Website Design for Accurate Ag Spraying

Kenny reached out to us several months ago to get a domain name registered for him.  Kenny has been a customer of ours for many years with other websites that we have created and host for him as well.

A few weeks ago, he was ready to move forward on getting a website created for Accurate Ag Spraying.  He supplied us the information that was needed on the website and we begin to get the site created.  The website has five pages, hover-over menu navigation, fixed menu navigation (stays at the top as you scroll down the site), a basic contact form, mobile device compatibility, an “accordion” feature for the FAQs, and a picture gallery system.

This past weekend, we finished the verbiage updates that Kenny sent, and the website is now completed!

The Accurate Ag Spraying website is at

Website Design for Agri-Max Supply, LLC

Joe, the owner of Agri-Max Supply, LLC reached out to us several months ago asking us to help with another website.  He previously had us create a website last year for another business he operates.  With us exceeding his expectations, he requested us to help with his new website.

After receiving the information from Joe, we had the website completed within a few days – and then the pictures were added the same days they were sent.

The website is a four page website with mobile device compatibility, a picture gallery system, a basic contact form, and hover over menu navigation features.

Today, the website was approved and published!  The site for Agri-Max Supply, LLC is at

Website Hosting for Ricky Pack Ministries

Steve from Ricky Pack Ministries contacted us several months ago needing some assistance.  Their website situation was spread between a few different providers and they wanted to streamline this.

Initially, they had their domain name and web hosting account at one provider – which contained an old version of their website.  Then, they had been working with another provider to have an updated website created – but it was on their temporary hosting platform and it wasn’t live.

Steve wanted our assistance to get this straightened out – and to also get some changes made to the website that hadn’t been done for months from the other designer.

The first step was to get a full backup made of their new site, which we done once the login information was received.  A few weeks after that, they placed an order for website hosting and domain name management with us.

The website was then restored to our servers and we worked with Steve to make a few updates on the website to fix some issues.

For now, the work is completed and we’ll be ready for any other assistance requests they have!

The website for Ricky Pack Ministries is at

Website Design for Black Lab Charters

Craig, the owner of Black Lab Charters, contacted us in mid-February to ask about our website services.  He has a boat and wanted to begin offering fishing charter services at Oneida Lake in New York.

Yesterday, he called us back and was ready to get started on the site.  He had to wait a few months to get his Coast Guard certification before beginning.

Craig had all of his information ready and quickly sent all of it over within an hour of paying the initial invoice.  We worked the same day to get the website put together and it was 95% completed.

This morning, we had a phone call with Craig to go over the changes he needed done on the site.  30 minutes later, the website was approved and launched!

We also assisted Craig with getting a Google Business listing as well.

The website for Black Lab Charters is at