Website Design for Golden Panda Insurance Services

After successfully meeting Peter’s expectations for his logo design request, he emailed us to get an itemized estimate to start a website for Golden Panda Insurance Services.

Peter noted that he wanted a basic website with three pages, a contact form, mobile device compatibility, and a picture gallery.

A few days later, we received the information that Peter wanted on the website.  After looking at the document sent, we discovered that he needed two contact forms – a simple form on the contact page and another form for a quote request.  There wasn’t a need for the picture gallery, so we were able to save him money over the original website design estimate we supplied.

Within 48 hours, the website was mostly completed.  A few changes were made over the past few days and the site was just approved and went live yesterday!

We appreciate the additional business from Peter and the trust he placed in us for both website and logo design work.

The Golden Panda Insurance Services website is at

Logo Design for Golden Panda Insurance Services

Peter emailed us around November 3rd asking about our website and logo design services.  We promptly sent an email back to him regarding our pricing on those offerings and the process we take on them.

A day after we sent the email, he went to our website and completed the online order for our logo design service and completed the logo questionnaire.

Peter was very specific with what he wanted on his logo and that allowed us to complete his logo very quickly.  Our designer met Peter’s expectations and delivered the completed logos on November 9th.

After the logo was done, he then requested a specific quote on our website design service after compiling his requirements.

Logo Design for Gumption Landscape and Lawn Care

Jason emailed us about a week ago requesting some more information on our logo design services and what he could expect.

After we answered the initial questions he had, he completed our logo design questionnaire and made the initial payment right away.  He placed his order with us on November 12th.

Our logo designer provided three mock-up designs on November 18th.  Each of the three examples had a full color version and a black and white version.

Jason replied later in the day and focused in one the one logo he liked best and asked for a few small changes.  Those changes were done the next day (on the 19th) and Jason approved!

Here at BsnTech, logo design is one of our main services and we assist dozens of customers every year with providing fully print grade logos.  We provide the source files and both “vector” and “raster” files so the logo can be used for any purpose.

Logo Design for El Camino Real Trading Company

Jonathan, the owner of El Camino Real Trading Company, contacted us a few weeks ago and asked about assistance with getting a logo design.  Jonathan looked to already be well versed in the Adobe suite of programs because as part of his logo questionnaire, he sent screenshots of logos he designed in Adobe Illustrator.

He was very clear with his expectations on his logo design and what he wanted – which was very helpful to ensure we delivered the logo that he wanted.

Our designer got started right away and had six examples within a few days.  Jonathan picked the logo he liked the best and we completed two additional rounds of modifications on the logo until it was perfected.

We appreciate the logo design business from Jonathan!

Website Design for M-Status Consulting Group

Kevin, the owner of M-Status Consulting Group, called us last week.  He was referred to us by another customer that we worked for in the past and said that we came highly recommended.

Kevin needed just a simple website for his business consulting service.  After understanding Kevin’s requirements, we sent over the initial invoice.  Originally we were also going to help with a logo design, but he had one made already and opted to keep the same one.

The website hosting and domain name were setup after the initial invoice was paid.  Kevin followed up the next day with the website information – and we had the site setup and done within 24 hours of receiving the information.

We appreciate the business from Kevin!

The M-Status Consulting Group website is at

Website Design for Soft Washing Wizard

Kevin emailed us and asked us to create a small business website for him – Soft Washing Wizard.

He already had secured his domain name, but wanted to look for a web designer that was fair and inexpensive – and that is why he chose BsnTech Networks.

Kevin didn’t need an extravagant website.  He provided us two pages of information along with his logo and a few pictures to add to the website.  Within a day, we had the website ready for his review.

Some modifications were completed – moving the contact form to the home page and replacing the Contact page with a Testimonials page.

We appreciate the business from Kevin!

The Soft Washing Wizard website is at

Logo Design for Blissful Blooms

Amy, the owner of Blissful Blooms By Amy, placed an order on our website a few weeks ago for a logo design.  Upon receiving her order, we sent a message with our logo design questionnaire.

After reviewing the logo questionnaire, we needed additional information from Amy about what she wanted with the logo.  Our designer and her exchanged some emails and came up with a desired logo.

We then sent Amy several logo examples and one of them was accepted right away with no need for modifications or changes.  Sometimes we meet customer expectations right away, and other times we make a few additional modifications to the logo that is selected.

We appreciate the business from Amy!

Website Assistance for From Mommy To Mom

Tara emailed us last week needing some help with her WordPress website – From Mommy To Mom.  There were several items that she was having trouble getting completed and wanted to put it in the hands of experienced individuals so they could be completed quickly and she could focus on other priorities.

We had a phone conversation and a screen sharing session with Tara to go over the website needs at first.  After the phone call, a list of needs was formulated and sent to us.

We began working on those changes and had most of them completed.  A few more changes were necessary the next day – and by Friday, the site was looking much better and more organized.

We appreciate the business from Tara!

The website for From Mommy To Mom is at

Website Design for Social Circle Catering

Rick reached out to us by email asking for help to create a website.  He runs Social Circle Catering out of Glenville, NC.  The aim of his service is to provide “Black-Tie to BBQ” catering and personal chef services.

Rick supplied us a range of photos to add to a gallery along with the types of events he caters to and the menu.  We put the website together in just a few days.  The site was just completed and approved yesterday afternoon!

The Social Circle Catering website is at

Website Design for Pennsylvania Veterans Consortium

Richard called us yesterday afternoon (September 23rd) asking about website design services.  He had a very tight deadline for a turn-around on a simple one-page website with some text and pictures.

After hearing of his requirements, we made a guarantee that we would have the website completed by end of business September 24th if the information was supplied to us and the invoice was paid by that evening.

Richard followed through and submitted payment and supplied us a PowerPoint file with the text and pictures he wanted on the website this morning.

We worked quickly to complete the work – and it was done with just four hours of receiving his information.

The website is done and already live!

The website for the Pennsylvania Veterans Consortium is at