Website Design for Blaize Firearms

Tom, a current customer of BsnTech, had us create a website for him in the past – Southwest Sun Solutions.  He reached out to us a few weeks ago asking to get another website created to sell a specific firearm to a group of people.

Once Tom was ready and had the information together, we had the website completed and active within 48 hours!

His website is at

Website Design for Deep River Campground

Scott, the owner of Deep River Campground near Asheboro, NC, contacted us yesterday about some difficulties with his website.  He logged into make changes to his website recently and found that he was no longer able to update the site.  His service provider indicated they “no longer supported” his site and his website could stay as it was, but no changes could be done.

That didn’t work for Scott.  He needed to get pricing updated on his site for the new season.

We worked with Scott to handle the situation.  Within less than 24 hours of him contact us, we had his new website completed and done.  The old site had ten pages and we made it simpler – down to six pages.  Picture galleries were setup to categorize the pictures and make the website more user-friendly.

The domain transfer is underway right now, but his new site is up and running!

The site for Deep River Campground is at

Website Design for MTM Contracting Inc

Michael, the owner of MTM Contracting, contacted us a couple of weeks ago needing help with his website.  He had a website prior but his domain name registration lapsed and he lost the website.

We were able to see what his website looked like using the “Wayback Machine” which takes snapshots of some websites over the years.  Based on that, we were able to create a site for him with the same material.

The website has four pages and it is mobile friendly and was completed within a few hours of the payment being received.  The site was approved this morning and is published!

MTM Contracting Inc’s website is at

Website Design for James Barone Racing

James contacted us a few weeks ago inquiring about website design services for his business, James Barone Racing.  He already had a website, but it was very old and was difficult to maintain and keep updated.  The original site was made with Zen Cart and some of the functionality he needed was no longer available.

We worked closely with James and one of his business associates to get the new website going.  The new site looks very similar to the old one – but it is now updated and in a platform that is widely used and accepted – WordPress.  While working on the site, a few additional features were requested such as automated email notifications, integration with a shipping provider, and other features which they were accustomed to using on the original site.

Last Thursday, the new website was launched!

We appreciate the business from James and look forward to serving him for years to come with the website hosting service.

The website is at

Website Design for A1 Express Rental Cars

Kandi reached out to us last week.  She is a current customer of BsnTech and we created a website for her a few years ago for another business.  This time, she wanted to get a website created with us for her rental car business – A1 Express Rental Cars.

After providing some ideas for the site, we started the same day.  The site is fairly simple with a slideshow on the homepage and an eCommerce system to allow customers to choose the vehicle, the number of days, and the checkout.  A security deposit is also added based on the vehicle selected during the checkout process.

The site is live and ready for reservations!

The site for A1 Express Rental Cars is at

Website Design for Notary in San Luis Obispo

Brett, a current customer of BsnTech, reached out to us about a month ago needing help with creating a new website.  This website would be for his full service notary business – Notary in San Luis Obispo.

With this website, the main need was to have a booking system to allow customers to book 30 minute timeslots directly on his website.  The platform allowed Brett to setup his schedule and even easily add blackout times during the day when needed.  Then, customers can choose a date and available appointments are shown.

The site also is mobile friendly and has a basic contact form.

Brett’s site for Notary in San Luis Obispo is at