Website Design For Cryo World LLC

cryoworldTim contacted us several months ago regarding website and logo design services.  He was starting a new cryotherapy business in the Stafford Virginia area – called Cryo World LLC.

He reached out to us to create a professional and appealing website for his business.  Over time, Tim plans to open additional locations around the area as well.

One of the main components he needed on the site was an online booking system.  With the website we created, it is scalable to add in other locations when that time occurs.  Customers will be able to choose the location, the service, and a timeframe.

During the website design process, Tim also asked us to create a custom Flash animation.  Our designer completed this based on the logo design – which is at the top of each page of the website.

We appreciate the business from Tim!

The website for CryoWorld LLC is at

Website Design For Shape Your Destiny

shapedestinyDrew contacted us last week asking about creating a website for a fitness business, Shape Your Destiny. He had a specific budget in mind and wanted to be as close to the budget as possible.

Drew noted that he already had the domain name for the site, but did not have the website hosting. Therefore, we offered to provide three months of website hosting, a basic website, and a picture gallery. It was just $5 more than his budget at $155 but this was acceptable for him.

Drew was very fast at providing the information that was needed on the website. In less than an hour after the invoice was paid, we had almost everything needed to start on the site.

By the afternoon, the website was already done and approved! It was very easy working with Drew since he was instrumental in communicating quickly.

The website for Shape Your Destiny is

Website Design For Faxcorp Inc.

faxcorpincOne of our marketing partners contacted us on behalf of one of their customers, Faxcorp Inc.  As we always have for our client, we got to work right away with creating a basic/starter website for the customer.

Our marketing client is always ready to go and has the website checklist completed prior to contacting us, which allows us to get the website completed very quickly.

Once the order was placed, the initial site was up and running within about 12 hours.  Just some very slight changes and the website was approved and completed.

The website for Faxcorp Inc is at

Website Design For Clearline Glass Company

clearlineglassPatrick, the owner of Clearline Glass Company, contacted us to get a website made for his glass business in Denver, CO.

Patrick was initially concerned with the validity of our business, which is understandable.  With the number of businesses that look reputable online, there are a lot that are not.

We provided Patrick some links to our Facebook and to our Google+ profile along with the link to our website design portfolio website.  Upon seeing our great reviews, he proceeded with us assisting with the website.

We took care of registering the domain name right away and got the website hosting setup.  After Patrick provided us the details for the website, we had a site up and running within 24 hours.  A few changes were made to the site per his request, and the website was published!

If you are looking for a website designer in Denver, CO – look no further than BsnTech Networks.

We appreciate the business from Patrick!

The Clearline Glass Company website is at

Logo Design For Divinethreefold

divinethreefoldJennifer contacted us over a month ago asking for some help with her website.  We provided some information about our consulting and training prices for doing screen sharing sessions.  That would allow her to manage their own website instead of having us make updates each time.  Of course, we do also offer website management and website maintenance services, but we also want to empower our customers to manage their own sites if desired.

During the communications, Jennifer said that she had a drawing of a logo that she wanted to have on the site.  However, the quality wasn’t great and it wouldn’t look attractive on the site.  Therefore, she asked us to help with the creation of a logo based on her drawing.

Our logo designer worked for a little over a week to perfect the logo for Jennifer.  Now, the logo has been approved and is completed!

Jennifer noted that with the logo now done, she will be setting up a consultation with us soon to help with the website training.

Website Hosting and Domain Name Management for The Body Therapy Center

thebodytherapycenterBsnTech Networks reached out to a customer this week that had us help with a website design in the past.  When going through our portfolio website, we had noticed that their website was down and indicated their site was suspended.

We reached out to Glenn, the owner of the The Body Therapy Center.  He asked us to go ahead and get the website online, but also renew the website hosting with his provider, iPage.

Once we went into his iPage account, we did find out that he was going to be billed on October 13th.  iPage was going to bill Glenn $342.75 for two years of service – which would have been an average of $171.38 per year.

In addition, Glenn has three domain names for his site.  He was being billed $20 a year for all three domain names, meaning an extra $60 per year.

Overall, his cost for his website hosting and domain names would be $231.38.

Once we informed Glenn of this, we gave him our cost for hosting his website and taking care of his three domain names.  Our cost is $120 a year and includes one free domain name – and then $20 a year for each extra domain.  Therefore, his cost yearly dropped from $231.38 down to $160 – a considerable savings.

iPage is touted as being a low-cost hosting provider and they have hundreds of thousands of customers.  They have a very low introductory rate, but obviously the price jumps dramatically after that.  We were glad to help Glenn and his small business save almost $70 a year off what he was going to be paying in a few days.

Personal Website Design for Stephen Benak

stephenbenakthrillersStephen Benak, an author, contacted us about a month or more ago asking about our website services.  He wrote a couple of books and planned to put them on Amazon and sell them as an eBook, but also wanted to have a personal website with a biography, contact information, and links to those books purchases.

Stephen contacted us again last week and noted that he was ready to start on the website.  Stephen was instrumental in providing the information right away that we needed; he even created a mock-up design of the layout and color scheme he wanted.

Because of that, we were able to complete his website in just a few days and very little changes were needed.

Today, Stephen has approved of the website and it is now published!

His website is at