Website Design for The Ball Grip

Tom, an inventor that created The Ball Grip, asked for some assistance creating a website to sell his product.  He was very excited about getting started on the website that it kicked off very quickly after our initial conversation.

We began by getting the list of requirements from Tom and he supplied us the information to put on the site and completed the eCommerce questionnaire.

Within a few days, the website was mostly complete.  A few modifications were requested and Tom sent us a logo that another designer created and this was added to the site.

Tom plans to add additional products to the site in the future, but currently there is just the one product – The Ball Grip – with a choice of four different colors.

The website for The Ball Grip is at

Website Design for Wing8 Pest Services

Max, the owner of Wing8 Pest Services, was referred to us by his family.  We provide website and email services for one of his relatives and Max was looking for someone to take care of the same for his business.

Previously, we created a logo design for Win8 Pest Services.  After the logo was done, we began working on the website with Max.

The website is a simple site with hover over menu navigation, mobile device compatibility, and a basic contact form.

Over time, Max may expand upon the website and add additional pages with specific details about his business, but he wanted a simple, easy to navigate website to start off with.

We appreciate the business from Max!

The Wing8 Pest Services website is at

Website Design for United Exteriors & Construction, Inc.

Brenda, a representative for United Exteriors & Construction, Inc., contacted us several weeks ago.  She needed to have a website created for their business along with a logo design.

We previously posted about the logo design back on February 10th.  Brenda provided us the exact logo that they wanted – with a few small changes.  So the logo was completed quickly and we supplied the necessary print-grade files to them.

For the website, it took a little longer to complete based on Brenda’s schedule.  She was working to put together the information.  For the Services section of the site, we further expanded on the main points and supplied some text to help fill the page up.

The website has a few features on it such as social networking integration, hover over menu navigation, mobile device compatibility, a picture gallery, animated page transitions, and a basic contact/estimate form.

We appreciate the business from Brenda and look forward to helping them update and make changes to the website as their business grows!

The website for United Exteriors & Construction, Inc. is at

Website Design for Paul’s Computer Shop

Paul contacted us a week ago and was interested in creating a website for his business, Paul’s Computer Shop.

We explained the necessary requirements to have a website (a domain name and website hosting) and also supplied our costs for basic website services.

After receiving the information, he was ready to get started with the creation of a basic website.

A few days later, he sent us the info to include on the site and also supplied us with a reference site.  He was looking to put his current inventory of computers on his website at the current time.

Today, we fully completed the website and it is ready for viewing!

The website for Paul’s Computer Shop is at

Website Design for Cameron Business Solutions

Jennifer emailed us about our website design services.  She saw our advertisement four our low cost website design services and was interested.

We explained the pricing and what it included to her and she was ready to get started.

Jennifer owns Cameron Business Solutions and she specializes in payroll and bookkeeping services.

We started out with making a simple website for her and we explained that additional features could be added to the site as her business grows.  She liked the idea that she can start with a small, low cost site and work up to something larger if necessary in the future.

We appreciate Jennifer choosing BsnTech Networks for her website design and website hosting needs!

Cameron Business Solutions website is at

Website Design for Blue Water Mugs

Gilbert worked with us more than a year ago to create an eCommerce website for a venture.  A month or more ago, he reached out and asked for help to create a new eCommerce website – Blue Water Mugs.

Gilbert’s new business focuses on customizable mugs and tumblers.  We worked to create the site layout and color scheme.  After this was done, the eCommerce portion was configured and the categories added. Gilbert then spent time adding his 200+ items to the site.

The site is ready for business!  In the future, Gilbert plans to add additional customizable products too.

The Blue Water Mugs website is at

Website Design for HD Funding

Eduardo has been working with us for a few months on his service needs.  Prior, we wrote about the logo design we created for him.  After the logo was done, we started discussions on creating a website for his business, HD Funding.

Eduardo needed a website to be able to list and sell items in a penny auction format.  The process took a few weeks of understanding what he was needing and how the auction website should be configured, but we got through it!

After the site was ready, Eduardo began adding some auctions to the website and he successfully created several on his own.

The website is now open and ready for business!

The HD Funding website is at