Website Assistance For Mandy Starling

Mandy StarlingMandy contacted BsnTech Networks a couple of weeks ago needing some help with her website.  Her website is hosted at GoDaddy.  She got a notice from GoDaddy that they were shutting her site down because her database was too large.

Luckily, GoDaddy did decide to make a backup of the database and did not just outright delete it.

Mandy’s website was down for a couple of weeks until she found someone that could help her get the database optimized – which we were lucky enough to be chosen!

We worked right away on her database.  Initially, the database was over 2.5 GB large – VERY large database for a WordPress site!  That was because of over 250,000 comments (most were spam), a BuddyPress install that allowed a lot of profiles to be made, and a statistics plugin that contributed to well over half of the database size.

Once we removed the materials from the database, we got it down to about 125 MB – well within the limits of the database sizes at GoDaddy.

The new database has been restored and Mandy is now able to go in and start removing the plugins and disable comments on her site.

Mandy’s website is at

Payment Integration Assistance For Lugnut4x4

Lugnut4x4Shawn, the owner of Lugnut4x4, contacted us yesterday asking for some help with their WordPress site.  Shawn’s website makes use of the WooCommerce system to allow an eCommerce system on his site.

Shawn noted that about 10 to 15 percent of his customers was having problems checking out with PayPal and he wanted some advice on how to make it easier.  We recommended the use of PayPal Advanced.

PayPal Advanced is a newer feature from PayPal (a few years old).  There is a monthly fee of $5 to have this service, but it makes the payment integration much easier for eCommerce sites.  Instead of redirecting a customer to PayPal, a card payment form comes up directly on the customer’s website.  In addition, it doesn’t prompt them to create an account or login to an account.  It is more streamlined and to the point – asking only for card details.

In just a few hours, we had the PayPal Advanced system setup and operational on his website and we removed the PayPal Standard functionality that was causing some abandoned shopping carts / payments.

We appreciate the business from Shawn and hope that we have exceeded his expectations!

Website Design For Avalanche Air Corp

Avalanche Air CorpJohn, the owner of Avalanche Air Corp, placed an order on our website last week to have a website design created for his heating and air conditioning business.

Upon getting the information from John, we worked right away with his website.  Within less than 24 hours upon receiving his information, the website was up and ready for his review.

John took one look at the site and said that it was “great and straight forward”.

We appreciate the business from John and look forward to any other work from him and any referrals!

The Avalanche Air Corp website is at

Website Design For NL Autosports

NL AutosportsNate, the owner of NL Autosports, contacted us a few weeks back.  He wanted to have a feature-rich website with a lot of functionality.

Once we understood his needs, we got to work right away on the site.  During the web design process, he also decided that he wanted to have a professional logo created for his business as well.  Our graphic designer completed the logo earlier in the week – which was then applied to his site.

Nate requested to have several features on his website – including a slideshow, a picture gallery, eCommerce capabilities, and vehicle listings.

Nate’s website just went live today and he will soon be able to start adding his own pictures, products, and vehicles to his website.

Thank you for your business, Nate, and we hope to help you with any other website needs you have!

The NL Autosports website is at

Website Design For Yummy Tummy Food Truck

Yummy Tummy Food TruckBecky, the owner of Yummy Tummy Food Truck, contacted us a couple months ago in regards to getting a website and logo designed.

Becky is a very busy individual and it took her some time to respond with change requests and information to add to her website.

However, we have completed her site with her approval.  The website has a very tropical theme – since her food truck is in Orlando, FL.  The website has palm trees and a beach background that coincides with the environment.

We appreciate the business from Becky!

The Yummy Tummy Food Truck website is at

3-D Logo Design For Tallahassee Tennis Association

Tallahassee Tennis AssociationDavid, a representative of the Tallahassee Tennis Association, contacted us a month ago in order to have a logo designed for their tennis association.

Throughout the weeks, we worked with David closely to modify and create the logo exactly how they wanted.  The logo needed to have a 3D effect and the placement of the wording was exacting.

In the end, David got the logo – exactly as he wanted and was appreciative of the amount of work and detail that went into the logo.

Thank you for your business, David, and we hope that we can serve you in the future!

Logo Design For Inland Grain

Inland Grain ServiceNorm, a representative (or owner) of Inland Grain Service, contacted us last week to have a logo created.

Norm provided us exactly what he wanted for the logo, but he was having difficulty making it himself.  He originally made the logo in Microsoft Paint – but it didn’t look very good.  In addition, he needed to have the file types which would allow him to take the logo to a professional print company to have printed.  This is called a vectored logo design.

Our graphic designer completed the logo to Norm’s satisfaction and even provided him a few additional renditions of the logo at no extra cost.

We appreciate the business from Norm!

Logo Design For NL Autosports

NL AutosportsBsnTech Networks received an inquiry from Nate, the owner of NL Autosports.  He originally contacted us in order to get a website created for his company.

During the web design process, Nate noted that he also wanted to have a logo created as well.  Our graphic designer got started on the logo and in about a week, we had a logo design completed that Nate was happy to call his own.

We are still working on the website for Nate and hope to have it finished up soon.

Website Design For Tazz the Resinator

Tazz the ResinatorCathy contacted us a couple weeks ago in order to get a basic website designed for a new invention, Tazz the Resinator.  It is a handy tool that they are looking to get a website made to provide out to potential buyers of the concept.

After we received the information from Cathy, we started working on the site right away.  We made a few changes to the site upon the initial draft and she was happy with the site.

We appreciate the business from Cathy and look forward to any other website assistance she may need!

The Tazz the Resinator site is at

Website Design For Mike’s Irrigation Service

Mike's Irrigation ServiceMike, the owner of Mike’s Irrigation Service, contacted us last week in order to create a website.  He seen two other sites we created which looked very close and wanted to have a website identical to it – except with his own pictures and information.

Mike sent in the initial amount to get started on his website, which we received yesterday.  He also included the text information with the payment.

We got started right away on the site – getting his domain name registered and the web hosting setup.  Once he received the Confirmation e-mail from us, he then forwarded us the pictures he wanted on the site.

Within less than 24 hours, we had his website fully setup and running.  He was very happy with the fast responsiveness to his e-mails and the fact that we got his website up very quickly.

Thank you for your business, Mike, and I hope we receive some referrals from you for other website design customers!

The website for Mike’s Irrigation is at