Website Design for A Timely Delivery Service, LLC

Jay, the owner of A Timely Delivery Service, LLC – contacted us two weeks ago.  He originally had a website but found that the website went offline.

Unfortunately his prior website designer created the site and also put the website under his hosting account.  The web designer passed away and the hosting plan was suspended.

We attempted to use the “Wayback Machine” website to see if a snapshot of the site was available, but it wasn’t.  We then turned to Google and was able to pull up a few cached pages to at least retrieve the text information – but the formatting/style of the site and the pictures weren’t available.

After some investigation, we had a conversation with Jay and helped make some changes to the domain names and we proceeded to help get a new site created.

Within a few days, the site was completed but he wanted to wait over the weekend to see if there was anything else that may need changed.

Today, we communicated again and he has approved of the site.

The website for A Timely Delivery Service, LLC is at

Website Design for Cunningham StreetSmart Consulting

Last week we posted about another website we created for Darryl – and this week we have completed his third website – Cunningham StreetSmart Consulting.

This website is a a little more basic compared to his other two websites he had us create – it contains four pages, mobile device compatibility, and a contact form.

Darryl has decades of experience being an entrepreneur and growing businesses – and he is offering his consulting services to small and medium sized businesses to help them grow and succeed.  That is what StreetSmart Consulting is all about!

The website is at

Website Design for Herendeen Roofing & Restoration PLLC

Billy, the owner of Herendeen Roofing & Restoration PLLC contacted us several months ago needing help with a website.  He was previously using one of the yellow page companies for their website, but he terminated the agreement with them due to cost and return on investment.

During the summer season, Billy’s business took off and we tabled the website project for a few months.  A couple of weeks ago, he was ready to start and supplied us with some text information and several pictures to add to the gallery.

The website has five pages, a homepage slideshow, social networking integration, animated page transitions, a basic contact form, a picture gallery system, and hover over menu navigation features.

The website can be seen at

Website Design for Vacation Acquisitions

Kevin placed an order on our website on Tuesday for a simple website design.  He needed a site for a new business he started called Vacation Acquisitions.

The main goal of his organization is to help timeshare owners free themselves from the unending ownership of a timeshare and the fees that go along with them.

Kevin already had his domain name purchased but didn’t have web hosting.  We spoke to him about needing this as well, and so he chose to have us also host the website.  He provided us the text material for the site and we sourced a few graphics to help spruce the website up.  A contact form was added for inquiries from interested parties.

Just a day after we started on the site, it has been approved and is now live!

The website for Vacation Acquisitions is at

Website Design for Cunningham Basements

Darryl contacted us last week and inquired about getting a few new websites created for additional businesses he has.

Several years ago, he had us create a website for his power washing business (Cunningham Power Washing).

The additional websites – he requested to have the same setup as the power washing website.

Over this past weekend, we began working on the Cunningham Basements website.  In this business, he specializes in basement waterproofing and renovation services for all of the New England states.

The website has five pages, a homepage slideshow, a contact form, and it is mobile friendly.  Today, he has approved the website and we’ll start on the next site soon!

The address for Cunningham Basements is at

Website Hosting for Motley Fishing

Terry worked with us several years back to have us create a website for him.  A couple of weeks ago, he reached out to us with issues he was having getting plugins updated on the site.  When he would try to update a few plugins, the website would not work afterwards.

We assisted Terry with getting the plugins updated.  While getting this done, Terry also mentioned that some of his orders on the website were not getting marked as ‘paid’ after someone made a payment.

The main cause this happens is due to slower web hosting providers – or those that will overload their servers and that results in customer websites to load much slower.  The payment provider most likely timed out when trying to make the connection to his website.

So this weekend, Terry was ready to switch to our web hosting service.  We worked over the Labor Day weekend to get his website backed up – and setup on our servers.  We already can tell an increase in performance and the orders he has had so far have all been marked ‘paid’ with no issues.

We appreciate the fact that Terry remembered about BsnTech Networks and returned to us for additional assistance and web hosting!

The Motley Fishing website is at

Website Assistance & Hosting for Embody Divine Wellness

Elizabeth contacted us several months ago.  She had a website that was created but there were several “touch up” items that needed to be completed on her website and she wasn’t sure how to complete them.

We spoke with Elizabeth over the phone a few times to understand all of the changes that she was needing.  Many of them were concerning linking correctly to her training/online course provider so her customers could be directed properly.

There were also other changes to the color scheme of the site, some picture changes, and other general formatting issues that she was contending with.

After were were completed with the changes, a problem happened with her hosting provider and the SSL certificate on her site – making the website unreachable.  She contacted her hosting company and they got it resolved.  However, it happened again within a month or two.  After this happened again, she opted to have us host her website as well.

There is quite a difference with how much quicker her website loads on our servers versus the hosting provider she had in the past.

We appreciate the business from Elizabeth and the opportunity we had to serve her!

The website for Embody Divine Wellness is at