Website Design for Pennsylvania Veterans Consortium

Richard called us yesterday afternoon (September 23rd) asking about website design services.  He had a very tight deadline for a turn-around on a simple one-page website with some text and pictures.

After hearing of his requirements, we made a guarantee that we would have the website completed by end of business September 24th if the information was supplied to us and the invoice was paid by that evening.

Richard followed through and submitted payment and supplied us a PowerPoint file with the text and pictures he wanted on the website this morning.

We worked quickly to complete the work – and it was done with just four hours of receiving his information.

The website is done and already live!

The website for the Pennsylvania Veterans Consortium is at

Website Design for The Perfect Essay

Edward contacted us on August 31st inquiring about our website design services.  He asked about getting a website created for a course he offers to high school students on how to write the perfect essay for college acceptance.

On the 11th of September, he made the initial payment to get started on the website.  The website is mostly informational – but it has an order form that redirects to PayPal for a payment – and there is also a separate basic contact form for email inquiries.

Edward provided us a Word document with the exact layout that he wanted for the website, which we followed on his direction.

The website was fully completed a few days ago and we supplied Edward the login information so he could make some changes to the site and get acquainted with managing it himself.  We did speak with him a couple of times since then with questions he had about making changes.

We appreciate the business from Edward!

The Perfect Essay website is at

Website Design for Storm Repair Now

Charles contacted us on Tuesday, September 15th asking about getting a very simple one-page website created to capture contact information.  He is part of a storm cleanup and roof tarping business that will bill insurance carriers for emergency repairs after large storms and hurricanes.

The website came to fruition as a need after Hurricane Sally.  The hurricane was originally forecast to go through Louisiana and the site was going to focus on that area.  However, the storm stopped out in the Gulf just south of the Mobile/Pensacola area and started heading north – making landfall between the two cities.

Therefore, the domain name was changed to ‘’ instead.

Charles had the information sent to us the same day and the initial payment was made very early on Wednesday morning.  The site was completed within 12 hours and then changes were just made today with the new domain name request.

We appreciate the business from Charles!

Their website is at

Logo Design For Summit Property Group

Mark, the owner of Summit Property Group in Arkansas, called and spoke with Brian, the owner of BsnTech Networks a few weeks ago.  He explained his business and what his needs were.

After giving him an itemized estimate, he decided to have us create a logo along with the website service needs.

Mark provided some information to our logo designer to get started.  Our designer created five different mock-up designs for Mark and he liked one of the designs right away without any modifications needed.

We are still working with Mark on the creation of his website – so stay tuned!

Website Design for Banshee Bitches

Joyce contacted us over a year ago asking about website services. She and one of her friends wanted to create a small online store that has some one-of-a-kind items, and the name of their website is Banshee Bitches.

They both have endured some hardship over the years and wanted to use their website as a way to help others let out their ‘wicked thoughts’ with their offerings.

So far, the website is not fully completed but it there are some cards on the website available for sale right now.  They will be adding other products to the site over time.

The website also has a “message board” to allow others to express their stories which would be published on the website as well.

Joyce’s website is at

Website Design for Kitchen of Carib

Otha, the owner of Kitchen of Carib located in Bethlehem, PA, called us a few months ago.  He simply needed a website that displayed his menu so customers could look at the menu and place phone orders for pickup.

To start, he wanted to get his domain name secured to get business cards, his menu, and other marketing materials printed.  About six weeks later, he called us and said he was ready to start on the site.  A copy of his menu was sent over along with a few pictures of his food that were placed on the site.

We got this information incorporated on the site the same day that he sent it.

His basic website is now completed with his menu and contact information to make call-in orders.

The website for Kitchen of Carib is at

Website Design for Handie Helpers

Michelle, the owner of Handie Helpers, emailed us at the end of July asking about our website design costs and capabilities.  Michelle indicated she wanted just a very basic website for her small business at the minimum possible cost.  About a month later, Michelle emailed and was ready to get started on her site.

She provides a service that helps to declutter homes, stage homes for sale, estate sales, and senior services like housekeeping around the Bangor, Maine area.

Michelle supplied us with the website content the day following her initial payment and we had the website done within two days after that.

We appreciate her choosing us for her website design needs and wish her success with her business.

The Handie Helpers website is at

Website Design for Dr. Disinfectant

Mike, the owner of Dr. Disinfectant, initially contacted us back in April asking about our services.  He placed an order for a website along with a logo design.

The logo was completed many months ago, but he ran into some issues with insurance providers and covering his business.  Therefore, it put a delay on the website.

Mike began supplying us information to start on the website at the end of July and we pieced together the info and pictures he sent us.  He originally was looking to have a more expansive site but opted to pair back on his requirements after we started on it.

His website has six pages, a basic contact form, social networking integration, hover-over and drop down menu navigation, along with mobile compatibility.

The site is now launched and Mike is open for business!

The Dr. Disinfectant site is at

Website Design for Angels Around You Home Care

Stacy reached out to us several months ago asking about our website services.  She has a small business called Angels Around You Home Care.

She wanted a simple website with a slideshow, a contact form, and mobile compatibility.

Once the information was supplied, we had the majority of the website setup within two days.  There were some issues with the picture quality for the slideshows so we assisted with providing specifics to ensure the pictures looked good and crisp.

We appreciate the business from Stacy!

The Angels Around You Home Care website is at