Website Design for McGrath Construction Services

In our prior post, we spoke about helping to create a logo design for McGrath Construction Services.

Kelly also needed a website created for his site.  He referenced a site that we created for an equipment company and mentioned that he liked the simplicity of the site and was looking for something similar.

After receiving the information for his site, we got started.  Within 48 hours, the majority of the website was completed.  There were a few changes that needed to be done over the following week.  The website has two pages and it is mobile friendly.

The site is completed and live!

You can find their website at

Logo Design for McGrath Construction Services

Kelly, the owner of McGrath Construction Services, reached out to us at the beginning of January asking for help with getting a website and a logo created for his business.

After exchanging some messages with him and pricing, he was ready to get started in mid February.

Our logo design started on his logo and created three different designs.  Kelly noted that he liked aspects from two different logos and we combined those items together to make the completed logo.


Website Design for JessiStores

Jessica contacted us back in mid-December asking for some help re-creating her website.  We didn’t hear from her for about a month.  During that time, she attempted to create her JessiStores website using a different website building platform but wasn’t having much success getting the site launched.

In mid-January, she emailed us back and indicated she needed help to get the website done.  We supplied an itemized estimate based on her needs.  She agreed and was ready to get the website started a few days later.

Over the course of a few weeks, we setup a new eCommerce website for her.  The website is our standard eCommerce website setup along with mobile device compatibility.  A few weeks ago, Jessica began adding products to her store.

The site is live and ready for business!  The JessiStores website is at

Website Design for His Wave Radio

In our prior blog post, we spoke about Tony who reached out to us yesterday to help him with some website needs.  Most notably, it was for two websites.  He was looking at changing hosting providers and in the process, we also indicated we could change his websites over to the WordPress platform instead of Joomla – which was the platform his sites were originally created in.

After we finalized the Calvary Church of Republic, MO – we moved on to his low-power FM radio station which is a ministry of his church.  This radio station is named His Wave Radio.

Today we started – and completed – the website and it is now moved over to our hosting and is on the WordPress platform.

The website for His Wave Radio is at

Website Design for Calvary Chapel of Republic, MO

Pastor Tony from Calvary Chapel of Republic, MO contacted us yesterday – on February 21st.

We called and had a phone conversation with him about his needs.  He has two websites – one for his church and one for a small FM radio broadcast.  He was looking at changing hosting providers.

Additionally, he was having trouble getting their radio broadcast streaming.  While we don’t have expertise in this, we had a great conversation about what was needed.  Pastor Tony was able to get his radio stream back and running later in the day after it being down for several months!

Their existing websites were made in Joomla, which are hard to update.  We spoke about changing over to WordPress as the platform and he agreed since there was also someone in his congregation knowledgeable in WordPress.

Pastor Tony made the payment to get started in the afternoon.  By that evening, we had the full website re-created in WordPress.  He reviewed the website and was ready to launch it!

Today, the site is completed.  We are working on the radio website next.

The site for Calvary Chapel of Republic, MO is at

Website Design for Millersville Off Campus Housing

Thomas contacted us in mid-January looking for some help with his website.  He owns several properties around Millersville University and offers off-campus housing to students.

Thomas had a website through a different provider but it was lacking.  He also indicated that he was stepping into a more active role with his business and was canceling the agreement with the property management company.  Therefore, he wanted to get a new website created, but he was looking for something simple to start off.

We assisted Thomas with creating a three page website.  The site is mobile friendly, it has a basic contact form, and a picture gallery system.

One of the pages lists all of his properties.  Down the road, he may expand on this and make a separate page for each property to provide more detail.

We appreciate the business from Thomas!

His website can be found at

Website Hosting for Santa Fe Classic Limo

Kevin contacted us last week indicating he was having a problem with his website – Santa Fe Classic Limo.  He had the website hosted with another provider and so he entered a ticket with them to try and get the website restored.  It was showing a message saying ‘connection to database has failed’.

After their support was not able to help get the website fixed, Kevin asked us to step in and get the site fixed.

We worked on the site and discovered that this was not the usual problem.  Typically that error message indicates that the username and/or password to connect to the database is wrong in the configuration – or the database name itself is wrong.

Not able to resolve the situation through that method, we performed a full backup of the website and database to be safe.  A WordPress update was then completed to bring the site up to the newest version.  This enabled us to remove all WordPress “core” files to be sure there wasn’t any compromised files in the process.

After the install was done, his website began showing a different error – that the current version of PHP was 5.4.4 on the server and it wasn’t compatible with WordPress.  So, we then went into the hosting configuration and changed the version to the newest one.  Upon doing so, critical errors started to be reported.  Looking at the log files, it was due to old plugin files that were not compatible with the new version of PHP that was enabled.  We then chose a prior version of PHP (7.4) and the website loaded.  All of the plugins were upgraded successfully – then we were able to put it back on PHP 8.

Once the website was working, Kevin opted to have the website moved over to our website hosting so this doesn’t happen to him again.  He indicated that there was a prospective customer that most likely was lost due to his website being down.

The site was moved over to our web hosting services last night and it is loading faster than it was on the other provider!

The website can be found at

Logo Design for Proper Peasant Farm, LLC

Art, the owner of Proper Peasant Farm LLC, reached out to us on January 2nd to get a logo and a website created.  He was ready to start on the work a few weeks later.

We are continuing to get the website completed.  However, the logo was completed and approved as seen here.

Website Deign for Gamut Design

David contacted us a few days ago – on January 30th.

He inherited the Gamut Design business from his brother that passed away, and needed some help getting the site working.  He enlisted the help of another person but David said the progress was slow and he needed the site completed.

After speaking with him about our experience with creating eCommerce websites, he was ready to go right away.

The next day, on the 31st, we began to get the website setup.  We worked with him to get the payment provider integrated and the eCommerce settings configured that day.

Yesterday – February 1st – he put together a list of changes that were needed and those were done this morning.  A test order was placed successfully and the website is now completed!

You can find the Gamut Design website at

Website Design for Vegan Pride Foods

Shauna contacted at the beginning of January asking for help creating a website.  During our conversations, she also mentioned having another website that was done earlier and needed some help finishing it.

The new website she wanted to start is for a meal prep business – Vegan Pride Foods.  The goal of her online business is to offer vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free food options.

After some conversations with her, we initially turned down the work since we thought it was going to be beyond our abilities to create this site.  But after a few more phone conversations, we were able to narrow down what her requirements were and she wanted to proceed.

The website has a total of four pages in addition to four six product categories.  The website is mobile friendly, it has eCommerce capabilities, a basic contact form for email inquiries, social networking integration, website stats to monitor website usage, and a blog so she can write articles on the site.

Today, the website was fully finished and is open for business!

You can find the site at