Website Design for Mojo5 Band

Tony called us looking for some information on our website design services.  He is part of the Mojo5 Band that plays an eclectic mix of songs around the Tampa Bay area.

The band had a website before but there were some changes in the band membership and they no longer had access to it.  Tony sent us a video by regular mail to take some picture screenshots from amongst with some other pictures he emailed.

Tony wasn’t looking for an extravagant site – something simple with pictures and the ability for him to post upcoming events.  The site is one page with some text and some pictures and they will manage the site as they add events.

The website for Mojo5 Band is at

Website Design for Hawten Slaton, LMT

Hawten was referred to us by another one of our customers, Mary.  Hawten is a holistic and massage therapy specialist in Fort Collins, CO. We created a new website for Mary several months ago and she had mentioned to us that her friend Hawten would also want his website re-designed.

During the pandemic we experienced, Hawten chose to move forward with the website design since his business was pretty well closed down.  This was a great time since he had the capacity to focus on the site.

We worked with Hawten over a few weeks and got the website completed.  It was just made live late last week!

We appreciate the business from Hawten and Mary with their website re-design needs.

Hawten’s website is at

Website Design for 24/Seven Transportation Services

Freddy, the owner of 24/Seven Transportation Services in Carlisle, PA – contacted us last Friday needing assistance with some online advertising for his business.  After he explained what his needs were, we supplied him with an email estimate.

His main concern was getting found in the search engines – so we explained our Google Ads management service and how it worked.  In addition, he needed to ensure that another website was created and a new domain name – one that he had control of.

Freddy then called us back a few hours later and was ready to get started.  He paid the initial amount to get started.  The new domain name and website hosting were setup right away.  The website was then completed by Monday afternoon and his new ads went live that afternoon as well.

We look forward to assisting Freddy with his advertising needs going forward!

The website for 24/Seven Transportation services is at