Carrots & Peas

So far I have picked two pickings of peas.  The first set was picked on June 8th and the second set just today.  The first harvest – from about 100 plants – was around 5 ounces.  Today's picking was almost 7 ounces.  So, not quite a pound yet, but I should get over a pound with the next harvest in two days.

It is quite a lot of work looking for the peas because they blend right in – and they sure do take up a lot of space for the amount of peas you get.  I understand why people typically don't grow peas in the garden – because there is quite a lot of work involved with peas for the amount you get.

Second Pea Harvest

A few days ago the neighbor was curious to see what the carrots looked like.  My wife also asked me to pull one as well to see how they were coming along.  I knew they weren't ready yet since they were not peeking through the soil.  But, I went ahead and picked one and they seem to be about half-way done.  Since they only get maybe 4 – 5 hours of sunlight a day, they are going to take longer than what is typical – about 60 days for the Burpee A#1 carrots.


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