Logo Design for Wing8 Pest Services

Max, the owner of Wing8 Pest Services, was referred to us by a family friend.  We provide email and website services to a family member so we came recommended to him as well.

Max worked with us to come up with a game plan for his website and logo design needs.

We began working on the logo design first since he needed to get it completed to use on marketing materials.  We worked with Max and supplied several logo designs and further perfected the logo.  Max was very specific with what he wanted and also great at supplying us the guidance to complete what he desired.  It allows the logo design process to work smoother when customers are actively involved with the product and that was helpful to all of us.

The logo design has been approved and we will begin on his website next!

Simple Website Design for Veterans Assistance Fund

Bruce emailed us in response to our online advertisements asking for help with a simple website.  He started a non-profit organization called Veterans Assistance Fund – and needed help with creating a very basic website to get started.

We answered his questions and he felt comfortable with our service and pricing point.

Bruce sent us the information to create the site – and we gave a couple of suggestions during the process as well.  Later on, Bruce plans to add onto the website with other pages and potentially the ability to receive donations.

The website for Veterans Assistance Fund is at veteransassistancefund.com.

Website Design for Manley Aviation

Paul, the owner of Manley Aviation, contacted us several weeks ago asking about our website design services.  He was doing some initial research to find out who was the most responsive and the most cost-effective for his web design.

After many weeks, he returned and said he selected BsnTech Networks to complete his website design.

Paul supplied us with the login information necessary to get things ready to go – and then the text and pictures for the site were sent about a week later.  It took about three days for us to complete the work on the site.  After the work was done, Paul called and we worked through some final changes on the site.

Today, he has approved the website and it is published!

We appreciate the business from Paul.  The Manley Aviation website is at manleyaviation.com.

Logo Design For Step Up Properties LLC

Joe, the owner of Step Up Properties LLC, contacted us a in mid-December asking for help getting a logo designed.  We explained our costs and how we create the logos – which was right on target with what Joe needed.  He filled out the logo questionnaire promptly and attached a few sketches of logos he had in mind.

Our logo designer began working on the logo and submitted several examples to Joe.  A few small modifications were made to the logos per his request – and Joe wanted to “purchase” two of the logo designs from us.  Only one of the logos is shown here, however.

We supplied the necessary files for Joe for the two logos he liked – with giving him a 50% discount on the second logo choice since it was already created.

We appreciate the logo design business from Joe and Step Up Properties LLC!

Website Assistance for The Catalog Center

Jack, the owner of The Catalog Center, contacted us before the near year asking for some help.  He explained his situation and expressed his frustration with working with another web designer that was based in another country.  The web designer made an updated version of Jack’s website – but they were not responding to a few very small updates that were needed prior to the site going live.

In addition, the new website was on their development server and so he didn’t have access to his site – even though he had paid for it.

Jack attempted to reach out to the designer one last time before employing us to help – but he was met with hostility.

Late last week, he called us and said “lets get this website rolling”.  We made a copy of the website (which he already paid for and showed us proof of payment) and we completed the few modifications to the site that were necessary – all within just a couple of hours.

Jack was very impressed with our quick turn-around and our open communication.  Today, we worked out the final details of getting access to his hosting account – and copied the site to his hosting account and made it live.

We appreciate the business from Jack!

The Catalog Center website is at thecatalogcenter.com.

Website Design for Independent Medical Supply, LLC

Farhiya, the owner of Independent Medical Supply, LLC, was referred to us by another one of our customers since we have supplied excellent service to them.

Farhiya worked with us as we identified her requirements for her site.  She was looking to have a fairly basic site, but needed the ability to have a product catalog on the site.

Over several months based on Farhiya’s schedule, we slowly worked towards completion of the site.  She initially was not happy with the way the site looked since it was very plain – but we had several phone conversations and referenced a few sites to make the site more appealing.

We also had to assist with importing over 23,000 products on the site initially – until we discovered that the whole catalog from her vendor was not needed.  After narrowing down the list, we ended with just over 3,000 products that were imported onto the site.

We appreciate the business from Farhiya and are happy to have met her expectations with her website requirements.

The website for Independent Medical Supply, LLC is at independentmedicalsupplyllc.com.

Logo Design for HD Funding

Eduardo contacted us a few weeks ago asking about our website design services.  He indicated he was looking to create a penny auction website.  After replying with our general information about the services we provide, he noticed that we create logo designs as well.

He wanted to start with a logo design.  After submitting his logo questionnaire, we unfortunately had a delay with getting started with his logo due to the holiday and vacation times.

However, we recovered from this and supplied Eduardo many logo examples.  He replied quickly to the changes he wanted to see with the logo and we went through three different modifications to get to the end result.

We appreciate Eduardo’s patience with us and also his business.  He is now in communications with us to begin on the website next.

Website Design for Alternatives Counseling, LLC

Alice, the owner of Alternatives Counseling, LLC, contacted us a few weeks ago asking about our website design services.  Her primary goal was to create podcasts and educate the public on alternative medicine (natural) and how it relates to mental health and the benefits of natural remedies over pharmaceuticals.

During discussions, she also requested the ability to receive payments on her website for one-on-one sessions with individuals.

Within two days, Alice sent the information to us to begin on the website.  We also assisted her with researching different podcast providers to store her podcasts.  She had some difficulty initially with uploading the podcasts from her iPad to the site, but we assisted her with this process.

Her website is now live and ready to go – and she has three podcasts published so far!

We appreciate the business from Alice.  Her website is at alternativescounselingllc.com.

Logo Design for BioFrequency Scan

Terry contacted us over a month ago asking about our services.  At the time she inquired, she asked about both our website and logo design services.  However, she decided to have us help with just the logo portion of the project.

Terry completed our logo questionnaire and our designer created a few mock-up designs and different examples of infinity symbols for her to review.  Terry then got busy for an extended period of time and wasn’t able to focus on the project.  This week, she came back to us with feedback on the logo examples and we provided several revisions until the logo was perfected.

We appreciate her business and trust she placed in BsnTech Networks for her logo design needs!

Website Assistance for AMI Tools & Equipment

Damon from AMI Tools & Equipment in Memphis, TN contact us asking for some website assistance.

Initially, Damon was looking for a cost to re-create the website because of some programming errors.  The hosting provider they use upgraded the PHP from 5.x to a newer version which caused PHP errors on a few pages of the website.

After some thought, Damon asked about the cost to repair the current website to save cost for now.  After we were able to look at the code, we supplied an estimate to him.

We began working on the programming changes the same night and had the work completed and the website repaired within a few hours.

Damon indicates that they may still have the website updated at some time in the future.

The website for AMI Tools & Equipment is at amimemphis.com.