Affordable Website Design For Rocking C Farms

Rocking C FarmDeborah from Rocking C Farms contacted us regarding some website needs.  She was referred to us by another customer.  Both customers originally had their website hosted and created with another company, but because of reliability issues and the inability to update their own websites, both of them turned to us for their needs.  With their other hosting provider, their website would just stop working – so their site was down.  They then had to call into the provider and ask why the site was down.  While they were able to get the site back up quickly, the customers had to constantly watch their site to see when it would be down.

Therefore, we duplicated the site for Deborah and put it in our Content Management System (CMS) so that she can go in and update her own website.

We’re happy to have helped Deborah with making a website that she is in control of – and happy to help provide much more reliable website hosting services.