Website Design for The Browns Are Selling

Jennee, the owner of The Browns Are Selling, reached out to us last week in need of some help.  She had her current website with Network Solutions and because she was using an outdated website building platform.  One of her biggest features she needed was the ability to quickly upload a batch of photos to her website for estate sales.  However, she was no longer able to do that with her existing website builder.

We spoke with Jennee over the phone and explained how we could help and how the websites we create don’t require any proprietary software or anything installed on her computer.  She wanted to move forward with this right away.

We also helped with some additional features – such as sending emails out via her website instead of through her email account.  All of her contact list was imported into the website and she has successfully sent out one email to her followers since then.

The website was completed earlier in the week and everything is working as expected.  The domain name transfer just completed today – and so the project is fully wrapped up!

The website for The Browns Are Selling is at

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