Website Design for IPicU Photo Booth

Terry, the owner of IPicU Photo Booth, reached out to us yesterday asking about pricing for our website design services.  We supplied a break-down of costs based on what he requested and he was ready to get started on the website right away!

We received all of the info that Terry wanted to put on the site throughout today and put the website together.  Just about 24 hours after the order was placed, the website was completed and approved!

IPicU Photo Booth’s website is at

Website Hosting & Management for Indian Springs Homeowners Association

Dee reached out to us several months ago needing help with the website for their HOA – Indian Springs Homeowners Association.  Initially one of the community members created the website and managed it themselves, but the association wanted to move the management and hosting to an outside party so there would be no conflicts of interest.

After several weeks, we began the process of getting the existing website backed up and migrated to our hosting servers.  Dee then sent many updates and changes that needed to take place on the website which we worked through as they came in.

The website has now been fully migrated over and updated to bring in the most current documentation.  Over time, the website will evolve as they are forming a website committee to discuss and determine what features and changes should be done to the website going forward.

The website for the Indian Springs Homeowners Association is at