Carrots & Peppers!

My wife picked some green beans on Monday and also came across two peppers that needed picking.  Well, one of them was ready but the other one still had some growing to do:

California Wonder Peppers

I glanced out into the garden and there are a lot of peppers that are on the eight plants.  There are at least two dozen with varying degrees of coming along – be it a small pea size right now or a large 1-inch or more size.

Now onto the real bounty of this blog – carrots!

Tuesday after work I decided that it was time to check on the carrots.  I noticed a half dozen or so carrots sticking their orange crowns out from the soil.  I picked those and thought I might as well check one that wasn't above the surface – just to see how they were.  Well, after seeing that one as well, I decided it was time for them all to come out!  Here is a picture of just 1/4 of the carrots pulled out and the accompanying location they were pulled from:




After they were all pulled and my wife cut the tops and bottoms off of the carrots, we had just under 18 pounds of carrots!  Not too bad from only about 1/3 of a pack of carrots that were $1.  If you were to buy these in the store, it would be over $20 worth of carrots.

They took a few hours to fully clean and get all the dirt off.  We put the small ones in the fridge to use with veggie dip and then filled four gallon-sized ziplocks with the rest.

Washed Carrots

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