Website Design For E & F Industries

ef-industriesFrank from E & F Industries contacted us a few weeks back in regards to having a website created for his business. Frank helps get businesses setup with websites and credit accounts to get the framework setup for their business.

He wanted to begin marketing his services online, and needed to have a simple website setup to do so.

Frank provided us the information and pictures so we could get started on his website design. In the end, he only wanted a few pages, a contact form, and a blog.

After a few issues with his hosting provider, we got everything worked out and his site was launched this week.

We appreciate the continued business from Frank!

The E & F Industries website is at

Website Hosting for Oil Patch Surplus

oilpatchsurplusSteve, the owner of Oil Patch Surplus, has contacted BsnTech Networks on several occasions for assistance with his website.  BsnTech took up the challenge to fix some problems with his website and built a great relationship with him, especially since he had several other freelancers in the past that took his money and ran.

At BsnTech, we strive to provide reliable and responsive website and graphic design services.  With us being in business since 1999, we are a trusted service organization for those needs.

Because of the reputation we had with Steve, he opted to also have us host his website.  He was paying his previous provider $30 per month for website hosting – and his website was on servers that were slow and caused longer load times for his website.

Once the order was placed, we took care of copying Steve’s website over to our systems and set everything up for him; a completely hands-off approach so he did not need to transfer the site.

Now, his website is almost twice as fast as it once was with his other provider – all at 1/3 of the monthly cost.  Why is our speeds faster?  Because we will only load a maximum of 100 customers on two servers.  We also use solid state (SSD) drives which are more than five times faster than typical platter drives.

We appreciate the continued business from Steve!

The Oil Patch Surplus site is at

Website Design For Shanghai AdFo Trading

shanghaiadfotradingFatai, the owner of Shanghai AdFo Trading, contacted us needing a website created for his business.

Fatai specializes in assisting companies with importing and exporting from China to other countries.  Therefore, he needed to have a presence online to help market his services.

The website also needed the ability to have two languages – English and Chinese.

We started on the site and set it up for Fatai with the English version.  Once that was approved and completed, he then had a translator translate the pages to Chinese.  We were then sent the translations for each page and created a Chinese version of the site as well.

The website has been approved and is now live!

Fatai was exceptionally satisfied with our services that he plans to have us host and maintain his personal website in the near future.

The website for Shanghai AdFo Trading is at

Website Hosting for Family Fit Athletics

familyfitathleticsAndrea, the owner of Family Fit Athletics, contacted us last week about moving her website and domain name to our management and hosting services.

Andrea had contacted us a few other times in the past needing some help with website-related problems. We were able to resolve each of those for her in a quick manner.

Because of our responsiveness and support, she opted to also have us host the site for her.

Today, we just finished transferring over the website and getting the domain name transferred over as well.

The Family Fit Athletics website is at

Website Design for Clean Home

getcleanairductsBrandon, the owner of Clean Home, contacted us a few weeks back in order to have a high quality, professional website designed. They had a good budget that allowed for several graphics to be designed along with a large feature set.

We got started on Brandon’s site right away and had it ready to show him within a few weeks. After a couple of slight modifications, the website was approved and was just launched on Saturday!

Brandon notes that they plan on opening additional satellite offices and will need us to clone the website for each of the offices in the future as well. So, we look forward to being the single website service contact for Brandon and Clean Home.

The Clean Home website is at

Logo Design For Get Right Auto

getrightauto-logoBsnTech Networks was contacted by Sheldon, owner of Get Right Auto.  He inquired with us regarding a logo design.

Sheldon already had sketches of what he was looking for – so our graphic designer was put on the job.  He created a professional logo design using the sketch that Sheldon provided.

However, Sheldon submitted a few other ideas for the logo and also asked us to be creative with font selections.  After about a week, our graphic designer came up with about seven mock-ups that all varied slightly for Sheldon to choose from.  In the end, he opted to go with the one that has a gear and his font select with the business name over the top (as shown to the left).

We appreciate the business from Sheldon!

Logo Design For E & F Industries, Inc.

efindustries-logoBsnTech Networks was contacted by Frank from E & F Industries, Inc. in regards to a logo design. He already had the logo created and made – and sent us the mock-up design that was on his business card.

However, he needed to have the logo vectorized so he could use it elsewhere as well.

BsnTech Networks went to work quickly on the logo design and had it completed to Frank’s satisfaction within two days.

Frank was excited to see how well the logo turned out along with the turn-around time that he has opted to partner with BsnTech Networks to bring in more logo design and website design projects from his customers.

We appreciate the business from Frank and look forward to this partnership!

Logo Design For Loving Touch Nursing Services

lovingtouchnursingservices-logoCharity, one of the owners of Loving Touch Nursing Services, reached out to us in order to have a website made for their nursing service. During the website design process (which is still ongoing), they were not pleased with how their “logo” looked on their website. It was clear that the logo was not great looking and was also very blurry. Therefore, Charity decided to also have us create a professional logo for their organization.

The logo order was sent over to our logo designer promptly, and he came up with several mock-up designs for Charity to look at. They were very pleased with the result, and the logo matches the color scheme they wanted to portray.

Stay tuned for the completion of the Loving Touch Nursing Services website!

WordPress Music Store Tutorial


This video tutorial covers the requirements to manage a music store that includes a music player that can be embedded on the website. It covers the process for uploading and setting the actual paid download and creating the listing in the music player to allow visitors to play the music (or sample) from the website.

The link that is needed for the Buy Now Link is – Ensure to replace YOURDOMAIN with your domain name and DOWNLOAD_ID with the numerical download ID from the Downloads section of the site.

Music Download Website Design For Phat Boi Beatz

phatboibeatzRico, the owner of Phat Boi Beatz, contacted us a few weeks back for a website design request.

Rico creates music tracks that he wants to make available for artists to use for their songs.  Therefore, he wanted to have a website that would allow them to play a sample on the website and then purchase the song.  On top of that, he also needed the ability to have the download be a ZIP file that contained a lease agreement and the music file – that would be able to get downloaded immediately upon payment.

Once we got the requirements from Rico, we started on his website right away.  The cross-compatible music player was embedded on his home page so it would be a listing of all the music tracks that he has for purchase.  Then, it was integrated with a download payment system that will allow them to add the tracks to a cart, pay with PayPal, and then be e-mailed the link to the downloads they purchased.

Rico has approved of the site and is very pleased with the results that BsnTech Networks provided him, especially based on the cost for the site that he had in his budget.  He has already mentioned that there were a few individuals that were also looking to get websites similar to his, and that he would refer them to us because of our pricing and the ability to make him exactly what he wanted.

We appreciate the business from Rico!

The Phat Boi Beatz website is at