Website Design For Golden Industries, LLC

goldenindustriesNeal, the owner of Golden Industries, LLC, contacted us to make a simple website.  The overall goal of the website was to list a product that he invented and be able to sell it.

During the time with creating the website, Neal opted to not setup the PayPal integration until they were ready to start marketing the product more.

We had the website for Neal created in one day, and sent him an e-mail asking for some feedback of requested changes.  He replied with a couple of changes and the website was completed!

Today, Neal contacted us in order to add a website counter to the site – and we have now launched the site to the public.

The website for Golden Industries, LLC is

Website Assistance For The InnerView Advisors

theinnerviewadvisorsHavonnah, one of the owners of The InnewView Advisors, contacted us last week in need of some help.

She had created a WordPress site and had most everything setup the way she liked.  However, there were some issues that she was experiencing that she needed some help with.

Primarily, she gave us a small list of things that needed to be updated.  There was a section on the website that needed the format changed, a page that needed formatted differently, some issues with an animated graph on the website, and some compatibility problems with the testimonials.

We worked with Havonnah to get all of these issues taken care of and stayed in constant contact with her.  Overall, Havonnah was very pleased with our responsiveness and the ability to get all of the issues taken care of that she presented to us.  Because of this, she has decided to continue working with us for other logo and website design projects that her firm may need in the future.  Already, she has a client that needs a logo designed and is pursuing this project with us.

We appreciate the business and trust that Havonnah has placed in us!

The InnerView Advisors website is at

Logo Design For Fox & Dragon

foxanddragon-logoPhilip contacted us a few weeks ago about a logo design.

Originally, he had another logo designer create a logo for him. He needed the logo to be used on a product he invented – and so the logo would be used on the product packaging.

However, the logo designer he initially hired used artwork that was too similar to other artwork, preventing him from using it.

Upon getting the requirements from Philip, it was turned over to our logo designer. After a few quick modifications to the text and style of the fox and dragon, Philip approved of the logo.

Spudding Around The Garden

In the last post, I mentioned that the lettuce was coming to an end.  A bit late with this post, but the lettuce was all dug up last Saturday.  I managed to get out in the morning – and the great golden digger wasps appeared to have either been in their nests or gone.

Lettuce Garden Bed

A few hours later, they were back! At least a dozen or more were flying around the area and looking to see what happened to their dens.  I took a close-up picture of one of them:

Great Golden Digger Wasp

Otherwise, we fast-forward to this weekend.  This weekend, it was time to get the potatoes dug out.  This year, they were harvested at least two weeks (or more) early!  It isn’t ever a fun job to get all of the potatoes dug out – especially in the summer heat.  After taking a short nap yesterday (Sunday), I saw that the sky was starting to cloud up a bit and knock out the sun.  That made it better to get out and get the potatoes dug up.

Took about two and a half hours.  The potatoes are planted along the road – and it is a full row that spans the full length of our yard.  It is maybe an area a foot wide by 50 feet long.

Kennebec Potatoes

Got a wheelbarrow full of potatoes!  Unfortunately since the potatoes ‘matured’ earlier, there were no large-sized ones.  They were all small to medium-sized.  Overall it was about two five-gallon buckets full of potatoes.

Now, the potato bed is all clean and ready for the next season – that is – if the Zoysia grass keeps out!  During the potato dig, I did my best to pull out the Zoysia runners that were invading the area.

Potato Garden Bed

The onions are still growing – having to keep them watered.  Many of the onions are not going to provide us anything, whereas we will at least get something from many others.

Copra Onions

A closer look of some of them:

Copra Onions

A view of the front garden; it doesn’t look like much has changed.

Front Garden

The tomato plants have been eaten back by the deer, but at least we do have a few large-sized Best Boy tomatoes:

Best Boy Green Tomatoes

The Roma tomatoes are all very small.  But, those plants have several on them too.

Peppers are doing well.  One of them got eaten by a deer or some other animal, but we have many peppers loaded on them!


There are a few orange peppers that need picked, but most are still green and need to mature.  Got several bell peppers growing as well.

Website Design For Casa De Sol

casadesolJohn, the owner of a home in Mexico, contacted us to see about getting a website created to help sell his home.  They live in Iowa and purchased the home, but are now ready to sell it to a new owner.

We provided John a couple of website examples that we created for other clients for vacation rentals, and he liked the way they were setup.  Therefore, he wanted to use the same layout to be used on their site – with the addition and removal of some of the features that were not needed for a house selling website.

We got the info from John quickly and began work.  Because of the holiday weekend, it delayed the process of getting the site completed, but today the site was fully completed and approved.

The website for Casa De Sol is at

The Wildlife Have Won

Another struggle of a year in the garden.  Extra high temperatures caused the lettuce to bolt quicker this year.  No more lettuce – unless I get a fall crop planted.  You can see below that the lettuce is pretty tall and bolting.

Bolting Lettuce

Why haven’t I pulled it yet?  Well, you can see in the picture above – there are many little holes in the raised bed.  We have a bad outbreak of wasps of some type.  They are pretty long and have yellow-looking wings.  Looking online, the closest match I’ve seen is the Great Golden Digger Wasp.  So, afraid of being stung dozens of times by all these insects, I’ve left the lettuce in for now.

I did pull out all of the peas from the side garden – so it is clean now.  But, there are also a few holes in this area too, so the wasps are making homes here.  They first showed up last year – and now seem like they are really taking over.  It is time to do something about it, but what?

Side Garden

The back garden is a total loss.  Not only is it weed-infested, the wildlife have damaged all of the tomato plants.  They put their necks over the fence and just keep eating away.  At least I think it is deer, but we do have some other creatures roaming around too.

Back Garden

The back garden just needs to be fully taken down.  I really enjoyed it when we were able to get peas to grow back here – and some cucumbers.  It was also used in the past for potatoes (last year I think) and a few others.

In the driveway, the onions are continuing.  They have been bulbing out for a couple of weeks now.  Still, they are not even half the size I am hoping for.  I can’t recall, but the onions usually are done bulbing in mid-July.  Maybe that will give them enough time.

Copra Onions

And a closer look of one of the onions:

Copra Onion Bulbing

Moving to the front yard, a quick detour to the Rose of Sharon tree between the driveway, yard, and sidewalk to the front door.  It bloomed earlier than usual this year:

White Rose of Sharon

And now for the front garden.  It does seem things are growing well at first sight.

Front Garden

Buuuttt… upon closer inspection of some plants, it is aggravating.  I have had to put a couple more support posts up around the deer netting because something has been knocking some of the supports over.  I still am not completely sure what is getting into the garden, but I still have to think it is deer.  The large prints in the garden – and them being deep – indicate it has to be a fairly large, heavy creature.  I also thought about raccoons (since one has been getting into our dumpster) or a beaver that was caught a few times munching on the peas and lettuce.

Just not sure – but this year, the wildlife have won again.  Last year I used green four-foot plastic snow fence around the garden.  The deer just jumped right over it to eat everything down.  This year, I used 7-foot deer netting.  And somehow, they are still getting in.  There are already several rips in the deer netting.

But as you can see below, the green beans are pretty well eaten up.  We at least had one row of green beans that were mostly untouched, but that changed yesterday when something else got in.

Green Beans

And a tomato plant, although hard to see, it has been getting eaten at the top.  Sure, I guess a raccoon or beaver might be able to stand up on the tomato cage and eat at the top, but I would think the bottoms of the plants would be eaten more.  That is why I still believe it to be deer getting in somehow.

Tomato Plants

Just as my wife said, she says I should just stop gardening because the wildlife are getting more benefit out of it than us.  I guess we are getting onions and peppers – since the creature isn’t touching those (another sign of it being deer), but that tomato plants last year and the green beans last year were a total loss  At least there are some green tomatoes on the vine this year that will hopefully ripen, but not as many as there would be – if the wildlife wasn’t eating it all.

Speaking of peppers, the pepper plants are robust this year.  With the extended heat we’ve had, they love it.  I already have a couple of peppers turning orange and will be ready to be picked soon.

Pepper Plants

You can see the green beans above too, just very saddening.  See all the big prints in the soil too?

How about the potatoes!  I think the heat has caused some damage to the potatoes.  The stalks seem to be dying back faster than they have in the past.  Some have fully died back.  Just cannot believe that they are ready to be harvested yet, since this is usually done mid-August.

Kennebec Potato Plants

I also had to put deer netting over the potatoes – since something was also eating them too.

And the last stop for this post, the Granny Smith apple tree.  There are a lot of small apples on the tree this year, so it looks like we will get a decent amount of apples for the first time!  We planted the tree – probably five years ago – and the nursery said we would start to get apples within a year or two.  Sure, whatever.  We did get a couple last year – but they were very small and they were picked before being mature.  This year, they are staying on the tree – just as long as it doesn’t weigh it down too much.

Granny Smith Apple Tree

Until next time, we will see what other chaos develops in the garden with the wildlife outsmarting me!