Website Design for Set The Mood Candles

Gilbert, the owner of Set The Mood Candles, contacted us back in mid February asking about our website design services.  We had a few phone calls with him to go over the website costs, how the site is setup, and the capabilities they would have to manage the site.

He was wanting to get an eCommerce website created for his candle selections.

Near the end of March, he was ready to get started and made the initial payment.  We awaited Gilbert to send his information for the website setup.  Upon receiving, we had the site setup within two days.  A few changes were completed per his feedback and the site was just approved and completed today!

We appreciate the business from Gilbert and we are glad he chose us to help with his eCommerce website design needs!

The website for Set The Mood Candles is at

Website Design for Wholesaler Delight

Matthew reached out to us about ten days ago.  He needed to have a landing page created to offer wholesale information to visitors.

Matthew supplied us a couple of example ideas that he had along with the text information to place on the site and explained how the capture form should be setup.

After the initial payment, we got to work right away and had the website fully done and approved with four days!

We appreciate the business from Matthew and look forward to helping him with any other website needs he has.

The Wholesaler Delight website is at

Website Design for Wind River Texas

Skip, a current customer of BsnTech, emailed us a few months ago asking about getting help creating a new website for a venture he was pursuing with some other business associates.  The name of the business is Wind River Texas and they specialize in microbes and air seeder rebuilding.

The website has a wide range of features including eCommerce capabilities that use both credit/debit card payments along with immediate ACH payments for larger orders.

Through the process, we had several phone calls with one of Skip’s associates – David – to work on the website and through technical challenges.

The site is completed and open for business!

We appreciate the continued business and trust that Skip has placed in us for his website needs.

The Wind River Texas website is at

Website Design for Coastal Marketing Group

Steve, the owner of Coastal Marketing Group, reached out to us to have us create another website for him.  Over the past year or so, he had us create two other websites for him.  Due to our responsiveness and pricing, he asked us to create his third website – a more “upscale” site.

Steve is in the business of renting and selling timeshares.  With the new website, he wanted the ability to list properties individually and upload pictures, put description information, and generally make a “real estate listing” for each available unit.

We delivered for Steve and they are going to begin adding the listings on the website!

Thank you for the additional business Steve and we look forward to assisting with any other projects in the future.

The Coastal Marketing Group website is at

Website Design for CirculumCare Solutions

Jeff reached out to us this week in need of a website.  Several years ago he had us create a website for another business that he served in.  Back in November of 2019, he emailed us again about a new venture he needed a website built for.  After a few months of getting the business requirements for CirculumCare Solutions completed, he was ready to get started on the site this past week.

Jeff communicated the website needs right away and needed to have the website done in a timely manner.  The same day that he sent the initial payment, we had two of the three web pages completed.

Today, we had a conference call with him and their graphic designer to iron out the final page and the graphics needed.  The final page was made within a few hours of the call and the site has now been completed and launched!

We appreciate Jeff returning back to us and providing us with additional business.

The CirculumCare Solutions website is at

Website Design for Rocky Mountain Installations

Justin reached out to us several weeks ago asking to get a basic website created.  We spoke with him over the phone and after our discussion, he wanted to get started right away.  During that time, he also asked us to create a logo – which we posted about early.

His website is a four-page site with a slideshow on the homepage along with a basic contact form and mobile compatibility features. We also created a custom map for him of the service range and this was added to his Coverage page.

The site was approved and completed!

Rocky Mountain Installations website is at