Website Design for Wisdom Cleaning Services

Calvert, one of the owners of Wisdom Cleaning Services, contacted us back in November 2021 asking about our website design services.

We supplied him our general info on our pricing and offerings.  Several months passed by and then on May 17th, he emailed and said he was ready to proceed.

Calvert placed the order for a basic website the same day and sent us the info he wanted on the site the next day (the 18th).  We worked to get the website created within 24 hours and sourced a graphic to use on the site for the header.  Calvert sent several other pictures to use, which we helped to change out, until landing on the final picture he approved.

Within 48 hours, the website was fully completed and approved!

The website for Wisdom Cleaning Services is at

Website Design for SOL5 Logistics

Ken at SOL5 Logistics first reached out to us to get a logo created for his business.  After we successfully created a logo for him, he wanted us to proceed with creating his website as well.

We sent Ken a link to another logistics website as a reference, and he requested to have his website look similar except with his logo, color scheme, and his own text/pictures.

The site was started on the same day he placed the website order and the additional pages done within 24 hours.  Ken sent us a few rounds of pictures and text updates and today, he has approved the site!

The website for SOL5 Logistics is at

Website & Logo Design for Advance Welding Services

Doug called us at the beginning of May to discuss his need to have a website created for his business Advance Welding Services.  He already had email services and his domain name taken care of and also had a logo that was made by another designer.

We discussed the costs for getting a website created and followed up with an itemized estimate.  Doug sent over the information he wanted to have on his website and we modified the estimate.

During more conversations, he asked to have us create a new logo for him as well.  After everything was decided, he placed his order on the 11th of May and we started on his website within 48 hours.  The logo was also returned back within this same timeframe.

New content and some pictures were provided to update the site.  Once those were completed, Doug approved the site and we also completed the logo as well.

Advance Welding Services website is at

Website Design for East Coast Inventory Service

Lois, the owner of East Coast Inventory Service, contacted us on May 11th asking about our website services.  We provided some introductory information to Lois about what we provide and our pricing.

We then created a personalized estimate for Lois based on her needs.  The next day, she was ready to get started and paid the initial amount.

The website was started within 48 hours of us receiving the website information from Lois.  Today, we exchanged several emails to perfect the website and it has now been approved!

The site for East Coast Inventory Service is at

Website Design for Mike Leitner Consulting

Mike, the owner of Mike Leitner Consulting, emailed us on April 22nd asking about our website design services.

He already had a website that he made with a free provider, but he wasn’t happy with the look of the site.  We spoke to him over the phone and he supplied us an example website for review.

We answered Mike’s questions over the next couple of weeks and provided an itemized estimate.

On May 11th, Mike was ready to get started and sent in the initial pre-payment.  Within 24 hours, we began working on the site and the site was completed by the 13th.  Some modifications were done on Monday and we provided some phone training as well.

The website is now live and completed!

Mike’s website is at

Logo Design for SOL5 Logistics

Ken, the owner of SOL5 Logistics, contacted us on May 5th asking about our logo design services.  We sent Ken the info about our logo offering and process.  The next day, he completed the logo questionnaire and made the initial payment to get started.

Our logo designer prepared three different examples for Ken within 24 hours based on the feedback he supplied us.   A couple of small modifications were requested, returned today, and the logo was approved!

We appreciate the opportunity to serve SOL5 Logistics for their logo design needs.

Website Design for Bookkeeper-4-U

Peter, the owner of Bookkeeper-4-U, placed an order on our site last week for a website design for his business.

Peter has given us business in the past for other ventures – such as a logo design we made for him in November of 2020 and also a website during the same timeframe.

For this business, Peter needed a bookkeeping website.  The website is a five page website with a basic contact form and mobile device compatibility.  We also created a logo for him as written in our last post.

Yesterday, Peter approved of the website and it is now live!

His site is at

Logo Design for Bookkeeper-4-U

Peter contacted us last week and completed our online ordering process for a website.  His business is Bookkeeper-4-U based in San Francisco, CA.

During our email communications, he mentioned that a logo was also needed.  After he sent in some specific examples that he liked, it assisted us with knowing what he wanted for his logo.

Our designer completed three designs for him within 24 hours.  Peter liked one of the designs but asked for the text color to be changed.  This was also completed within 24 hours and the logo has been approved!

We are still working through the creation of Peter’s website and will post that soon!