Website Design for Dermatology Affiliates

Joe, an employee of the Dermatology Affiliates clinic, reached out to us a several weeks ago on behalf of owner Adam.  They needed to get a website created for their new practice in the Salt Lake City area.

Adam and Joe initially wanted to get a simple website created that may expand as their business grows.  They chose some of our most popular features to have on their website include a basic contact form, mobile device compatibility, and social networking integration.

We worked with Adam and Joe on the phone a few times to make some changes to the initial website that we created.  They employed a graphic designer to make some advertising materials for the clinic and a postcard was provided to incorporate those graphics into the site.

Once the first draft was completed, Adam wasn’t pleased with how the site was looking.  He reached to his graphic designer to make some page mock-up designs for the site.  Once those were approved, we began reconstructing the site using the new graphics and layout as provided by the graphic designer.

Today, the website has now been fully completed and approved by Adam – so it is live and ready for patients to see!

The Dermatology Affiliates website is at

Website Design for Northeast Ohio Radon Mitigation

Robb, a current customer of BsnTech, had us create a logo for his new business several months ago – Northwest Ohio Radon Mitigation.  After getting his business started, he was ready to have us create the website.

A couple of weeks ago he sent us the material that he wanted to have on the site.  We had the majority of the website up and completed within two days and a few changes were made to it as was needed.

Today, the site has been approved and is now completed!

Robb’s website is at

Website Design for Dee Ann Lakefront Estates HOA, Inc.

Robert, a board member of Dee Ann Lakefront Estates HOA, Inc – reached out to us at the beginning of October asking about our website design services.  The homeowner’s association he belongs to did not have a good way to disseminate information and events to the community and so he took on the project of having a website created for it.

We’ve created a few other HOA websites in the past including one for Heritage Pines in Bradenton, FL.  We used that website as an example for Robert and he requested that their site look similar.

Bob began sending over the needed materials for the website on the 15th of November after getting caught up with his other work.  That same day, we had the majority of the website designed and completed.  Over the past few days, some additional changes were received and completed.

The website is now done and will serve as an information portal for association members.

Their site is at

Website Design for Ranked Marketing

Bob, the owner of Ranked Marketing, contacted us several months ago asking about our website design services.  Through a few different conversations, he decided that we were the right fit for his organization and proceeded to have us assist with creating a website for him back in July.

Bob has been exceptionally busy and so the website took a bit longer to create than our usual turn-around time.  But with each communication that Bob sent, we made the changes and updates to the site very quickly.

It has been a month since our last updates and changes on the website so we’ve closed out Bob’s project but will still work with him if there are any other changes or updates he would like to have done on the site.

We appreciate the business from Bob!

Ranked Marketing’s website is at