Website Hosting for Vom Ruff Kennel

Stephen, the owner of Vom Ruff Kennel, contacted us on March 3rd.  He discovered that his website had went offline a few days before reaching out to us for help.  His website was hosted under the account of the website designer, so he had no access to the website hosting account.

He attempted to contact his prior website designer but wasn’t successful.  After we informed Stephen of his options, he wanted to wait a bit longer to see if the designer would respond.

Today, he emailed us back and said that his prior designer did reach back out to him and provided a backup of his website.  Right away, Stephen made the payment for the website hosting service with BsnTech – and we restored the website.  His website was back up and running within an hour!

The website for Vom Ruff Kennel is at

Website Design for Mini Arms Depot

Romel, the owner of Mini Arms Depot, contacted us on March 4th.  He needed some help creating a website.

Initially, he supplied us a link to a site that he liked.  After looking through the site, we turned down the work because the example site would have been out of our abilities to create for him.

However, Romel was persistent and explained that he didn’t need to have a website with the same features – but was looking to have a site with a similar type of layout and color scheme.  He explained what the site would be used for and the features.  Upon that phone conversation, we were comfortable with assisting him with the site.

A quote was sent to him and he was ready to have us start on the site.  We began on the site on Monday and within three days, the site was done and completed!

We appreciate Romel’s business and his persistence so it worked out to be a good outcome!

The website for Mini Arms Depot is at

Logo Design for Road Ready

Ryan, the owner of Road Ready, contacted BsnTech in need of a logo design.  Ryan’s business is a driver’s education service in Mosinee Wisconsin.

Back at the end of February, Ryan submitted his logo questionnaire to us.  Upon receiving the questionnaire, we supplied Ryan with six logo examples within 48 hours.

After seeing the examples, he had a hard decision choosing which one he liked.  But ultimately after enough time, he chose one logo but wanted to have a couple of changes made to the logo.

Within 24 hours, the new design was completed and sent to Ryan, which he approved!

Website Design for Damp Hero Bait Company

John contacted us on February 1st.  He is the owner of Damp Hero Bait Company.  John is an artist and creates large wooden fishing lure sculptures and offers them for sale on his site.

John had an issue with his prior website provider and the website hosting was exceptionally unreliable.  The past few months, the website may work, other times it wouldn’t.

We worked closely with John to get a copy of his website through the website and re-constructed it using the WordPress platform to be as close as possible to his original site.

The site has eCommerce integration with approximately 40 products.  We also created a total of nine pages, a basic contact form, hover over menu navigation, and made it mobile device compatibility.

Today, John approved the website!  His website is at

Website Design for Bookkeeper Organization LLC

Jay reached out to us in mid-February to have some assistance getting a business online.  He has another business which he had us create a website for last year – and this new business is Bookkeeper Organization LLC.  They provide bookkeeping services and business consulting services in the Albany, NY area.

Jay sent over a Word document with information that he wanted on the website.  After the logo was done and approved (which we wrote about earlier), we started on the website.  The site was mostly finished within 24 hours and a few modifications were done over the next few days.

The site is a simple site with the info provided.  It has two pages, it is mobile device friendly, and there is a basic contact form for email inquiries.

The site is at

Website Design for Lenawee Radiator

Ron, the owner of Lenawee Radiator in Jackson, MI – contacted us asking for some help.  He had a website but had no access to the website to make changes.  He wanted to make his website mobile compatible but had no idea where the site was stored at.

We looked up the information on the domain name and found the domain name was at Network Solutions and led him in the direction of getting access to his domain name.

After having a phone call with Ron, we logged into the Network Solutions account and there wasn’t any website hosting – so the website was elsewhere and we were not able to find out where.

Therefore, the project moved forward with having us host the website and we re-created his existing site, added mobile device compatibility, and changed a picture.

The website is up and running and we are now working to get an advertising campaign setup for him!

The website for Lenawee Radiator is at

Logo design for HALO

Jaime contacted us last week indicating a logo design was needed for their organization, HALO (Health and Lifesaving Opportunities).  Jaime completed the logo order through our website and we followed up with the necessary questionnaire.

The questionnaire was filled out the same day and we began working on the logo.  Jaime was provided four logo examples.  After choosing one, we made two rounds of modifications to the logo and the work has been completed!

Logo Design for Bookkeeper Organization LLC

Jay, a current customer of BsnTech Networks, reached out to us last week asking us to create another website for him.  This time it is for his bookkeeping and business consulting company, Bookkeeper Organization LLC.  In addition, he requested to have a logo created as well.

After Jay completed the questionnaire, we began on the logo and had five different logo examples that were created.  Jay instantly liked one of the logos and no changes were needed.

We are currently working on the site and will have that done soon!

Website Design for Fun Time Fotos

Link and Mona, the owners of Fun Time Fotos in Sioux Falls, SD – contacted us on the 12th of February and inquired about our services.  On the 16th after they looked over the estimate, they were ready to begin.

Their website is a simple one-page site with a basic contact form, an availability calendar, and the site is also mobile friendly.  They were also interested in having a logo designed along with payment integration with Stripe, but they opted to wait on those two services.

We worked with Link and Mona last week through emails and phone calls.  A few pictures were changed out along with modifications to the text and layout of the site.  Last night, they approved the website and it is now live and functional!

The website for Fun Time Fotos is at



Website Design for Pro Drywall Service

Wayne, the owner of Pro Drywall Service in Grand Rapids, MI emailed us yesterday, February 17th.  He indicated that his hosting account lapsed with his provider but he still had his domain name.  He needed help getting his website back up.

We had a phone conversation with Wayne and we found out that his website had been deleted.  Unfortunately most website hosting providers will immediately delete someone’s hosting account and the entire contents if an invoice isn’t paid to renew the hosting.  Here at BsnTech, we have a different strategy which has helped dozens of customers over the years.  In the event a customer doesn’t pay their invoice, we do a full backup of the website.  Therefore if a customer finds they want to get a website restored, we can quickly do so.

We managed to find a full copy of Wayne’s website using the website.  Using that snapshot, we re-created the website very closely to what he had.  The work was done in less than a 24 hour period of time and the site is ready to go!

The site for Pro Drywall Service is at