Website Design For Dane County Steel

Dane County SteelChad, the owner of the semi-pro football team – Dane County Steel, contacted us to get a simple website together.  He noted that he had the materials and the layout ready to go – and that he just needed someone to build it.

Once we received the information from Chad, we had all of the design completed within three days.  He then requested some changes – which were done the same day.  Chad provided us specific fonts that he needed on the site – which required a conversion so they would be cross-browser compatible.

Today, we have turned the website over to Chad – and he will begin managing the website himself.

We appreciate the business from Chad!

The Dane County Steel website is at

Website Design For BykeIt Promotions

BykeIt PromotionsBsnTech Networks was contacted by Jon about a month ago.  He already had purchased his domain name – but needed help with website hosting and a website design.

Jon has started an business with the mindset of spreading the awareness of bicycle riding throughout the United States.  He is looking to spread awareness of the advantages of biking instead of using a vehicle – especially for short trips that would be accessible with a short bike ride.

He aims to sell bike racks and get community involvement to make it safer for bicyclists – in addition to obtaining discounts for those that wish to become members of his company.

We got started on Jon’s site and the initial phase has been completed.  Later on, he will be adding eCommerce capabilities to the website to sell some materials.

The BykeIt Promotions website is at

Website Template Setup For Cheap Flights Company

Cheap Flights CompanyJames contacted us early Sunday morning asking for some help.  He found an HTML-based template and requested that I help set it up for him on his hosting account.  Previously, he had a WordPress site – but something happened to the install to render it unusable.

In addition, James was not able to find an appropriate theme for WordPress that met his expectations.  However, he found an HTML template that did.

Upon the payment, we obtained the zip file from James that contained the template.  We then backed up his WordPress site – just in case he needed anything from it – and then uploaded and extracted the template for him.

James was very pleased with our responsiveness and said that it spoke ‘volumes’ about us that we got back to him on a Sunday – and completed the task requested.

The Cheap Flights Company website is at

Website Design For Spirit Eagle Soaring

Spirit Eagle SoaringSusan contacted us several months ago in order to get a website started for her business.  When she first contacted us, she wanted to get several domain names registered and locked in.

Upon payment of the domains, we got those registered and set aside for her.

Next, she had a picture that she needed to have some modifications completed.  Our graphic designer, Dan, worked closely with Susan to provide the exact changes that she wanted on her picture.  Susan was very happy with the work that our graphic designer did – and the time frame that it was completed in.

After a few months passed, Susan then asked us to help convert some music files on a CD to mp3 files.  She sent us the CD in the mail and we got the files converted and sent to her.

Finally, this week she contacted us again and wanted to get her website started.  She was very quick at providing us the feedback and the information that she wanted on the website.  In just two days, we completed her website and it has launched!

Her website has several features and pages on it.  It includes PayPal integration, two contact forms, a blog capability, and website stats.

We appreciate the business from Susan!

The Spirit Eagle Soaring website is at

Website Design For Frontier Wildlife Control

Frontier Wildlife ControlBruce contacted us several weeks ago asking about our website services.  He told us over the phone that he requested quotes from several different website design companies.  Out of all of them, he said he was very impressed with BsnTech’s fast response to his inquiry and the pricing structure that we have.  He noted that he liked the fact that we told him right away what the price was – without trying to figure out what his budget was.

With other web designers, they may ask what your budget is.  Why?  So that way they can maximize their profits and charge you the most that you are willing to pay.  Not with BsnTech.  We have set rates and we will tell you what the cost is.

After a few weeks, Bruce contacted us back.  He said that he already got a domain name and tried to build a site himself, but it just wasn’t meeting his expectations.  Bruce then paid the amount for us to get started on his website.

In the end, Bruce has a stylish, modern website that was at a very low cost that he could afford.  He has also opted to have us host his website and manage his domain name for him as well.

We appreciate the business from Bruce!

The Frontier Wildlife Control website is at

Website Assitance For J-Co Janitorial Supply Co.

J-Co Janitorial Supply Co.Debby, one of the owners of J-Co Janitorial Supply Co, reached out to us a few weeks back asking about some services.

The original request was to add eCommerce capabilities to her website.

When we investigated her site, we found several issues with it – which we brought to her attention.  Some of them included:

  • The original designer still had some hard-coded links that pointed to the development site
  • Two domain names were being used for the site – with no primary.  Therefore, it looked as though there were two duplicate sites on different domain names
  • Plugins were outdated and comments were allowed – causing a lot of spam messages to be entered

Upon providing this info to Debby, she requested that we take care of the initial issues first – and then the eCommerce items would be added on once she had some more time to dedicate.

BsnTech Networks got started right away – and have completed the necessary updates to her site.  We setup the hosting account so one domain name pointed to one folder – and another domain name pointed to another folder with the same website.

Once the sites were copied/duplicated between the folders, one site was changed so the sites were no longer duplicated.  The plugins of each site were updated, comments all removed, and commenting capabilities shut off.  Finally, the hard-coded links that still pointed to the developer’s site were fixed.

Once Debby is ready to start on the eCommerce portion, it will be added to one website – while the other site will remain intact.

We appreciate the business from Debby!

Their websites are at and

Website Assistance For Auto Inn Garage

Collectable PickupsBsnTech was contacted by an associate for Auto Inn Garage.  They needed some very light work done to their website.

The first request was to simply have a hit counter placed at the bottom of the home page.  The second request was to re-do some of the writing on the website to help with the on-page SEO for the phrases they wished to target.

Upon getting the login information for the website, we worked quickly to get the items updated.  The counter was done within just a few hours of receiving the login information, and the on-page SEO was done once the owner approved of the new text.

We appreciate the business from Auto Inn Garage!

The website is at

Website Design For QC Pest Control

QC Pest ControlScott, the owner of Quad Cities (QC) Pest Control, contacted us last week needing some help with creating a website.  Scott already had purchased his website hosting and got a WordPress site setup, but he didn’t know how to change the look/feel of the site or enter his information.

Upon getting his list of items for his site, we got started right away and had a website running for him in just a few days.  Scott then followed up with us asking for a couple of changes, which have been completed.

The QC Pest Control website is now complete!  It is a simple five-page site with a contact form using the text content that Scott provided us.

The QC Pest Control website is at