Website Design For Giant Savings Card

Bruce emailed us and needed a fast turn-around on a new business venture – Giant Savings Card.  He wanted to get a simple site created that was low budget since he is not sure whether the business will take off yet.  He plans to offer oversized postcard advertisements in two markets and potentially expand to other markets if successful.

Bruce emailed us the material he wanted on each of the websites quickly.  Upon making the initial payment, we had the website mostly completed within 24 hours.  We created the homepage first and made changes to it the same day and finished the other pages on the same day.

The website has been approved and Bruce has the ability to update and make changes to his website as needed.

The website for Giant Savings Card is at

eCommerce Website Design for LMW Grilling

Lou, owner of LMW Grilling, contacted BsnTech Networks asking about getting an eCommerce website created for his grill rubs and mixes.  Lou didn’t want a complicated or fancy website – just a simple site that was right to the point with his products and an easy checkout process.

We got right to work on the website after Lou sent over his logo and the material that we needed to configure the eCommerce capabilities.  After a few weeks, he finalized the pictures and information for his products and added those to the site as well.

The website is now open for business and he is ready to take orders!

LMW Grilling’s website is at

Website Design for Hairy Barker’s K9 Care

Jerilyn emailed us in need of modifying her logo a few weeks ago.  She recently moved from one market to Florida and opened her dog care service.  We modified the logo for her very promptly – within an hour of the initial payment.

Jerilyn was so impressed by the level of service we provided her that she asked us to also make her website.  She already had all of the pictures, text, and the layout that she wanted on the website – but just needed someone to put it together.

We delivered for her yet again!  Within two days of getting technical issues straightened out with her hosting provider, the website was done and completed!

Hairy Barker’s K9 Care website is at

Logo Design for James Street Pizza Co

Amy emailed us in need of a logo design for their family’s pizza business, James Street Pizza Co.  Amy stated that they had a custom-made brick oven and it was important for the logo do have this as one of the main ideas.

Our logo designer started working on it right away and had some initial designs ready for Amy to review within a week.  After reviewing the logo, they requested to combine aspects of two of the designs into one.  This was completed by the next day and they approved the design.

Logo Design For Flint Area Adventure Club

Robert, a representative of the Flint Area Adventure Club, emailed us in need of a logo design for their club.  His club started out as just a simple MeetUp group but has grown over time.  During this time, some of the members asked about getting memorabilia such as bumper stickers, shirts, and more created.

Therefore, Robert wanted to bring the club up a notch and get a logo made so they could get printed materials.

Our designer created three mock-up designs and they were circulated through the club for feedback and recommendations.  In the end, Robert and the club chose to purchase two of the logos that were created!

We appreciate the business from Robert and hope his club continues to grow!

Logo Design for Stepping Stone Phlebotomy

Janecia, the owner of Stepping Stone Phlebotomy, has been a customer of BsnTech Networks for almost a year.  A few weeks back, she wanted to have some changes done to her website to modify and make it look nicer.  During those conversations, she also explained that she wasn’t pleased with the prior logo that was being used on her marketing materials or on the site and asked us to make a new logo for her.

Janecia provided the specifics she wanted in the logo.  Our designer created three different initial designs.  Right away, Janecia liked one of the designs and we didn’t need to make any additional changes to it.

The website updates have since been completed and the new logo is also on the website.

Logo Design for Rhines Logistics, LLC

Terry reached out to us about a website and logo design need.  He is starting a trucking and logistics company and wanted to get started with an online presence and branding.

Last week, our logo designer completed the logo and it was approved by Terry.  The logo design went through a few modifications upon the mock-up designs being presented to Terry but they were done quickly!

We are still working through the creation of his website and will write about that soon!

Website Design for Dell’s Rentals

Jake contacted us in need of website design services for his business.  He provides advertising services for attractions in the Wisconsin Dells area.

He previously reached out to another website designer but they were dragging their feet and taking too long to complete Jake’s website.  Therefore, he decided it was time to terminate that agreement and move to a more responsive website designer.

BsnTech received the information that Jake wanted on the website and had the site mostly done within 24 hours of the information being sent – well in time for Jake’s deadline for his advertising to come out.

After about a week, some final changes were received today and the website was completed and approved!

The website is at

Author Website For Robert A Waters

Sim, Robert’s son, contacted us inquiring about our website design services.  His Dad (Robert) is an author with several published book.  He has two separate blogs through BlogSpot but wanted to have an actual website that they could customize themselves.  BlogSpot is great for doing blogging, but there is no real customizations available to add various pages or features.

Sim and Robert were ready to move forward with the website design.  Once we received the needed information, we had the website done within the same day.

Later on, the plan is to migrate all of the blog posts from the BlogSpot website to the new site.  Then they will have only one website with everything – and will eventually have the ability for the website to automatically notify subscribers when new blog posts are added.

The website for Robert is at

Website Design & Hosting for EigenTherm Solar

Bill contacted us a couple of weeks ago needing to have a simple website done.  Initially, he only wanted a since one-page website that was hosted elsewhere.  He quickly provided us the information he wanted on the page.  Once we had the logistics of the various accounts completed, we had the page up and running within an hour.

Bill then asked us last week to add additional pages and a contact form to his website.  He also supplied us with the details quickly on what needed done and we had this finished the same day as well.

Unfortunately, the contact form would not work through his existing hosting provider.  The form would appear to submit successfully but Bill never received the email.

Because of the issue, we let Bill know we offered hosting services and could guarantee the form would work.  Having the support level to get things taken care of promptly is what BsnTech strives to excel in.  When we are both the hosting and web designer, there is no other company to troubleshoot with so it goes faster.

Bill agreed to move the hosting to us.  Over the weekend, we migrated his website.  This morning, the site was up and running and the contact form worked right away with no further steps needed.

We appreciate the business from Bill!

EigenThem Solar’s website is at