Website Design for Build Fix Finish

Steve contacted us in early April about our services.  We previously posted about a logo we created for his business, Build Fix Finish.

The main service that Steve needed, however, was a website.  He provides handyman services along with custom woodwork services to his customers.

The website for Build Fix Finish has several features including eCommerce capabilities, a basic contact form, a picture gallery, mobile device compatibility, hover over menu navigation, and a homepage slideshow.

We worked with Kelly to get the website setup and then he added in the eCommerce products to the store.  Upon completion, he asked us to also create two new logos and replicate the website to two different domain names.

This was all completed this week and he has three different websites and logos that are completed!

His main website is at

Website Design for Natchez Garlic Sausages

Bonnie, the owner of Natchez Garlic Sausages, emailed us at the beginning of March needing help putting together a website.

Her intention was to create a simple eCommerce website so individuals could purchase the famous garlic sausages that are made in Natchez, MS.

After Bonnie got her business items taken care of, she reached back out to us in mid-March and was ready to get started.

The website is an eCommerce site with two different varieties of sausages – in two different sizes.  The site also has a place where customers can write reviews and another page to show and send in recipes.

Late last week, Bonnie was ready to launch the website after her packing materials arrived.  The products are now available for purchase on the site!

The website for Natchez Garlic Sausages is at

Logo Design for Build Fix Finish

Kelly contacted us about eight days ago asking for some assistance with creating some websites.  We had a phone conversation with Kelly to better understand what he needed.

During the conversation, he also indicated that a logo design was needed for his business as well.  Once Kelly supplied us with the logo questionnaire, we began working on the logo.  The first four mock-up designs were sent to him within 24 hours and then we modified the one he liked the best and had it fully approved 48 hours later!

We are continuing to work on his website and will write about that once completed.

E-Mail Setup in Microsoft Outlook (2019 & Newer)

If you would like to use Microsoft Outlook to connect to your e-mail account, follow the instructions below.

Step 1 – Open Microsoft Outlook.  If you do not have an email account already setup in Outlook, skip to step #2.

  • Go to the File menu at the top left
  • Click the “Add account” button underneath your existing email:


Step 2 – A screen like the box below will show up:

  • Enter your email address in the first box
  • Ensure you click “Advanced options” and then check the box for “Let me set up my account manually”
  • Click Connect

Step 3 – The next screen will prompt you for the account type.  You may choose POP or IMAP.  IMPORTANT: If you choose IMAP, all of your email will be stored on the server until you delete it.  If you have a basic email account and not an upgraded account, the mailbox will fill up quickly and prevent new messages from coming in until you are under your mailbox limit.

Step 4 – The next screen simply asks for your email password.  Enter your password and continue.

Step 5 – You may get a box similar to the following about a certificate error.  Click on NO.

Step 6 – Ensure you update the information as shown below.  The picture below shows an IMAP setting.  If POP, the Incoming Mail port should be 995 instead!

  • IMAP Settings
    • Incoming Mail Server –
    • Incoming Mail Server Port – 993
    • Encryption method – SSL/TLS
    • Outoing Mail Server –
    • Outgoing Mail Server Port – 587
    • Encryption method – STARTTLS
  • POP Settings
    • Incoming Mail Server –
    • Incoming Mail Server Port – 995
    • Encryption method – SSL/TLS
    • Outoing Mail Server –
    • Outgoing Mail Server Port – 587
    • Encryption method – STARTTLS

Step 7 – The account should now be verified and setup.



Website Design for Inspired Designs

Edwin, the owner of Inspired Designs, first contacted us in May of 2021.  He inquired about our website design services since he wanted to get an eCommerce store setup to sell his specialty shoes and footwear.  Back at that point, we believed that Edwin was needing a website that we were not capable of providing to him, so we turned the work down.

Edwin then reached out to us again in March indicating he still was wanting to get his website started.  Following up on his message, some example eCommerce websites were provided to him that we created.  Edwin noted that the website quality was satisfactory and he wanted to proceed with the site.

We began working on his website the last week of March.  Edwin sent over the text information that he wanted on the website and we worked to get the eCommerce configuration completed and added the products.

Today, the website is now live and ready for business!

Inspired Designs can be found at