Website Design For Feed Company

USA Feed AdditiveKevin, a current customer of BsnTech, contacted us to get started on his second project.  Just a few weeks back, we completed his other project for the organic sciences business.

This time, he needed a website that was about half the size of the previous site for a feed additives business.

We started on the project about a week ago and it encompassed approximately 20 pages.  The website also contains a scrolling RSS feed of related news stories along with a slideshow scroller at the bottom of the home page that contains the logos for each of their products.

Today, we have just launched their new website and it is ready for business!

We appreciate the continued business from Kevin and look forward to the other three website projects he plans to award BsnTech Networks with.

The feed additives website is at

Online Auction Website For Nifty Thrifty Five

Nifty Thrifty FiveBsnTech Networks was contacted by Jack several months ago in regards to getting a website created for his small business, Nifty Thrifty Five.  He also requested that we make a logo for his website.

We wrote about the logo design in a previous blog post, but today – we have published the Nifty Thrifty Five website!

Jack is still working on the site and getting the feel for how to manage and maintain it.  His website incorporates a standard eCommerce system with a USPS shipping plugin for automatic rates.  This way he can sell fixed price items on his site.

In addition, he also wanted to be able to list auctions on the site.  The auction site is setup so that only he may post the items, but BsnTech Networks also has the ability to make auction websites that allow memberships and members to post items for auction as well.

We appreciate the business from Jack!

The Nifty Thrifty Five website is at

Website Design For Organic Science Company

United States Organic ScienceKevin, an associate working at United States Organic Science (USOS), contacted us a couple of weeks ago in need of a major overhaul for their company website.

Kevin setup a site for the company a year or more ago himself – and it just didn’t look professional and provided the wrong image for their company.

After working with Kevin to understand how they wanted the site setup, we quickly came to the realization that the website was going to be a much larger project than either of us anticipated.

In the end, we created a website for over 40 pages, a large slideshow, drop-down menus, and some other features.

We completed the website in a little less than two weeks – and it was just launched yesterday!

Kevin has noted that he was so impressed with our level of communication and how quickly we worked – that he has four other websites that he needs us to create for him.

The United States Organic Science (USOS) website is at

Website Design For Aksnt Translation

Aksnt TranslationBsnTech Networks received a call from Ahmad, the owner of Aksnt Translation, a little over a month ago in regards to website service requests.

Ahmad started a business – Aksnt Translation – and needed to get a website created for his business.  After obtaining the information from Ahmad, we got started on his website right away.

During the design, Ahmad had noted that he liked the color scheme and how our website was setup – and he requested that his site look similar to ours.

We worked with Ahmad over the past month in order to perfect the website exactly to his request.  Several phone calls were exchanged in order to tweak the layout of the site and the placement of certain pictures.

Today, we have finished up the last changes to the site and it has now been launched!

We appreciate the business from Ahmad and look forward to potentially creating a website for another business he has in a few months.

The Aksnt Translation website is at

Website Design For Top of the Lawn

Top of the LawnBsnTech Networks was contacted by John, owner of Top of the Lawn.  He had contacted us a little over a month ago asking about our pricing for website services.

After a whlie, he then contacted us back and said he was ready to proceed with the creation of his site.  John already had all of his pictures and content material ready to go!

Once the initial pre-payment was made, we had the information and content on his site within just five hours!  It then took a few more days to slightly modify and change the functionality of his site as he wanted.

We appreciate the business from John!

The Top of the Lawn website is at