Logo Design for Loving Arms Christian Academy and Childcare

Curtis contacted us a couple of weeks ago asking about our logo design service.  We provided the two options we have available and provided him our questionnaire to start on a logo design.

Once this was returned to us, we got started with the logo design.  Our designer created several completely different mock-ups of logo designs based on the request from Curtis.  This caused the process to take longer than it usually does.  However, we completed the logo and satisfied their logo design need.

We appreciate the business from Curtis and hope we can help him with other services in the future!

Website Assistance For Point 3 Realty

David from Point 3 Realty contacted us late last night.  He was looking for some help on his current website.

A new feature was requested to be created – one that would calculate the commission savings from a Realtors, discount brokers, and his pricing.

Once we provided David with the costs, he let us know the next day (today) that he wanted to hire us to get the work completed.

We started work on it in the afternoon and went through a few modifications.  By 4:30, the calculator was completed and working on the website.

We appreciate the business from David!

His website is at point3realty.com.

Website Assistance For Cal Schindler

Cal emailed us late on Friday evening.  He needed some website help.

Several years ago, he created a website for his second home – a cabin in Michigan.  Somehow, the website got shut down / removed at Google.  He had all of the backup files stored on his computer but didn’t know how to get them re-published again.

So, he setup a website builder account with another hosting provider but was not happy with how the pages looked and the amount of work it required to make any changes.

BsnTech Networks stepped in right away and helped Cal with his issue.  That same night – Cal sent us over the zip file of the website files.  He provided us the hosting login information and we had the website builder stuff removed and had his original / older website up and running.  All within an hour!

Cal was very happy with our quick response and will do business with us again in the future for any other website needs he may have.

The website address for Cal’s site is at hubbardlakecabin.com.

Website Design for Creative Structures, LLC

Skip, the owner of Creative Structures, LLC – reached out to us last week about our website design service.  He needed to get a simple website created for his land and development business in the Abilene, TX area.  His needs were very basic with only the creation of a few pages, a contact form, and ensuring the site was mobile friendly.

Upon receiving the initial amount to start, we began on the site right away.  Skip also requested that we setup just the layout/design of the site and he would add the material in himself – this way it would also give him some practice on managing the website as well.

We checked in with Skip today and he said everything was ready and approved.  We hope that we’ve exceeded Skip’s expectations to win the business for his non-profit organization as well.

The website for Creative Structures, LLC is at creativestructures.net.

Website Design for Rayco Septic Systems

Ray contacted us a week ago asking for some help with his business.  He already had an existing website for the town he serves – but wanted to also branch out and start advertising in some areas around him.  We proposed a simple website along with a few Google Places listings in those new areas and he was on board.

Monday evening he had us send out the order and we started on the website yesterday.  The Google Places listings still are awaiting activation but the website was just approved and completed in less than 24 hours after we began working on it.

We appreciate the business from Ray.  He also plans to have us help with some SEO work for the site as well.

The website for Rayco Septic Systems is at midlandseptic.com.

Website Hosting for Unified Custom Apparel

Johnnie, the owner of Unified Custom Apparel, reached out to us a couple of weeks ago needing help with his website.  He had a prior company create the site for him but it took them a very long time to create the site and stopped providing support to him.  Therefore, he was looking for someone else that could help him get the website up and running and open to take orders.

We worked with Johnnie directly with a consultation to answer questions he had about managing his website and configuring the site to work properly.  During this period, he opted to have us also host his website and get an SSL certificate for the site so he could take credit/debit cards directly on the website as the preferred method of customer payments.

Johnnie was also provided our video tutorials to help assist with getting his products setup and loaded properly.

We appreciate the business from Johnnie and will continue to support him with his website needs!

The website for Unified Custom Apparel is at unifiedcustomapparel.com.

Website Assistance For Jeremy Thomas Quartet

Stina, an associate of the Jeremy Thomas Quartet, contacted us Friday morning. She was in need of having some changes made to their website right away.  There needed to be some videos added, events changed, pictures updated, and more.

Stina was concerned about how quickly we could get the changes done for them.  Once the information was received, we had the majority of the changes completed within just a couple of hours.  A few modifications later and everything was wrapped up by the close of business the same day.

We appreciate the business from Stina and hope that we have earned her trust to be their website maintainer going forward!

The website for the Jeremy Thomas Quartet is at jeremythomasquartet.com

Website Design For Atlas Bailbonds

Charles reached out to us over the weekend and asked for us to give him a call about website design needs.

We called him back and discussed his requirements.  He owns Atlas Bailbonds and needed to have a simple website put together for customers.  In addition, he chose to ensure the website was mobile friendly/compatible but no other features were needed.

Once we received the information from him, we got started on the site and had it completed within the day.  Today, the site has been done and approved!

The website for Atlas Bailbonds is atlasbailbondsnc.com.

Logo Design For Haslet Elite Learning Center

Greg from Haslet Elite Learning Center contacted us in need of a logo design.  They are opening a new learning center for children in Haslet, TX and wanted to get the ball rolling with a logo to start printing materials.

The logo designer from BsnTech Networks presented Greg with four completely different mock-up ideas for logos.  Greg responded with the logo he liked the best and a few modifications to colors and styling was completed until it was perfected.

The logo is now completed and he is looking for an estimate on a website design next!