Website Design for MyGuaranteedHandyman

Darryl, a current customer of BsnTech, asked us last week about getting an estimate on two more websites.  One was this website – MyGuaranteedHandyman.

This is a handyman service in the Boston area and they offer two different packages which qualify for discounts.  Some customers need handyman services frequently to assist with their home repair needs – so the packages provide savings for those that need recurring service.

The website has seven pages, two contact forms, hover over/drop down menu navigation, mobile device compatibility, an “accordion” feature for the FAQs, and a login feature.

Today, we completed the site and it is now launched!

The site for MyGuaranteedHandyman is at

Website Design for Mold Surface Technologies

Scot, the owner of Mold Surface Technologies, contacted us at the beginning of December 2022.  He had a simple site setup through a provider’s website builder and he wanted to expand upon it.

We supplied an estimate for the site requested and Scot was ready to get moving on it.  The website has a total of five pages, it is mobile friendly, contains a slideshow on the homepage, a picture gallery system, hover over/drop down menu navigation, a contact form, and some website animations.

The website was completed within a week – but there were some difficulties getting in to make the site live due to domain name settings.  We worked with Scot and was able to get the changes made today – and the site is now live!

The site for Mold Surface Technologies is at

Website Design for Smart Dog Training, Inc.

Andrew, a current customer of BsnTech, has two other websites that we manage and maintain for him.  He reached out to us and asked us to help with a new website – Smart Dog Training, Inc.

He supplied us a picture of the layout he desired, and we got to work!  The graphics were added along with some demo content.  The website is still a work in progress as they work to market the event and obtain vendors and logistics – so the website is not publicly available yet.

The website is mobile friendly, has a few slideshows to showcase the location of the event and the vendor logos, a basic contact form, and a countdown timer until the event occurs.

The website for Smart Dog Training, Inc is at

Website Design for Exterior Arts, LLC

Tom, the owner of Exterior Arts, LLC, contacted us a few weeks ago looking for help with his website.  He was wanting to have a facelift for his site amongst some changes that needed to be done.

The original site was a “static HTML” site so it was difficult to make changes and updates.  We proposed creating a site with a newer open-source platform called WordPress.

After providing an estimate, we got started on the site.  The site has nine pages, it is mobile friendly, social networking with an Instagram feed, hover over menu navigation, a picture gallery, and a basic contact form.

Today, the website was approved and it is now live!

We appreciate the trust Tom placed in us for his website needs.  The Exterior Arts, LLC website is at

Website Design for KC3 Cattle Co

Charles, the owner of KC3 Cattle Co, contacted us back in December asking about our rates for a website.  He is in the Peoria, IL area and has a farm with cattle – and was looking to get a website created to market his freezer beef availability to the Central Illinois area.

We discussed the options with Charles and gave him some direction on things to include on the website along with providing an estimate.

In the start of the new year, he was ready to get the site started.  He sent over the information for the site and we got started within 24 hours.  Other info was sourced from the Internet to complete the site.  Charles is very happy with the outcome of the site and it has now been made public!

The site for KC3 Cattle Co is at

Website Design for Vince Markowsky, LCSW-R

Vince contacted us just before Christmas asking for a quote on a website.  He already registered his domain name and was ready to have a site created.

During communications, he provided a link to another website he liked and asked us to supply an estimate for it.  We then narrowed down the number of pages and features he asked for.

Shortly after, he was ready to get started.

Vince supplied us with the info yesterday to begin on the site.  Within less than 24 hours, the site was completed and approved!

His site has a total of seven pages, has a basic contact form, and is mobile friendly.

The site for Vince Markowsky is at

Website Design for First Place Homes, LLC

Ms. Thomas reached out to us several months ago asking for help with website design.  They needed to have two websites made – one for a transportation business (BroadStar Installs LLC) and another site – First Place Homes, LLC.

Both websites were setup to be very simple.  The First Place Homes site has three pages and a picture gallery to showcase work they have done in the Richmond area with rehabilitating homes.

The website was completed today although the site will be updated each time a house is upgraded!

First Place Homes, LLC’s website is at

Website Design for Axis Garage Doors

Connie, a current customer of BsnTech Networks, reached out to us about a month ago.  His son was looking to start a new business, Axis Garage Doors.  They will specialize in garage door installation and repairs.

After working with them, we put together an itemized estimate.

Connie made the initial payment and we began working on the website right away.  Within 48 hours, the website was mostly completed.  We also assisted with creating two different versions of a logo they had drawn.

The website has seven pages, two contact forms, and is mobile compatible.

We appreciate the business from Connie!

The website for Axis Garage Doors is at