Simple Website Design For Kathleen Lunsford Weddings

kathleenlunsfordweddingsKathleen contacted us a few weeks ago asking for a very simple website to get her started with her mobile minister services for weddings.

She already had the material ready to go. Prior, Kathleen had worked with two other designers that did not turn out well. One individual told her that it would be something easy for them to do and they would get started on it. A few weeks past and nothing was done.

She then reached out to another designer – someone that she knew – and they said that they were unfortunately too busy to make the site for her.

Therefore, she reached out to Kathleen. We made sure to work very quickly to get Kathleen’s site done. The same day she sent us the information for her site – we had it completed and ready for review!

BsnTech strives to exceed the expectations and turn-around requirements for all customers. In some rare instances (mostly with the logo design requirements), we don’t meet those expectations. But with our website design work, we always want to be sure that the work is completed ahead of schedule.

We appreciate the business from Kathleen!

Her website is at

Website Hosting For Body Wisdom by Kathy

bodywisdombykathyKathy contacted us late last week needing some help. She had a website created that was part of her training package – but never got it setup or live to the public.

Therefore, she asked us if we could help get her setup. In less than 48 hours, we have her fully setup and her website is now live!

We worked with her to choose a domain name of her liking and set her up with three months of website hosting to get her started. Upon those two requirements being established, we obtained the copy of her website and got it setup on our systems for her as well.

We hope that we have exceeded Kathy’s expectations and look forward to helping her manage and update her website as needed.

Kathy’s website is at

Website Design For WS Bus & Truck Services

wsbusandtruckservicesAmiee, a contact on behalf of WS Bus & Truck Services, contacted us a couple of months back to have us create a website for their bust and truck repair company.

Over the period of time, Amiee sent in the information that they wanted on the website a piece at a time. Many modifications and changes to the original information came in – and we quickly made the changes to their expectations.

Today, we have completed the design of the site and the website is approved and launched!

We appreciate the business from WS Bus & Truck Services.

The website address is at

Website Design For Aloha Trikke

alohatrikkeAfter several months of design and development work, the Aloha Trikke has successfully been launched and is open for business!

Thales, the owner of Aloha Trikke, opened up a sales and rental establishment on the Oahu island in Hawaii to provide guided tours, self-guided tours, and sales of the patented Trikke.

The Aloha Trikke website is a feature-rich site with eCommerce functionality, a full-screen slideshow, tour bookings, slideshows, and a significant number of other features.

Thales and his business associate Steve were great to work with and we look forward to providing website maintenance services to them as their business grows.

The Aloha Trikke website is at

Logo Designs For Red Horse Companies

redhorsemortgage-logoOtus, the owner of the Red Horse Companies, contacted us in need of getting some logos designed. He offers several different companies that operate under the Red Horse name and needed to have two logos designed now – and then some additional logos down in the future.

We offered him a great deal to win over his business. Since the logo design is the same but the wording is different, we were able to agree on terms with the cost of the additional logos.

Our logo designer got the first logo completed within a few days. It took another few days for the logo to be modified so Otus was pleased with it. Upon the first logo being done, the wording was changed for his second business – and he instantly approved that logo.

We appreciate the business from Otus and hope to continue providing logo design services to him in the near future!

Website and Logo Design For Process USA, Inc.

processusaincOne of our marketing agencies that uses BsnTech Networks for services contacted us a few weeks back to get another website created – for a company called Process USA, Inc.

We were provided the information to put on the website immediately and the website was done and approved just a few days after the order was placed. However, we were pending the logo to be designed.

After a couple of weeks, the marketing agency responded with the full approval for the logo and the website from Process USA, Inc.

Website Design For S.G. Miller Law Firm PLLC

shawnmillerlawAn individual on behalf of Shawn contacted us a few months back to have a website made for Shawn, the owner of S.G. Miller Law Firm PLLC.  The individual that contacted us wanted to donate a website and a logo design to him – in order to get his law firm established with an online presence.

The logo design was completed several weeks back.  Today, we just got word from Shawn that he has approved the website.  We provided the final information today that Shawn needs to access e-mail and also update his website as needed.

The website for S.G. Miller Law Firm PLLC is at

Website Design Completed For InquireSource

inquiresourcePolly, a representative of InquireSource, contacted us on Monday asking for help with a website.

She got an account at one of the other large hosting providers and already had a few email accounts setup along with the domain name.  In addition, she tried using their website builder but spent several hours using it and became frustrated with attempting to make a website herself.

Therefore, she reached out to us to help make a professional website for her and to alleviate the stress.

Polly was very quick to provide us what she wanted on the website – which was sent to us by the next morning.

We worked right away on creating the website and had the site done within about six hours of her sending the information to us.

Today, Polly has looked at the website and is exceptionally satisfied with what she saw.  An e-mail from her said:

“I love it!  As you said, very clean and professional and more than I could have asked for.  What do you need from me now and how do I leave a review for your services?”

We appreciate the business from Polly and are happy to have exceeded her expectations.

The InquireSource website is at

Logo Design For Beautiful Faces by Janis

beautifulfacesbyjanis-logoJanis, a long time customer of BsnTech Networks, asked us to create a professional logo for her business that would enable her to use the logo on anything that she needed it for – whether it be her website, business cards, vehicle decals, clothing, t-shirts, and more.

We responded by providing a great logo design for her and gave her a few options to choose from.  Unfortunately our logo designer was fairly slow with the process and it took about a month for the logo to be fully completed to her satisfaction after a few rounds of changes.  Janis was a great sport and was very patient with us while the logo was perfected to her standards.

Today, the logo was finalized and added to her website.

We appreciate the continued business from Janis and hope we will have many more years of providing services to Janis!

Logo Design For Sunshine Jumpers

sunshine-jumpersMichael, the owner of Sunshine Jumpers in Daytona Beach, FL – contacted us a few weeks back asking us to create a website and a logo for him.

Upon receiving the initial pre-payment to get started, we began work on the logo and his website. After about two weeks, Michael approved of the logo design after a few modifications.

We are still working through the creation of his website and are awaiting the content information for the site.

We appreciate the business from Michael!