Germination Station Started for the Year

For this last day of January, it was time to get the garden seedlings started.  Last year, I bought a few bags of a Burpee seed starter mix at Menards while it was on sale – that way I would have some ready to go this year.  Usually, Menards does have their gardening items out on the shelves by this time of year, but I wanted to still get a good price on the seed starting mix.

In year’s past, I usually just went out to the garden and scooped up some soil.  That has worked very well for me in the past and I can’t say there has been any problems with it.  I know a lot of avid gardeners say to never use soil from the garden for seed starting, but I personally haven’t had an issue with it.

The biggest thing for me – water from the bottom, not on the top.  This has greatly  helped me in preventing what is known as ‘damping off’ disease where the seedlings get started – then perish.

I use the black trays as seen below.  I then have some 16-ounce cups with holes in the bottom – so it slowly starts to soak up the water from the bottom.

So, I have prepared the containers for the Ventura Celery – which are the red cups.

This year, I revisited doing onions in one large tray.  I have always done two large trays of onions with the actual black plastic containers that would separate them.  It was very tedious and took up twice the space.  However, when I have mixed all of the onions together (like I am doing again this year), it was somewhat difficult to separate the onion roots.  Guess I will just hope for the best!

I didn’t want to reach out to Fedco Seeds to purchase only one packet of onion seed this year, so I am hoping that the onions will germinate from one and two year-old seed.  The two-year old seed is my favorite standby – Copra Onions.  These can grow to be very large.  They are a yellow onion and if dried properly, they can last for months in storage.

The other onion I tried last year is a purple onion – Red Bull Onion.  That onion seed is only a year old.  I guess I won’t know what kind of onions I get until they start to bulb up in the summer time, but any onions work for us!

Seed Starting Containers

I have had a container of liquid fertilizer for several years – so I got it back out and mixed that with some water when getting the mix started.

With the Ventura Celery, I didn’t sow them right away – but will be doing that tomorrow.  I always soak them in a little bit of water before hand.  I also did the same with the onion seed, but I only let them soak for a few hours.

Website Design For Laura Cyphers

lauracyphersShawn, a continuing customer of BsnTech Networks, sent us another referral. Shawn owns and operates a computer repair shop and said that he has many customers come in and ask about website design services. He hasn’t had anyone to refer to – until he found us. He has continued to be very pleased with the responsiveness and the pricing of our services that he has referred a few customers to BsnTech.

Laura is a new customer that was just referred to us. Laura is a published writer and wanted to get a simple website started with biography information and a blog to post her thoughts and ideas. Laura was instrumental during the process and fully provided us the exact layout that she wanted her website, the colors, the background pictures – everything.

Because of this, we had her website done in just a few hours. She placed her order yesterday morning and by the afternoon, the website was completed and published.

Laura noted that she was also exceptionally pleased with our pricing and how professional we are to work with. She noted in an e-mail “I’m very impressed and will spread the word about your company. Thanks again“.

We appreciate the continued trust from Shawn and him referring website design customers to us – and appreciate the kind words and additional business from Laura.

Laura’s website is at

Logo Design for Wings Kingdom

wingskingdom-logoBsnTech Networks was contacted by Kerns, the owner of Wings Kingdom. He needed to have a logo design made for his restaurant.

Our logo designer started working with Kerns on the logo right away and they had completed the logo after a few modifications.

Kerns was happy with our response rate and the work we done that he is also looking to have us potentially build a small website as well.

We appreciate the business from Kerns and are happy to have provided him a quality logo design!

Website Design For Daytron Enterprise Group, LLC

daytronenterpriseAlan, the owner of Daytron Enterprise Group, LLC, contacted us a few weeks back asking for help with a website design.

We worked with Alan to make all of the required changes to the website. In addition, Alan also requested some help with creating a logo for his business as well. Upon receiving his logo order, our logo designer had the logo completed and approved within 24 hours. The logo BsnTech Networks made is shown at the top left of Alan’s website.

We appreciate the business from Alan!

The Daytron Enterprise Group, LLC website is at

Website Design For Budget Electric

bud-electricKen, the owner of Budget Electric, was referred to us by someone else that had us make them a website. He explained that the individual that we made the website for was very pleased with our fast responses and the professional website that we made for them. Therefore, he wanted to have us also help him with his website.

Ken said that he originally was working with HIBU (contractor that makes websites for the yellow pages) but was not at all pleased with the website they made nor their response rates.

Ken had everything ready to go and sent us over the information for each page along with the pictures that he wanted to use on the website. Within a few days, the website was up and ready for him to review.

A few changes were made to the pictures and formatting – and he was very pleased with the result as well.

Ken has noted that he will be adding a few other pages in the future as well.

The website for Budget Electric is

Website Design For Speculection

speculectionJon, a recurring customer of BsnTech Networks, contacted us a few months back to create a new website for him, Speculection. His aim was to provide a website that provided resources for elections and allow visitors to speculate and make comments. In essence, it is a “Speculection”!

We worked with Jon over the course of the months to setup a website for him that he was happy to use. Jon provides us embed codes to another resource that he controls – which allows him to manipulate and update what information shows on the site. In essence, he just needed us to create the design of the site, setup the pull-out menu navigation, and then create the pages which contain his embed codes.

Jon continues to be a great customer for BsnTech and has contracted with us to make several websites over the past few years. He has noted that he plans on being a business consultant and will contract us for all of his customer website needs as well.

The website for Speculection is at

Website and Logo Design For MovinOnUp, Inc

movinonupincBsnTech Networks received another order from one of our consulting businesses that provide services to their customers. They then outsource the website design and logo design work to us because of our low pricing and our responsiveness. We have worked up a great relationship with our consulting partner and continue to receive business from them.

A new customer – MovinOnUp, Inc – contracted with them for their business. Therefore, we have completed a new website and logo design for them. MovinOnUp, Inc buys and sells homes and condos in the Broward County, FL area and needed a very simple website. Although simple, it looks professional and provides the information to prospective clients.

We appreciate the continued business from our consulting partner!

The MovinOnUp, Inc website is at

Website For 507 Autosports

507autosportsNate, the owner of 507 Autosports, contacted us this week asking to have his website restored. Previously, he had BsnTech Networks create a website for him and he ended up discontinuing last year.

However, he re-defined his business and wanted to get the website brought back online – but also have some items changed. Once the initial payment was received, we restored his website within about 30 minutes and also had his new domain name registered. He then sent over the items that needed changed on the website, and they have all been completed.

We are glad to have Nate back as a customer and look forward to helping him with his website needs!

The 507 Autosports website is at

Website Design & Hosting For Sanctuary of the Soul

sanctuaryofthesoulFei, the owner of Sanctuary of the Soul, has been a customer of BsnTech Networks for over a year. She has had us manage and update her website whenever needed.

Her website consists of both an English and a Chinese version – with more emphasis on the Chinese version.

Fei had her website and domain name services managed by Yahoo, which recently sold out to Aabaco. Fei requested some website changes a week ago and we offered to convert her website to a more updated website system – instead of the pure static HTML. With her old website, it took many hours to update her website. This is because even small changes in the menu required all of her web pages to be updated.

Fei decided to go ahead and have us take over the website hosting, domain name management, and also convert her website.

BsnTech completed the website conversion within 48 hours for both versions of her website – which had at least 20 pages. Then, we worked to get the requested changes done to her site, which took considerably less time than it would have taken if the old website was still used.

The “new” website looks exactly the same as her old site, one thing that she made very clear.

We appreciate the continued business from Fei and are happy that she has chosen BsnTech to also manage her domain name and provide website hosting services.