Website Hosting for Elite Realty Charleston

Mitch, a current customer of BsnTech, emailed us last week and asked us to setup a new website hosting account.  He has a few other websites with us – and wanted to make a copy of one of his existing sites to create the new website for Elite Realty Charleston.

A few modifications to the website were done to tailor the site to the Charleston SC market.

The site for Elite Realty Charleston is at

Logo Design for Kind Hearts Counseling

Maggie, a current customer of BsnTech, had us create a website and a logo for her outfitter and fishing guide service many years ago – Maefly Outfitters.

Last week, she emailed us asking if we still created logos.  She had a drawing of what she wanted for a logo for her new business, Kind Hearts Counseling.

We sent the logo over to our designer and within 24 hours, a few designs were provided.  Since Maggie already had the drawing she wanted, that part of the logo was the same throughout each example.  The change came with the type of font used and the placement of the business name in the logo.

Maggie chose the logo shown here, although she asked to have the colors modified.  The first design had red fingernails and red hearts.  Our designer changed them to a more natural color and the logo was completed!

Logo Design for Rock Creek, LLC

Rand, the owner of Rock Creek, LLC – placed an order on our website for a logo design at the end of July.

Rand was looking for a unique and creative logo and gave us free reign to make designs for him. He did supply a few pointers about colors he didn’t like and also the idea of using “RC” in the logo.

Within 24 hours, our designer created four fully different design ideas for him. Rand chose the concept chosen here, but it was originally in black and red. Rand asked us to provide a couple of different variations of colors and change a window-looking symbol for a mountain.

Once this was done, he was pleased with the logo and his order was completed!

Website Design for Plumb Rite Services

Dan, the owner of Plumb Rite Services in Commerce City, CO – contacted us back at the end of January inquiring about our website design services.

We sent him some information about the pricing and process along with a couple of website examples for other plumbers we created.  We continued communication for a couple months as we exchanged other website examples and info on how he wanted his site to look.

In mid-March, Dan was ready to get started.  He supplied some initial information – then his business got very busy and he needed to take care of his customers (they come first!).

Today, we finalized the rest of the website and it is launched!

The site for Plumb Rite Services is at

Website Design for Fly Fish Estes Park

Jim, the owner of Fly Fish Estes Park, is a fly fishing guide service in Estes Park, CO which is around Rocky Mountain National Park.

He contacted us in mid June asking for some help with his website.  The site he made on his own was very well done but it was made in the WIX platform.  He was looking to have something that was a little easier to edit/update and have a few additional features added to the site, like the ability to have a blog.

In mid-July, he was ready to start on the website overhaul.  We began on the website and worked to create the site very similar to his existing site.  Through through the process, we made some sections of the site look better and easier to read along with adding his changes in along the way.

Today, we had a final phone call to go over the last changes on the site.  The Fly Fish Estes Park website has ten pages, it is mobile friendly, has a website blog, a basic contact form, hover over menu navigation, and social networking integration.

We appreciate being given the opportunity to serve Jim and his website design needs!

The site is at

Website Design for Ever Beauty Studio

Charles, owner’s husband of Ever Beauty Studio, contacted us back at the end of February asking about our website services.

They already had a website but the way the site was designed, they had no access to update and make changes to it themselves.  After a few months, Charles reached back out to us and was ready to proceed with having us help create a site that they could update themselves.

We assisted Charles with keeping the website very similar to the old site, but we corrected some errors and added some additional services, pages, and pictures to the website.

The website has a total of 15 pages on it along with other features like a basic contact form, a picture gallery system, a homepage slideshow, hover over/drop down menu navigation, mobile device compatibility, and social networking integration.

Charles called us today and was ready to make the new site live.  We walked him through the process of the necessary domain name changes and the site is now live!

The Ever Beauty Studio website is at

Website Design for Sunshine Managed Associations Network

Allen, the owner of Sunshine Managed Associations Network, reached out to us a few weeks ago about his website.  Allen’s company manages the Heritage Pines Condominium Association in Bradenton, FL and this is how he heard about us – we created a website for that association several years ago.

Allen already had a website with another provider, but the yearly cost was very high and he wanted to move away from it.  Additionally, links to the owners portal and registration needed added to the site.

Within a couple of weeks, we had the site completed.  Today, we wrapped everything up and had a phone call to get the final changes made and the website is now live!

The website for Sunshine Managed Associations Network is at

Website Design for VIP Property Manager

Darryl has been a customer of BsnTech Networks for several years.  We recently created two other websites for him this year – and three websites in prior years.  He requested to have a new site made for another business – VIP Property Manager.  Darryl provides property management services in the Boston MA market and needed a website to have an online presence for this business.

Over the past few weeks, we created this site and worked out the modifications needed to complete the site.  The website has five pages, it is mobile friendly, the site has ‘sticky header navigation’, a homepage slideshow, and a basic contact form.

Today the site was approved and it is fully done!

VIP Property Manager can be found at

Website Design for Rapid Response Training Center

Albert, the owner of Rapid Response Training Center, reached out to us in June needing to get a website created.

The main purpose of the site was to show what training courses his center has – and to allow online payments for these courses.

The website was mostly completed in one day – then we added in descriptions of each of the courses once they were provided by Albert.  The integration with the payment provider (Stripe) took several weeks and we assisted Albert with getting this done today.

Today, the site is now live and active!

The Rapid Response Training Center website is at

Logo Design for Humble Restoration

Jesse, the owner of Humble Restoration, called us in mid-June needing help for his business.  He provides mold, fire, water, and flood restoration services in the Indianapolis area.  He had a website a while ago, but let the website expire.

Now, he was ready to get a new site created – along with a logo design.

We began on the logo first.  A few examples were sent to Jesse and there was one he liked the best.  Our designer completed several renditions of the logo until it was perfected and Jesse approved it.

The website process is still underway and we’ll write about this project once completed!