Website Design for Motion N Mind, PLLC

Kate, the owner of Motion N Mind Physical Therapy, contacted us last week asking about our website design services and our advertised price for a basic website.

She provided us an example of a website that was in the same field that she operates and it was a basic site that she was looking for.

After she mailed in the initial payment to start, we began on her website right away.  Within less than a week, we exchanged several emails with adjustments to the website and the website was approved today!

We appreciate Kate allowing BsnTech Networks to assist with her website service needs.

The Motion N Mind Physical Therapy site is at

Website Design for Southwest Sun Solutions

Tom, the owner of Southwest Sun Solutions, emailed us a couple of weeks ago needing help with a website.  He had tried his hand at creating a WordPress website but was not happy with how it turned out.  He was looking to get professional help to get the website created – and then he could manage and maintain it after the groundwork was done.

He came to the right place!  We worked with Tom and his excellent ideas to bring to life a website he is very proud to represent his business.  Tom & Brian (owner of BsnTech) spoke this afternoon to finalize the last details of the website, answered questions about how to modify certain aspects of the website, and wrapped up the project.

Tom is exceptionally pleased with how easy we were to communicate with and the fast turn-around time.  He has another business that he will have us complete for him in the future and mentioned giving our information to other business partners needing a website.

The website for Southwest Sun Solutions is at

Logo Design for TJ’s Custom Quilts Plus

Teresa reached out to us about a month ago asking to get a website created to showcase the quilts she has made and to also be able to have an online catalog.  She didn’t want to sell the items directly online, but just to have a place to have a catalog for interested people to inquire.

In addition, she asked us to create a professional logo design for her so she could use it for business cards and professional printing.

Today, the logo design was completed and it has been added to the website.  We are in the finishing touches of the site as well!

Logo Design for Epic Construction

Sara contacted us two weeks ago needing a logo designed for a business, Epic Construction.  Sara had us create a logo for another business several years ago and remembered the top-notch service she received with us along with the fast turnaround time.  So, that is why she asked us to create the second logo for her.

She supplied the logo questionnaire very quickly.  Our designer got started and supplied the logo designs.  Sara had a few update requests until the logo was perfected to what they wanted.

Thank you for coming back to us for your logo design needs Sara!

Website Design for Mary Axelrod, Massage Therapist

Mary contacted us several months ago asking about our pricing and our business practices.  She has a website for her massage therapist business and she also has a colleague with a website as well.

Mary was looking to understand how our pricing worked and wanted to move away from the old website, that she couldn’t edit, to a WordPress website, which should heard was easy to manage.

After we explained the costs and the benefits of WordPress, she took a few weeks to get her thoughts together.  She contacted us later and was ready to get the work started.

The website was started a few weeks ago and we worked closely with Mary to get the new site setup to her liking.  Today, the site has been completed and made live!

We look forward to working on the website for her colleague next!

Mary’s website is at

Website Design for Aesthetics & Cosmetics

Ben and Shaheen, the owners of Aesthetics & Cosmetics in Lahaina, HI, were referred to us a few months ago by another customer – West Maui Signs.  Ben and Shaheen were having trouble with a website designer that had been paid to create a website for them.  After working with Ben through the specifics of the needed website and the features needed, Ben was ready to move forward and put the troubles behind them.

We worked with Ben and Shaheen over a week’s period of time to get the website setup and completed.  However, they were still working to get the business open and had other priorities so the website work was put on hold for a while.

After a couple of months, Ben reached back out to us and said the were ready to make a few changes to the site and get it operational.  Today, the website was completed and was made live!

We appreciate the business from Ben and Shaheen and look forward to a good business relationship with them.

The Aesthetics & Cosmetics website is at

Logo Design for Universal Concrete Polishing and Coating

Scott reached out to us about two months ago asking about our website design services.  He already had a website for another business but wanted to get a new site made for Universal Concrete Polishing and Coating.

During discussions, he also wanted us to create a professional logo for this business as well.  About a month ago, he was ready to proceed and had us start on the website and logo.  Our logo designer just moved from a different part of the country and so he was delayed getting designs done.  But yesterday, the logo was approved and completed!

We will be posting soon about the completion of the website as well.

Website Design For All Surface Renewals, LLC

Tex, the owner of All Surface Renewals, LLC reached out to us about ten days ago.  He needed to get a website created for his countertop refinishing business that serves the north and central Florida markets.

We previously posted about the completed logo design – and today the website was fully approved and completed.

The website was almost completely done within 24 hours of him placing his order.  We provided him access to the website editor to change some of the text as needed.  The final piece we needed was the logo.  That was added and a few minor adjustments were done today.

We appreciate the business from Tex!

The All Surface Renewals, LLC website is at

Logo Design for All Surface Renewals, LLC

Tex, the owner of All Surface Renewals, contacted us a little over a week ago needing to get a website created.  During our conversations, he also mentioned that he had a drawing of a logo that he wanted to have created as well.  We offered our logo design services to him as well and he agreed.

The logo took six days to provide the initial mock-up designs.  Unfortunately Tex did not like the designs that were provided but our graphic designer then called Tex and spoke with him over the phone regarding the work.  After some discussions, there was a better understanding about what Tex was looking for.

New designs were then created within three additional days.  Tex liked one of the designs, a few changes were done to perfect it, and it has now been approved!

The website is also done although we are going to wait until we get a cleaner copy of the reduced-size logo and place it on the site before finishing that project.

Website Design for Great Stay Rentals

Mark, the owner of Great Stay Rentals out of Sarasota, FL, reached out to us in June wanting to get a simple website put together for his vacation rental management company.

Mark provided us an example website that he liked and wanted to get a cost estimate based on it.  We supplied the cost estimate and he was ready to get started with the site the same day.

Over the first couple of days, Mark supplied the content for the website.  We chose beach colors that are generally used in the vacation rental and tourism industry for Florida and the area that Mark is targeting.

After Mark was able to get us the list of locations he already manages, we added those to the appropriate page of the site along with a direct link to the AirBnB listing and a range of photos for each property.

The website is now published and is open for visitors!  Mark has indicated that as the business grows, he will have the site expanded on and may change to having a separate page for each listing so more detail can be provided.

The website for Great Stay Rentals is at