Website Design For Trigger Engineering, LLC

Tyler from Trigger Engineering LLC contacted us back in December 2016 about our website design services.  Tyler already had a website online but wanted to make some changes to it.

After we provided him some options, we didn’t hear from him for quite some time.  About a week ago, Tyler reached out to us and said he was ready to move forward with his website updates.

We created a new site for Tyler that is easy to update and manage on his own.  It is also mobile friendly, has PayPal integration, and has page transitions which helped to increase the functionality of the website.

We appreciate Tyler trusting us to work on his website and provide website hosting and domain name management services!

The website is at

Website Design for Marie Janes Cannabis Connection

Christina was referred to us by another individual that has started a marketing business.  Christina had a website she made herself but she wasn’t fully satisfied with it.

In addition, she wanted the ability to interface with the point of sale system that another developer created for her – that way customers could order and request deliveries from the website.

We started on the site for Marie Janes Cannabis Connection upon the initial payment being received.  We had the majority of the site done within 24 hours with the exception to linking it to the online store.

Once the developer of the point of sale system got in touch with us, this link was setup the same day.

Christina has approved of the site and it is up and running!

The website for Marie Janes Cannabis Connection is at

Logo Design For Colorado Gutter Solutions

Ezra from Colorado Gutter Solutions contacted us about two weeks ago asking about logo design work.  He already had a couple of mock-up designs ready but he needed some modifications to them to make it what he wanted.

Ezra sent us the mock-up designs and we immediately got started on the work.  Within a couple of days, our graphic designer supplied three different logo designs for him to look at.

The client chose one of the logos and we made a few more modifications to it.

Yesterday, the logo was completed and approved.

We want to thank Ezra for his business and we hope that we also have won him over to obtain the business for his website design needs as well.

Website Design For Ground Up Design & Construction Management, Inc.

Bill reached out to us about a month ago on behalf of one of his clients, Ground Up Design & Construction Management, Inc.  His client already had an existing website, but it was being hosted by a provider that no longer could be contacted.  To be proactive, Bill asked us to help with this website and to get it hosted by us in the event the hosting provider took down his client’s website.

We provided Bill two options for the site – a simple copy of the existing site to our servers – or re-creating the website using a content management platform to allow easy updating capabilities for his client.

After a couple of weeks, Bill indicated they wanted to move forward with the website re-creation.

The site was slightly updated with the appearance but also shares a lot of similarities to the old website.  We added mobile device compatibility to the site to be sure it was mobile friendly and made the navigation easier to use.

The site is now completed and live!  Their site is at

Website Design for Inside Track, Inc.

BsnTech Networks has completed a simple website on behalf of one of our customers, Frank.  He works in conjunction with us to ensure his customers have a logo created and a website.

The site we created was very similar to another site had had us created about a month ago.  Simple and to the point.  In addition, he also awarded us the website hosting business for this customer because his current hosting provider has provided dismal customer support.

The website is at

Logo Design For Inside Track, Inc.

Frank has been a consistent customer for BsnTech.  He provides services to his clients and outsources the logo design an website work to us.

Here is another example of a logo we just created for one of his clients, Inside Track, Inc.

Logo Design For Triple Ott Organics

Ed contacted us last week to get a website created for their small business. He also noted that a new logo design was requested because he had one created before, but the quality wasn’t crisp and clear.

Ed did a great job and provided us a drawing of the logo he wanted.  With that, our logo designer created a few different versions of the logo within 72 hours and provided them to Ed.

After some small updates with the font choice, Ed approved the logo!  He also couldn’t decide what logo he wanted, so he chose three of the four mock-up designs so he would have access to them for various uses.