Website Design for Heritage Hemp Products

Rhonda, one of the owners of Heritage Hemp Products, went on our website earlier this week and went through our order system to use our website builder platform.  However, before making the payment, she called and asked some questions about it.

She already had a hosting account with another provider and during the discussions, she opted to just have us build the website for her on the existing hosting provider instead of using the website builder to do it themselves.

When we were getting ready to start on the site, we noticed the website builder of her other hosting provider was very limiting and would not provide the results that they wanted.  We spoke with her further and she opted to have us host the site and build it on our platform instead.

Since Rhonda had already sent all of the information and pictures they wanted on the site, we were able to get the site completed in 24 hours.  The website was just approved and is now available!

We are hoping to ‘win’ her business for their other cattle and ranch website since they are paying twice the cost compared to our yearly hosting plan.  This would essentially provide hosting for both of their websites with us for the same cost they are paying yearly for one website with the other provider.

The Heritage Hemp Products website is at

Website Hosting for David’s Chicken Coops

David, the owner of David’s Chicken Coops in Tennessee, contacted us by phone yesterday and was in need of getting some help with his website.  He was looking to have a new webmaster completely take over everything for his website needs.

We spoke with David in more detail that evening and we got the ball started.  He was ready to go with the the backup copies of his website files and the other information we needed to proceed.

By the end of the night, we had the website setup and restored on our servers since he wanted us to manage the hosting and SSL certificate as well.  Unfortunately his website was very outdated and there were some scripting/programming issues but we pulled through and overcame those issues.

Today, we were in contact with David letting him know everything was ready to go and also gave him some additional options.  He agreed to have us make the website mobile friendly as well – which we also completed within a few hours.

The changes to the domain name are now completed and is pointing to the site on our servers – that is updated and now mobile friendly.

Thank you for your business David!

David’s Chicken Coops website is at

Website Design for First Wealth Financial Group

Breton reached out to us just before the beginning of 2019 with an issue he was having with one of his service providers.  He indicated that his website was completely down and not reachable and was lost on what to do.

We promptly called Breton back and let him know that “all was not lost”.  We were able to use an online website – – to see what his website looked like prior to it going offline.  He was very pleased to know that the content and material of the website was readily available so they did not have to completely start over.

After the new year, Breton contacted us again and said the provider was able to get their website restored but still wanted to have the website fully re-created and hosted elsewhere with more reliability.

During the process, we also upgraded / optimized the website including an SSL security certificate, resizing images to proper sizes, and removing excess pictures from slideshows.  We also added a market ticker on the site and a few other changes.

Today, the website has been approved!  There will be additional changes to the site as they begin some marketing campaigns.

We appreciate the business from Breton and his trust in us to deliver reliable services with our mirrored web servers and automatic backups of websites!

The website for First Wealth Financial Group is at

Website Design for Azure Charters & Tours

Earl, the owner of Azure Charters & Tours, reached out to us a few months ago for several services that we offer.  First on his list was getting a logo created.  We previously finished this logo quite some time ago.

Once the logo was completed, he wanted to get a website created and have us host the site.  The site includes four pages, social networking integration, a basic contact form, mobile device compatibility, and website statistics.

Once Earl was able to provide some photos he wanted to use on the site and the text information, we had the site completed within 48 hours.  Due to some email issues, he had a delay with receiving our messages but responded and said the website looked great and it was approved!

We appreciate the business from Earl for all of his website and graphic design needs.

Azure Charters & Tours can be found at

Website Design for Carroll Legal Group, LLC

Andrew, a current customer of BsnTech, reached out to us just before the new year asking to get another website created for his practice.

He was looking to have us create a website based on our starter website package.  Since he has been a customer for a while, we also included an additional web page at no extra cost.

The website was created in just a few days and it is now live!

The address for the site is at

Logo Design for Elida’s Cleaning

Joe and Cara, the owners of Elida’s Cleaning, emailed us asking for a logo to be created.  In July of 2018, they also turned to us for a logo design for another business venture.

Because of fast turn-around and great communication, they wanted to provide us the business for this logo as well.

This logo took several weeks to finalize as Joe and Cara was looking for different options and the logo wasn’t turning out as they envisioned.  But after collaborating with them more, we got the logo created and it was approved!

We appreciate the continued business from Joe and Cara.  That has also indicated that they may want to have a website created in the near future for the cleaning service as well.

Logo Design for Cylidify

Monty, the owner of the IT security business Cylidify, reached out to us a few weeks ago asking for a professional logo design.  Monty provided us the information requested for the logo.

Our designer created several different mock-up designs for Monty.  After they were presented, a mixture of different aspects from the mock-up designs were incorporated into the final product.

We appreciate the business from Monty!

Website Design for Seniority First Home Care

Najma, the owner of Seniority First Home Care, recently reached out to us asking about our website and logo design services.  We explained the costs associated with each and tailored a customized quote for the website.

She opted to have another individual create the logo but still moved forward with us for the website design.  The website is a simple three page site with mobile device compatibility and a basic contact form for inquiries.

Once we received the logo from Najma, we got to work creating the site.  It was completed within 24 hours of the logo and text information being received.  Today, we made a final small change to the site and she has approved it.

The address for Seniority First Home Care is at