Website Design for Equipment AC, LLC

Chad from Diversified Computer Services reached out to us and referred a new customer to us, Andrea at Equipment AC, LLC.

Andrea was also familiar with another site we did for a company – JW Jones Company.  She is in the same business as them with large equipment sales.

She requested to have a simple site with the ability to add a product catalog.  Once we received the needed info from her, we got started on the site and had it done within 24 hours!

The site has now been approved and she is ready to start adding her items to the site.

The website for Equipment AC, LLC is at

Logo Design for TAA Hyper Marketing Solutions, LLC

Ric contacted us last week to create a logo for his business, TAA Hyper Marketing Solutions, LLC.  When working with him initially, we asked what kind of logo design service he needed (we offer two – raster logo design and vector logo design).  We also provided him our logo questionnaire so we could get the logo started quicker.

With his reply, he gave us the completed logo questionnaire and said he needed the vector logo design service since he needed it to be print-ready for business cards and other purposes.

Our logo designer created five mock-up designs for Ric in about seven days.  After some very minor changes to two mock-ups that Ric liked, he chose one of them as the completed product.

We appreciate the business from Ric and trusting us with his logo design needs!

Website Design for CnH RV Park

Chol had us create a website for his RV park a year or more ago.  At that time, he had C & H RV Park at two locations in Moundsville, WV.

However, he decided to change the business a little bit and reached out to us to have two new websites created.  The CnH Tiny House Village website was completed last week, which is located on the east end of town by the school.

We created a sister website for CnH RV Park which looks very similar to the other site.  With the sites being similar, we were able to turnaround the second site in about 24 hours after receiving the needed information.

The website for CnH RV Park is at

Logo Designs for CnH RV Park & Tiny House Village

Chol requested us to create two websites for him – one for his RV park and another for his tiny house village where he offers tiny houses for rent.

While working on the first website, he asked us to make a logo for each of his locations as well.  Since he had us create two logos which are similar, we offered him a discounted service.

Our logo designer had a few other logos in the works before this order was received, which delayed the turn-around time on these logos.  However, we still provided Chol with the two examples within a week.

The work for Chol has been completed and we look forward to continuing to serve his website and graphic design needs!

Website Design for Lesley J Interior Design

Lesley contacted us late last week asking to have a website created for her interior design business, Lesley J Interior Design.  She serves the south Florida area

She was instrumental in providing us three example websites that she liked.  We gave her pricing to do websites similar to those.  We then moved forward with the creation of the site.

We started on the site three days ago – and everything has been fully finalized and approved today!

We appreciate the business from Lesley and look forward to supporting her website needs in the future.

The website address is

Website Hosting for Exterior Services Pressure Washing

Joel, a current customer of BsnTech and owner of Baker Cleaning Service, contacted us about a month ago informing us that he was purchasing a business in his local area – Exterior Services Pressure Washing – and needed some help with their website.

We provided Joel some information on the cost of building a new website and the other services needed to ensure a smooth transition.  In the end, he decided to keep the website the business had but may have a new site created in the future.  In addition, he wanted us to facilitate the domain name transfer and website copy from Vistaprint.

We completed the website copy even before receiving any payment to ensure the website was backed up in case anything happened.

Yesterday, Joel made the payment for us to move forward with the domain name transfer and the hosting service.  We worked with Vistaprint to obtain the domain name and get it transferred.

Today, the transfer was completed and the services are now with our hosting and management services.  We had to re-create the contact form on the website and ensured it worked with our platform.

Joel has been a great customer of ours and we appreciate his continued business and trust in our reliability.

The website for Exterior Services Pressure Washing is

Website Hosting for Living Faith Ministries

Pastor Steve from Living Faith Ministries in Mendon, OH contacted us last week.  He was searching for a different website hosting provider.

His current provider created the site many years ago, but their staff had been changing very quickly.  He originally sent in a request to have a Facebook link added to their website, and it fell on deaf ears with nothing done.  In addition, he also let us know he used to have access to the admin part of the website to make changes himself, but that access was removed some time ago.

That is when Pastor Steve said it was time to change.  He wanted to look for a provider that was responsive.  That is why he turned to BsnTech.

Upon speaking with Pastor Steve on the phone, we set the work in motion right away.  We reached out to the hosting provider and requested a copy of the website and information to complete the domain name transfer.  The provider was responsive to that request and had Pastor Steve fill out some information to get the domain name transfer authorized.

The backup of the website was made and ready to go.  Today, the domain name transfer process completed and they are now officially being hosted with BsnTech!  In addition, we provided the admin access back to Pastor Steve and added the Facebook link at no extra cost.

We hope to have a great relationship with Pastor Steve!

The website for Living Faith Ministries is at

Website Hosting for Bill Mulder Graphic Design

Bill has been a customer of BsnTech’s for quite a while.  He has brought some of his customers to us that needed their website rebuilt after a previous hosting provider issue.

Bill asked us on Friday to take over the website hosting for his website, Bill Mulder Graphic Design.  He was using a website builder platform from another provider and they kept increasing the costs on him.

For now, he requested that we make a copy of the website and move to our hosting platform.  Later on, he plans to have us create a different website for him as well.

We appreciate the continued business from Bill and the customer’s he has brought to us!

The website for Bill Mulder Graphic Design is at

Website Design for The Browns Are Selling

Jennee, the owner of The Browns Are Selling, reached out to us last week in need of some help.  She had her current website with Network Solutions and because she was using an outdated website building platform.  One of her biggest features she needed was the ability to quickly upload a batch of photos to her website for estate sales.  However, she was no longer able to do that with her existing website builder.

We spoke with Jennee over the phone and explained how we could help and how the websites we create don’t require any proprietary software or anything installed on her computer.  She wanted to move forward with this right away.

We also helped with some additional features – such as sending emails out via her website instead of through her email account.  All of her contact list was imported into the website and she has successfully sent out one email to her followers since then.

The website was completed earlier in the week and everything is working as expected.  The domain name transfer just completed today – and so the project is fully wrapped up!

The website for The Browns Are Selling is at

Website Design for CnH Tiny House Village

Chol, a prior customer of BsnTech, reached out to us last week asking us for help with his website needs.  More than a year ago, he had us create a website for his RV park.  This website was hosted with another provider and the website hosting was not renewed, so he lost his website.

Since then, he has branched out and now has two different services.  He requested that we make a new website for each of these and also provide hosting and domain name services.

The first website we created is for CnH Tiny House Village.  He currently has seven tiny homes in Moundsville, WV that are available for short term or long term rentals and provides a different kind of lodging choice in the area.

We got the website completed in about three days.  The website is finished with the exception of the logo being added to the site once that is completed.

We appreciate the business from Chol and will start working on his RV website very soon!

The website for CnH Tiny House Village is at