Website Design for Weird Science Genetics

Bruce, the owner of Weird Science Genetics, contacted on December 20th asking about our website design services.  Bruce provides plant cloning services and genetic cleanup for certain types of plans in the state of Michigan.

His needs were pretty simple after we understood what he was needing.  Due to the inventory that he has and it varying rapidly, he requested to have a website which would be a product catalog.  The catalog shows a picture of each of the plants, their name, description, and pricing.  But since it is just a catalog website, the site doesn’t allow for online purchasing.

Bruce sent in payment right away and followed up with the information needed to create the site.

Today, Bruce called and approved the website, so it is now completed and launched!

The website is at

Website Design for Mere Gold

John, the owner of Mere Gold, reached out to us in Mid-October. He was in need of an eCommerce website to sell a line of all natural products.

John needed to get some pictures and material together after making the initial payment – and we began working on the website at the beginning of December.  The website has eCommerce features that integrate with two payment providers, a basic contact form, social networking integration, mobile device compatibility, and a website slideshow.

The website was approved and launched yesterday!  The website for Mere Gold is at

Logo Design For White Dove Medical Equipment & Supplies

John emailed us asking about our logo design services at the end of November.  He needed to get a professional logo created for White Dove Medical Equipment & Supplies.

Our designer supplied the initial designs within two days.  After receiving them, John worked with his business associate to narrow down what they wanted the logo to look like and supplied some recommendations to us a week later.  We then supplied another round of logo examples based on their feedback and one of the designs was approved, the one shown here.

We appreciate John trusting us to help him with his logo design needs!

Website Design for Black Ops Property Services

Todd, the owner of Black Ops Property Services, contacted us last week.  He saw our website design service offerings and wanted some help to get a website made.  At the time he contacted us, he just had a wrap done on his trailer.

Todd went to our site and placed the order himself.  After doing so, he sent us the information he wanted on the website very quickly.

While working on the site, there were a few extra features that he requested.  The site has five pages, a basic contact form, a homepage slideshow, mobile device compatibility, social networking integration, and payment integration using Stripe and PayPal to give his clients the ability to choose how they want to make a payment.

Today, the website was completed and it has been published!

The website for Black Ops Property Services is at

Website Design for Simple Minds Life Coaching Services

Nicole, the owner of Simple Minds Life Coaching Services, contacted us back in March of 2021 asking about our website design services.  We communicated with Nicole about our pricing and the capabilities that we could help her with.

After some time passed, she reached back out to us in August and indicated she was about ready to get started.  We discussed her needs again and she said a simple three-page website with a basic contact form and PayPal integration was what she wanted to start with for now.

In mid-September, the initial payment was sent in and we supplied Nicole with our simple “checklist” of items needed to start on the site.  She got this completed and we added all of the information to the site within a few days.

She is pending a new phone number, but otherwise the website is done and it is now public!

The site for Simple Minds Life Coaching Services is at