About Our Website Hosting

BsnTech Networks provides mirrored hosting on servers in Illinois.  Illinois has one of the better-connected Internet systems across the country because we are close to the University of Illinois. The servers have replication between them that takes place every few minutes to ensure they are both synchronized with any recent changes.  Our servers are spread across three different Internet providers to ensure higher reliability.

Our servers run the Linux Operating System – which have proven to us that Linux is more reliable and fault-tolerant.  Linux allows us to provide high-value, low cost solutions for web hosting.  Additional servers may be added for future expansion as needed.

  • Hosting Provided

Regular website hosting is our specialty.  We have the services available to support our customer’s requirements.  Because we are a small company and will only accept a limited number of customers, we only provide hosting on servers that are shared.  We do not offer dedicated servers for one customer.  This type of hosting is for very large customers and cost hundreds of dollars per month through other providers.  However, customer websites and databases we host are replicated across two servers.  This allows for a high level of redundancy and up-time ensuring that your website is available.  This also aids in load balancing customer visits as it divides the number of visitors between the two servers for periods of media advertising – such as TV or radio.

  • How We Are Different

Through over ten years of experience, we have generally hosted the websites which we create and design for customers.  We are the one-stop shop for website support, design, maintenance, troubleshooting, and hosting.  Because we do not host or maintain hundreds of sites like larger companies, we have a close relationship with our clients.  Anytime one of our customers has a problem, they call us directly or e-mail us to resolve any problems immediately.  Our great relationship, fast response, and customer service provided to customers is what keeps them with BsnTech Networks.

  • Hosting Not Provided

We will not provide hosting to individuals looking to offload a large number of sizable files for others to access and download.  These files typically include music (MP3) files, video files, or software installations.  We have adopted this policy to prevent any potential copyright infringement claims.  Therefore, we only will host personal websites, small business websites, and small organizational websites; not websites with a repository of large and potentially copyright-protected data.

  • Hosting Benefits

When you host your website with us, you receive a number of services and benefits with your site.

  • Your website is loaded on one of our server mirrors – meaning your site is on two servers – on two separate networks.  This is like getting two hosting accounts for the price of one.
  • Access to create one MySQL database – that may be required to store customer orders or other page content
  • Ability to access our custom-built “Domain Manager” and create extra user accounts for your domain – and assign each of them e-mail mailboxes and other rights such as the ability to administer your website, administer your database, or administer your entire hosting account.
  • Automatic spam and virus scanning for all incoming e-mails.  Spam settings can be changed through our Domain Manager.
  • FAST website loading times.  Google indicates our servers are 78% faster than other providers.  Visitors do not like to wait for web pages to load – and you may lose those visitors on slower web hosting providers
  • Automatic daily backups for your website that rotate on a weekly basis.  In the event your website stops functioning, our Domain Manager allows you to easily perform a restore of your website and/or database quickly.
  • Quick downloading of your entire website through our Domain Manager.  If you want to make a backup copy of your entire website to store on your computer, our Domain Manager allows a one-click backup of your site in a zip file.
  • File Transfer Protocol to upload/delete/change your website files.
  • Web-based File Manager through our Domain Manager if you are unable to use File Transfer Protocol or prefer to use a web-browser alternative.
  • REAL tech support with industry certifications without call centers available quickly to resolve both website and hosting issues.

Our monthly hosting fees:

  • $10 per month for one domain name
  • $9 per month – per domain – for two domain names
  • $8 per month – per domain – for three or more domain names

Our Billing Options:

  • You may elect to pay your hosting bill every three months, six months, or yearly
  • If you pay for a full year of hosting, you get ONE FREE DOMAIN NAME!

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