Basic Website Design For AM Top Pro DJs

AM Top Pro DJsChanton and Andrew, the owners of AM Top Pro DJs, contacted us several months ago asking some questions about getting a website created for their DJ and karaoke business in New Hampton, NH.

After about a month, they decided to go ahead and have a basic website created.

They just wanted a site that had their logo on it, explained the pricing and packages they had available, and have a few pictures.

We got to work quickly on the site and had the site mosly completed within the first day.  After several weeks, Chanton provided some pictures that they wanted to add to the site.

Today, Chanton has decided to have the website go live!  We made the final changes to the site and provided the login information so they could manage the site going forward.

We appreciate the business from Chanton and Andrew!

The AM Top Pro DJs website is at

Logo Design For Enlightened Lighting Solutions

Enlightened Lighting SolutionsBsnTech Networks received an order from Enlighting Lighting Solutions a few weeks ago.  They requested our full range of services – website design, website hosting, e-mail services, domain name management, and vectored logo design.

Our logo designer created several mock-up designs for the company to choose from.  They agreed to pay an additional cost to have our designer create more than a few mock-ups that way they would have a better selection to choose from.

Yesterday, a representative of the company approved of a logo and let us know which one they wanted.  They were very pleased with our designer’s turn-around time and the number of options that we presented them with regard to their logo.

Look forward to their website being done sometime in the future!

Website Investigation & Hosting Services For CW Security Services

CW Security ServicesBsnTech Networks received a phone call from Clayton, the owner of CW Security Services out of San Diego, CA.

Clayton initially needed some work from our graphic designer to modify a graphic he had.  During the conversations, we understood that his website was also down with a notice of suspension.

Wayne noted that he attempted to contact the previous web designer several times but he would not return phone calls or e-mails.  Originally, the web designer created the site and provided website hosting for two years.  Unfortunately, his hosting service was suspended with only a year of service used.

We worked immediately with Clayton to find out what we could do for him.  We were able to get into the website and do a full website backup.  In addition, we tracked down his domain name.  We then took everything and combined it with us – one service organization and one easy invoice for Clayton to handle.

Within a few hours, the website was transferred over to BsnTech Networks and was up and running!

Clayton has informed us that he plans to have us do some changes to the website in the near future as well.

The CW Security Services website is at

Logo Design For ZSharp, LLC

ZSharp, LLCBsnTech Networks was contacted a few weeks ago by Tom, the owner of ZSharp, LLC.  He needed to have a simple but stylish logo made for his company.

Upon getting the specifications from Tom, we started on the logo and had it completed in just a few days after a couple of modifications were made to it.

We appreciate the business from Tom!

Website Design For Cincinnati Bopping Heads

Cincinnati Bopping HeadsElmer, the owner of Cincinnati Bopping Heads, contacted us last week to create a website.

After we discussed the pricing and information over the phone, he quickly asked us to send out the initial invoice to make the pre-payment to start on the site.

Elmer already had a domain name and chose a hosting provider, so he simply needed us to help create a website for him.  Once we got his information, we started on the site right away and had the main portion up and running within just 24 hours!

After a few days, Elmer then provided a few more changes that he wanted done on the site – which was also completed very quickly.

His website is now up and running and although it isn’t fully completed, he will be adding pictures and other materials to it as his business grows.

Thank you Elmer for allowing us to help with your web design creation!

The Cincinnati Bopping Heads website is at

Website Design For American Society of Healthcare Professionals

American Society of Healthcare ProfessionalsKen contacted us in regards to starting up a website for his organization, American Society of Healthcare Professionals.

A few weeks ago, we completed the logo design for Ken as well.  He chose to have us provide a full range of website services – including logo design.

We got started on his website right away and after a few changes, he is ready to go live.

As his organization grows, they will be adding onto the website over time.

We appreciate the business from Ken!

The American Society of Healthcare Professionals website is at

Website Design Completed For Saline Lawn Care

Saline Lawn CareMike, the owner of Saline Lawn Care, inquired with us over the weekend about having a website created for his lawn service business.  He already told us exactly what he wanted.  There was a site we did for another lawn company – GR Lawn Service.  He noted that his website should look exactly identical to it – although with different text and pictures.

Mike originally had contacted another company to make a website for him – but they only setup a “framework” for a site and made him try to do the rest of it.  Well, he was not at all happy with how this was done.  Therefore, he was concerned because our low rates were too good to be true.

He did some reference checks and as we expected, the customers he contacted all said that we were absolutely great to work with and that they recommended us for any website services.

With that, Mike paid the initial amount today to get started.  Within less than two hours, his website was completed and published!

Mike was instrumental in providing us the exact details that he wanted on each page.  He provided us documents with the text for each page along with the pictures.  This greatly helped us ensure the site was setup quickly.

What was Mike’s deadline?  August 25th.  We exceeded that by seven days – the same day that he placed his order!

Mike said in his final e-mail to us – “I’m happy with all of this and i’m shocked by how quick, easy and i didn’t even talk to u on the phone and i have a website now to show people and hopefully gain more customers. I hope my business grows so that i can add a few more pages.

We appreciate the business from Mike and look forward to making a logo for his business sometime soon!

The Saline Lawn Care website is at

Website Hosting Provided For Baker Cleaning Service

Baker Cleaning ServiceJoel, the owner of Baker Cleaning Service, contacted us many months ago about us helping with some website services for them.

Joel had another individual create their website and wasn’t completely satisifed with it.  However, he didn’t want us to make any changes to the website at this time.  Instead, he decide to go ahead and have the website hosting and domain name management transferred over to BsnTech from NetFirms.

Joel was not happy with how his website responded when he was using NetFirms, but wanted to wait until the hosting account was close to expiring with them so he wouldn’t be double-paying for hosting services.

With Netfirms, Joel’s website took anywhere between five and ten seconds to load the home page.

Upon changing over to BsnTech, Joel’s home page now loads within just two seconds or less.

BsnTech makes use of “solid state drives” – or SSDs – to host our customers on.  These drives are more expensive than typical platter hard drives, but we want to ensure that our customer websites are quick and responsive.  In most server systems, the bottleneck is typically from hard drive “latency” – or the time the computer itself must wait for the hard drive to return the data it needs to render the website.  SSD drives are approximately ten times faster than regular hard drives.

Joel has noted that he may have us help make some changes to his website in the future, but he has a family member that is going to attempt to make changes to the site before hand.

We appreciate the business from Baker Cleaning Service!.

Their website is at

Website Design For Hot Wok To Take Online Orders

Hot Wok New Iberia LAMei contacted us a few weeks back asking about creating a website for their Chinese restauraunt, Hot Wok, located in New Iberia, LA.

Mei had a website prior that allowed for online ordering, but the company had went out of business about a year after they made her site.  Unfortunately, she had invested in having them make her a website, but the website was proprietary.  Therefore, when they went out of business, Mei los her investment on that website because it was not transferrable.

Once the initial payments were made, BsnTech got started right away and had most of their new restaurant online ordering website completed in just 24 hours!

The Hot Wok website has about 240 different items that can be ordered from their online menu and the customer can either choose to pick it up or have it delivered.  No online payments are made with their website – it just enables their customers to order online and pay upon pickup or delivery.

After the site was up, we then needed to make custom modifications to the order e-mail so that they could print it out on their receipt printer.  Their receipt printer had paper that was about 3-inches wide.  So several changes need to be made from the generic order e-mail so it would fit easily onto the receipt paper.

Finally, Mei also requested that we setup online coupon codes.  She had two coupons that she sent to us and wanted to have put on the site so they could be printed – and provided us two coupon codes so customers could redeem them upon making an online order.

We appreciate the business from Mei and hope that her new restaurant online ordering website will be beneficial!

The Hot Wok website is at

Car Dealership Website Design For Cobbs Car Company, Inc.

Cobbs Car Company, Inc.Gary, a part owner of Cobbs Car Company, Inc., had contacted us several weeks ago about getting a website designed for their car dealership located in Evansville, IN.

After speaking to him and the other owner, Chad, on a few occasions, they wanted to proceed with the creation of the website.

Gary chose to have us take care of their website design and web hosting.  Before contacting us, they already had secured their domain name.  They eventually plan to move the domain name management over to us when it comes up for renewal.

We started on the site right away and had a few calls with Gary to perfect the site and get the color scheme how they wanted.

Last week, they were ready to go live with the website although a few additional items were needed – such as information for the About Us page.  Today, we received the info for the About Us page and so the website is almost complete!

The final item that will be enabled will be the ability for them to list and showcase their vehicle inventory on their website.  They want to have some time to get used to the website portal and get several vehicles up before enabling the feature on the site.

Cobbs Car Company, Inc.’s website is at