Website Design For International Liquidity

International LiquidityPaul, a representative for International Liquidity, contacted BsnTech a few weeks back in order to get a website started.  He wanted to have a clean and professional website that had a full-width slideshow as a background on the home page – plus a “watermarked” picture background on each of the other pages.

We went to work right away on Paul’s website and completed everything that he sent us within just a few hours or less.

While the site has not been fully completed, it might be some time before the site is considered completed.  Therefore, we have put the site on our portfolio website to showcase the site.

We appreciate the business from Paul and hope that we have earned his business for the other websites that he has mentioned that may be coming in the future.

The International Liquidity website is at

Logo Design For Nifty Thrifty Five

Nifty Thrifty FiveBsnTech was contacted by Jack a couple months ago, the owner of Nifty Thrifty Five.  He originally contacted us to make him a website where he could sell items through fixed prices and also through auctions.

Work on his website continues, but we have finished his logo design.

We appreciate the business from Jack and look forward to having his website done in the near future!

Website Design For Laura Epler

Laura EplerLaura contacted BsnTech Networks a couple of weeks back asking about website design.  She had a website created in the past, but was not happy with it.

We worked with Laura to explain how we create websites.  We also gathered the requirements that she had for the site.  She wanted a very simplistic, easy-to-navigate website with two slideshows to showcase some of her paintings and word works.

Laura then got back in touch with us last week to move forward and start on the site.  In less than a week, we had her new website up and running.

She was very pleased with the quality of the work we did, the open communication and fast responses, and the fact that her website turned out exactly as she wanted it.

Laura’s website is at

Website Design For MS Productions 4u

MS Productions 4uMatt, the owner of MS Productions 4u, contacted us a couple months ago to help setup a website and to also create a logo.

The logo was completed a few weeks back.  However, work on the website has stalled as of late with a few weeks without any additional info from Matt.

At this time, we have went ahead and published the site but we expect some additional updates from Matt once he has some time to focus on the website.

We appreciate the business from Matt!

The MS Productions 4u website is at

Website Design For Get Paid Picks

Get Paid PicksJohn contacted us last week in regards to creating a website for his new business, Get Paid Picks.  He provides picks for sporting events for those that make bets on them.

After getting the list of requirements from John, we got started right away on the site.  Within just a few days, his membership-based subscription website was completed.

We did have to wait a little over a week for our graphic designer to provide a background image design and a logo design for John, but it was completed as quickly as possible.

Today, John just launched his website and has began advertising his picking service.

We appreciate his business and hope we met his expectations!

The Get Paid Picks website is at

Website Design For Sun River Rental

Sun River RentalBrad, the owner of Sun River Rental in Augusta, MT, contacted us earlier this week asking about website design.  Right away, he let us know that he was very impressed with the level of information that we provided on our website and our video tutorials that allowed customers to manage and update their own websites.

For this reason, he said that our business was ‘very well organized’ and had ‘great pricing’ and so he placed his order with us right away for a simple website.

Brad then sent us the information the next day.  We started on the site and had it ready for his viewing within 48 hours.

After a few changes, we have now launched his website and it is active!

We appreciate the business from Brad and hope we met all of his expectations with serving him for his website service needs.

The Sun River Rental website is at

Website Design For Illinois Horse Fair

Illinois Horse FairRon, a representative of the Illinois Horse Fair, contacted us a couple weeks back to discuss a new website for their organization. After about a week of getting other quotes and determining who they would select, they chose BsnTech because of our pricing and because we were local.

Ron provided us the information over the course of a week and we got the website up and running quickly.  They decided to have us create the design of the site, setup a slideshow, setup social networking integration, a newsletter subscription, and a link to their ticketing provider.  We also setup three pages for them and setup about 19 other “shell” pages.  This allows them to go in and add their own content to each of the pages which kept their costs lower.

We appreciate the business from Ron!

The Illinois Horse Fair website is at

Website Maintenance Services For Light Pros

Light ProsBsnTech Networks was contacted by Rich, the owner of Light Pros, several weeks ago.  Rich has chosen BsnTech to provide maintenance and update services to his eCommerce store.  In addition, he has also had us take care of his marketing and newsletter requirements going forward as well.

During the past several weeks, many updates were made to Rich’s website.  Dozens of products have been added and removed from the website.  Special promotions have been ran, changes to images and his slideshow have been completed, in addition to a re-working of his categories to make it easier for his customers to find what they are looking for.

In the past three weeks, he has also had us manage his marketing e-mails and send out e-mails to over 11,000 subscribers on his mailing lists.  He has us create and send out one e-mail each week with special deals and promotions.

We appreciate the business that Rich has given us over the past several weeks and look forward to a long-term relationship managing his website!

The Light Pros website is at

Website Design For Be Yoga Decatur

Be Yoga DecaturChuck, the owner of Be Yoga Decatur, contacted BsnTech a few months back in regards to having a website designed for him.

His website has been online for quite some time, but he has been sending us information over a long period for his website.  Today, we made the decision to go ahead and let our customers and potential customers know that we have made the website.

Chuck will be one of our customers that will need website maintenance work done to his site on an ongoing basis due to the nature of his business.

The Be Yoga Decatur website is at

eCommerce Website Design For D-One Ready

D-One ReadyLeRoy, the owner of D-One Ready, contacted us last week in order to get a website created. He wanted to have the ability to sell products and t-shirts regarding the D-One Ready mentaility.

LeRoy moved very quickly to provide us the information needed to get his site online and fully completed.  Today, we received the final updates and he has approved of the site!

We appreciate the business from LeRoy!

The D-One Ready website is at