is that a portion of any sales that Eric makes on his website will also go to Sam for providing the additional marketing and advertising for Eric.  This was a win-win situation for both individuals since Eric now has a fully featured eCommerce website to sell his products with no money out of his pocket, and Sam spent the time creating the site in hopes of making a percentage of the revenues generated from the website.

Sam continues to choose us as his website hosting provider of choice because of the reliability and speed of our systems.

Eric’s website is at

Website Hosting For Urban Farm Trading Post

Urban Farm Trading PostOne of our website design freelancers has been instrumental in bringing website hosting customers to BsnTech.  Originally, our designer – Sam Stebbins – started out using another provider (BlueHost) for website hosting services before becoming a freelancer of BsnTech Networks.

However, after he saw how simple our cPanel application is that is custom created by BsnTech amongst many other additional features (automatic backups, easy database creations, easy file manager usage, very fast servers, and mirrored server redundancy), he has been a big proponent in selling our web hosting to customers that he personally obtains.

One such site was for the Urban Farm Trading Post located near Crestview, FL.  Urban Farm Trading Post strives to provide organic, fresh produce and meats to customers in the surrounding areas.  Their website is still in process but it will contain a shopping cart to allow customers to purchase directly on the website, a blog, and other information about the product and meats they sell.

The Urban Farm Trading Post website is at

Property Management Website Design For Kalpyso Properties

Kalypso PropertiesSerrgio contacted us in need of a premium and professional website to market and advertise his real estate investment services, Kalypso Properties.  This is a business located in Mississippi that strives to help real estate investors find capital, properties, and provide guidance on anything related to the real estate investing industry.

One of our highly skilled website designers was tasked with creating the website and did a fantastic job creating a site that Serrgio was proud to have.

Thank you for the ability to provide you with a real estate investment website design, Serrgio – along with the management of your domain name and website hosting.

Kalypso Properties’ website can be found at

Website Design For Centers for Spiritual Living – Wilmington

Center for Spiritual Living - Wilmington, DETony, owner of the Center for Spiritual Living in Wilmington, DE had contacted us a few months back about getting a professional website created for his outreach organization.

The task for the website design was provided over to our designer that is well versed in creating websites for church and outreach organizations. Over the course of a couple of months, the website was put together to showcase what Tony’s organization has to offer.

If you are looking to have a church website design, organization website design, or even a not for profit website design, BsnTech Networks is experienced in creating websites for these purposes.

We appreciate the business from Tony and Center for Spiritual Living in Wilmington, DE!

Tony’s website is at

Website Design For Libra Bonding Company, LLC

Libra Bonding Company, LLCJoel contacted us a few weeks ago about making a website for his bail bond business.  Originally, he setup a free account through Google Apps in hopes that he would be able to create a website.

Unfortunately he found that the task was more complicated than expected and he didn’t know how to code HTML websites.  So he was concerned not only with the initial setup of the site – but maintenance and updates of the site going forward.

Therefore, he chose to go with us for his full website service solution provider – including website hosting, domain name management, and website design.

We created a website based on the information he provided for his site and acted quickly to add in the additional content as he sent it.

With the websites that we create, our customers are empowered to manage and maintain their own website once we are finished – without having to know HTML coding.  It is pretty easy to manage a website created by BsnTech Networks with the web page editor that we provide along with the freely available video tutorials that we’ve personally created for our customers.

We appreciate the business from Joel and the trust he put in us to provide all of his website service needs for his bail bondsmen website design request.

Libra Bonding Company, LLC’s website is at

Logo Design For RKI Consulting

RKI Consulting GroupAlan contacted us a few months back about starting a new website for him.  He also has us update and manage another website that he has, but he was starting a new venture and needed a new site for it.

While the website deisgn has been put on hold for a bit, he did ask us to create a professional logo for his consulting firm.  After about two weeks of modifications and communications, the logo is now completed and Alan is happy with the result.

We appreciate the continued business from Alan for all of his website and graphic design service needs!