Website Design For Family Friendly RV Rentals

Matt, a customer of ours with two other websites, notified us yesterday that he was ready to start his website for his RV rental business.  He has had us create a website for his realty business and for his condo rental business – now he is branching out to rent recreational vehicles as well.

He provided us the information very quickly yesterday including a link to the listing he made on another site, pictures, rates, amenities, and more.

We created a full-width slideshow of the pictures at the top of the website along with a picture gallery on the site.  In addition, the website will automatically update the booking calendar on a regular basis to show availability.

Matt will have a few more rentals for us to do as well in the coming months.

The website for Family Friendly RV Rentals is at

Logo Design For Galveston Hoverboard Rentals

Darina contacted us in need of a website and logo design for her business – Galveston Hoverboard Rentals.

We’ve been working with her to get the website created and also her logo.  Yesterday, Darinda approved the logo design.  Our designer provided Darinda with four different mock-up designs based on the questionnaire that she provided.  Our designer then worked with her over the past two days making small changes to the logo until they approved the logo provided here.

We are still working through the website design and will post about that project once completed!

Website Design For On The River Auto Sales, LLC

Michael sent us an e-mail asking about our website design services several weeks ago. He indicated that he had several businesses and was looking for price estimates on basic website design services for each.

After providing him our itemized listing of different features, he went ahead and had us create a dealership website for him.  The website is very simple but he wanted the site to be easy to navigate and understand.

The website also has a security certificate (SSL certificate) because he had us create an online application for potential customers to apply for credit directly on his website.  The site also has the ability for him to list his vehicle inventory.

We hope to help Michael in the future with at least one or more of his other website design needs!

The website for On The River Auto Sales, LLC is at

Website Design For Red Room Photography

Danielle, a current customer of BsnTech, contacted us a few months back as she wanted to have a separate website for another photography business – Red Room Photography.  Prior to this request, she had us assist her with re-creating her other website – Live Laugh Photograph.  She was happy with our service that we provided and pricing and awarded us the business with the secondary site.

In addition to the web design, Danielle also had us host the new website for her as well.  This also gave her a discount on the website design services.

The majority of the website was completed within the week of starting on the site.  However, she was searching for a graphic designer to create a logo and do some other graphics for the site and had difficulty locating one.  Although we offered our service for this, she opted to find a designer on her own.

Just this week, her graphic designer completed the logo and other graphics for the site and they were added.  The website is now completed!

Red Room Photography is at

Website Design For Tri-City Building & Construction Trades Council

Jerry contacted us a few weeks ago for website services for an organization he oversees – the Tri-City Building & Construction Trades Council in Rock Island IL.  He provided us an example website for how he wanted the site to look – and also provided another website for the example of the contractor directory needed on the site.

Jerry was promptly provided an itemized estimate for our website design services along with website hosting.

Last week, he notified us that he was ready to get the website created.  Jerry sent over the information for each of the pages very quickly and that significantly helped us get the site completed faster.  Logos for each of the different organizations were also provided which were added to the site.

Today, the admin info was sent to Jerry so he could begin adding the businesses to the contractor directory and the website was completed!

The address to the website is at

Logo Design For Dr. RV Mobile Repair

Jessica contacted us a few weeks ago on Facebook asking to get a logo design created.  She wanted it to be a surprise for her husband.

She promptly sent in the logo design questionnaire for us to start on the work.  After a few days, three mock-up designs were provided to Jessica for her to look at.

After selecting the logo she liked best, additional revisions were made until the logo was approved and completed.

We appreciate the logo design business from Jessica!

Website Design for Diversified Computer Services, Inc.

Chad from Diversified Computer Services, Inc. contacted us a few months back asking about converting their website to WordPress.  Chad’s website was dated and they wanted to be able to manage it easier and also have a facelift. They were referred to us by JW Jones Company – another website we did a WordPress conversion for.

Late last week, Chad returned and indicated he was ready to get the website transitioned.

Through the course of four days, we worked to create a new, more modern website design for his business and setup the pages.  Today, the website was fully completed and approved.  It just launched moments ago!

The website is at

Website Design For Bourbon Cowboy Rodeo

Jessica, the owner of JCV Marketing and a current customer of ours, contacted us about a month ago to get a new website designed.  She was assisting with marketing a new event in West Palm Beach FL.  The event is a rodeo featuring concerts and other amenities.

Jessica provided us a slideshow of how she wanted each page of the website completed.  Once we got the slideshow, we had the website ready for review within 48 hours.  The website has a built-in video and ticket purchasing and general information about the event.

The website is now live and selling tickets for the event in August!

We appreciate the additional business from Jessica and her team.

The website for Bourbon Cowboy Rodeo is at

Website Design for S & S Concrete

Lew, the owner of S & S Concrete out of Reading PA, contacted us in need of getting a basic business website created.

He originally had another website but forgot to get the domain name renewed and lost the website as well.  He indicated that he created the site himself and wasn’t happy with how it looked.

Lew mostly needed a site with contact information and to showcase some of his prior jobs.  Therefore, we added in some general information on his business for the home page, created a picture gallery for his “Our Work” page, and added a contact form on his “Contact” page.

Lew approved of the website today and we provided him the ability to add additional pictures to his gallery as he has them.

The website for S & S Concrete is at

Peas Sprouting / Onions Planted

Well, I am a week late again with posting this!  Pictures were taken on April 24th (well, a week and a half) and just as the last post, there has been significant growth in the lettuce and celery since the photos were taken.

Just getting very busy and haven’t had much time to make posts on time.

Let’s jump in to the garden!

Lettuce and celery as they were a week and a half ago.  And actually, we might be able to start picking leaves of lettuce off this week since they have at least doubled in size again.

Lettuce Plants

As mentioned, work was going on in the front.  The old potato area that was by the road is now gone and removed.  Here is how the grass seed is progressing, although it is almost filled in at this point (with exceptions of some spots):

Grass Seeding

And the front garden – I put up the heavy duty deer netting that is thicker than the prior netting.  The prior netting would get rips in it – so hopefully this stuff won’t.  I also used rebar from taking the garden behind the garage down and am using the rebar for the posts/supports now instead of wood.

Front Garden

The front garden doesn’t show much of anything – although there are three rows of green beans that are now up and sprouted.  I need to get a few spots filled in where the seeds didn’t germinate – and potentially another row on the other side of the front garden.

Inside – the tomato plants are doing well.  Two of them were ‘transplanted’ to their own containers since two seeds came up together (making a total of six).

Best Boy Tomato Seedlings

Back outside – the peas!  I planted a row of peas beside the house and last week, some started to sprout as seen below.  However….. something is really odd here.  About all of the seeds closest to the patio area (closest to the lettuce bed) sprouted.  But, NONE of the others did.  So only about one foot of the 13 feet of peas sprouted.  Pretty well useless.

Pea Seedlings

Now, the most of the work was dealing with the onions.  Previously, I was filling the other raised bed on the driveway to get it filled back up – as about half of the soil eroded.  I filled it enough about a month ago to plant some onions and then stopped.  So that weekend before the 24th of April, I finished screening all of the soil and got it filled up.

Onion Raised Bed

So all of these Walla Walla onions were just waiting to get in the ground:

Walla Walla Onion Seedlings

After over an hour, I finally got all of the onions planted – and had to also plant about 20 in the front garden.

Walla Walla Onion Plants

Well, that is all for the garden update for this week… or should I say for last week!