Logo Design for Kingdom of God Solutions, LLC

Duane contacted us last week.  He asked for help creating a website.  He is an author and self-published a book but wanted to create a website to market better.

During our conversations, he also asked about getting a professional logo created so it could be used on the website, his book, and other places.

He completed our logo questionnaire and we sent the work to our logo designer.  Within two days, our logo designer supplied a few different mock up designs for Duane.  Right away, Duane was satisfied with one of the designs and we have finished the project.

Stay tuned for the website we will create next!

Website Design for Simon Rodriguez, Insurance Specialist

Simon contacted us in April asking about our website design service.  He is a final expense insurance agent covering the Ventura county area in California.

He had a simple page created by his insurance company but he wasn’t pleased with it and wanted to have his own site.  The main reason he wanted to have his own site was because he wants to advertise his service to gain more clients – and the agency indicated he wasn’t allowed to do advertising for the free page they gave him.

When creating the new website, we started by using the same material on his existing site.  We then changed some of the information and added some pictures he provided.  The website is a four page site with mobile compatibility, a basic contact form, and Google Translation services built in so the site can easily translate between English and Spanish.

Today, he has approved the site and it has now been published!

Simon’s website is at helpyouandyourlovedones.com.

Logo Design for MTS Handyman Services

Michele contacted us by email about seven days ago asking for assisted with creating a logo for their business, MTS Handyman Services.

Within two days, Michele submitted the logo questionnaire with the details needed to start on the logo design. 

We reached out to Michele to follow up on the questionnaire to see if there was any additional details she could provide.

Yesterday – two days after our communication, three logo examples were supplied by our designer.  Michele was happy with the first logo example sent and no changes were necessary.

Thank you to Michele and MTS Handyman Services for allowing us to help with their logo design needs!

Website Design for Mar-Bell Auto Body

Butch, the owner of Mar-Bell Auto Body, contacted us last year.  He was needing some guidance on his website services and was looking to make a change.  He had website services taken care of by one of the yellow page companies and he wasn’t happy with the cost he was paying – and the fact that he didn’t have the ability to easily change his website.

We sat down with Butch a few months ago and discussed his needs and the direction he wanted for his website.

We began working on the website for Butch and progressed over a couple of months.

Today, we had our final conversation after making a few adjustments to the site over the past few weeks.  The domain names were updated to point to the new website – and it was officially published today!

We appreciate the business from Butch and look forwarding to helping him with digital advertising needs in the future!

The website for Mar-Bell Auto Body is at marbellautobody.com.

Website Design for Military Grade, LLC

Adam, the owner of Military Grade, LLC contacted us by phone.  He was referred to us from another customer that we assisted with website work back in 2018 and said we came highly recommended.

Adam owns a business specializing in home building, design, staging, and assistance with leads for home investors.

We discussed Adam’s website needs and he was confident that we could assist with his website.  Therefore, he was ready to get started the same day.

Adam supplied us a Word document with the content that he wanted on his website.  Within a few days, we had the site setup.  After review, Adam wanted to have a separate About Us page instead of the info being on the homepage.

We re-arranged the homepage to have pictures of each of the four services he offered – and they linked to their appropriate pages.

The website has six pages, a basic contact form, mobile device compatibility, and social networking integration.

The Military Grade, LLC website is at militarygradellc.com.

Logo Design for Sun Peek Promotions

David contacted us a couple weeks ago needing help with a logo design.  He already had the exact idea that he wanted, but needed assistance turning it into a digital format.

Our logo designer completed a couple of examples for David within a few days.  After seeing them, David asked to have both versions since he could see the variations being used in different instances.  A couple of small changes were made to both logo designs and they were sent to David upon his approval.

We are glad to complete the logo design that David needed and are thankful for his business!

Website Hosting for Sassy Woman Coaching

Kim, the owner of Sassy Woman Coaching, reached out to us needing some help with her website.  Her main goal was to move away from the hosting provider that she was currently using because they were ‘closing their doors’.

In addition, Kim also said that she was re-branding her services.  Prior, she was known as Prosper Coaching, but with the website hosting change, she also wanted the website to take on a new domain name, a new logo, and some color changes.

We worked with Kim a few times over the phone and through email communications.  We quickly obtained a backup of her website and set it up on our hosting servers.  We then configured the new domain name, added the logo, and today we completed by finishing the color scheme changes on the site.

We appreciate Kim’s business!

The website for Sassy Woman Coaching is at sassywomancoaching.com.

Website Design for Carol Williams Art

Carol emailed us in March looking for some guidance on creating a website.  She is an artist and was interested in getting some pricing to create a website where she could sell her art work.

She already had a domain name chosen and we were able to secure the domain name for her along with the website hosting and the necessary security certificate for eCommerce sites.

Her website has four pages and a basic contact form for inquiries. Carol worked on gathering some pictures and info that she wanted to have on the website and we added those items when they were received.

The eCommerce integration is done with PayPal and fixed shipping costs.

We appreciate the business from Carol!

Her website is at carolwilliamsart.com.

Logo Design for JYD Trailer Rental, LLC

Mitch, the owner of JYD Trailer Rental LLC, contacted us a few months ago asking about our website design services.  He wanted to get some information on potential costs for creating a simple website along with making a site that would allow the ability to reserve his dump trailer rentals online.

After he completed his incorporation documents, he contacted us back and said he was ready to get started.  During that time, he also asked us to help with a logo design.

Mitch sent us a few logo examples for what he liked.  Our logo designer worked on his ideas and had some examples ready to go within 48 hours.

Right away, Mitch and his wife approved one of the logos with no other modifications needed.

Stay tuned for the completion of their website!

Website Design for North Country Generators

Danny contacted us a couple of weeks ago.  He asked about getting a simple website created for his business.  Danny owns North Country Generators in Henderson, NY and provides certified Generac home generator installation services.

Danny sent us the information that he wanted on the site.  The site is simple with two pages, although it does have a basic contact form, hover over navigation, mobile device compatibility, and social networking integration.

We spoke with Danny today and we made a few final changes to the site – and it is now approved and ready to go!

North Country Generators website is at northcountrygenerators.com.