Website Design for Gunner Band

Cheri, a spokesperson for the Gunner Band, contacted us several months ago to get a simple website created for the Gunner Band.

Shortly after she placed the order, there were some complications going on within the band and they needed to postpone the website creation.

Last week, Cheri responded and said the band was back on track and they needed to get the basic site started – although their needs changed and didn’t need an elaborate site as planned prior.

The information was sent over for inclusion on the site and we had it completed within a few days.

We appreciate the business from Cheri!

The Gunner Band website is at

Website Design for Raven Lawn Care

William contacted us a few days ago about our website design services.  He runs a lawn and exterior maintenance service business – Raven Lawn Care.

We discussed the costs of the website with William on the phone and he was ready to get started right away and made the initial payment.

Within 24 hours, we had the majority of the information to get started on the site.  He wanted a simple site with a basic contact form, payment integration, and four pages.

The website has been completed – pending the approval of the business name with the state.  We’ll then begin working on the logo and add it to the website as well.

The Raven Lawn Care website is at

Website Design for Beer Runners

Justin contacted us a few months ago asking about our website design service.  He wanted to begin a business that would provide delivery services for beer, wine, and mixed drinks – plus other accessories.  He services the Triad area in North Carolina (Winston-Salem, High Point, Greensboro).

We started initially with registering the domain name and getting the website hosting service started.  After a few weeks had passed, Justin was ready to get the website started.

He sent over some drawings of his ideas for how he wanted the site design.  We setup the site based on those drawings and made a few changes to get it perfected.

While they are not yet open for business, Justin’s website is almost ready to go.  He has been working at adding the products to the website – but no pricing yet so they cannot be purchased or added to the cart.

We appreciate the business from Justin and Beer Runners!

The website for Beer Runners is at

Logo Design for Apex Cloud Solutions

Jeff emailed us about our logo design services about two weeks ago. He completed the logo questionnaire for his business – Apex Cloud Solutions.

We then needed to discuss the logo in more depth with him and he indicated more information over the phone that was necessary to get started on the work.

Several days ago, four logo examples were supplied to Jeff. Right away he chose one of the logo examples.

A slight issue was found with the logo after payment and Jeff brought it to our attention.  Our designer fixed the issue within 24 hours and sent the updated logo to Jeff.

Website Design for 4 State Billboards

Kenny, a current customer of BsnTech, returned to us asking for a very simple website for a new business he started – 4 State Billboards.

He already had a brochure created for his business and wanted a website that demonstrated the same information – at least for now until the business grows.

Upon receiving the information, we had the website completed and running within two days.

Kenny also runs Valley Industrial Battery which we provide service for as well.

The website for 4 State Billboards is at

Website Design for Nick Gadbois Art

Nick emailed us several months ago asking about our website design service.  He was ready to get started on the site but then the COVID-19 pandemic occurred and he needed to delay his website project.

Nick is an artist and wanted to get a website created to showcase his works and be able to accept payments via PayPal.

Once he was on better footing, he called us and we discussed his website project again and provided an updated estimate since a few things changed in those few months.

We began on the website right away.  He sent over pictures of his works along with their descriptions over a week and we completed the website.

Nick’s website is now completed and can be seen at