Website Design for World Vision Security, LLC

Wayne, the owner of World Vision Security, LLC emailed us a few weeks ago asking for help creating a website.  He had been wanting a website for his security systems business for several years and had the domain name – but never got started with creating the site.

Wayne supplied us a few example websites that he liked but wanted to just have a very simple site with only a contact form and a few extra pages – one page for each of the service offerings he provides.

We added several photos to the website and to each of the pages that were sent to us.  Wayne indicated that he wanted to add and update the website now that the main structure has been setup, so our portion of the website work is now completed!

The website for World Vision Security, LLC is at

Logo Design For Black Hills Firearms

Buck, a customer of BsnTech for several years, asked us for some help creating a logo for his new business – Black Hills Firearms.

Initial ideas were provided and our logo designer provided several example logos based on Buck’s ideas.  When they were provided, he opted to completely change up the idea for his logo since he did not like how they turned out.

After a few rounds of modifications, the logo was completed and approved!

Website Design for Electronic Office Billing Systems

Greg of West Chester OH reached out to us a few weeks ago.  He needed a website created for his new business venture – Electronic Office Billing Systems.  He specializes in payroll and bookkeeping services for businesses.

Greg needed a simple site created with a few additional features.  The extra features included mobile device compatibility, social networking integration, two contact forms, and two extra web pages.

We went through a complete re-design of his site once he discovered one of his providers required that the site look uniform to their other sites.  This was done quickly and the site was just approved today!

Electronic Office Billing Systems’ website is at

Website and Logo Design for ProTech Garage Doors

Jeremy, the owner of ProTech Garage Doors in Austin TX, asked us to help get a simple website created and a professional print-grade logo.

Jeremy placed his order and immediately followed up with some of the website information.  He also completed the logo questionnaire and sent in several examples of logos that he liked.

Today, the final touches were put on the site with the completion of adding the logo and making some minor color adjustments.

The ProTech Garage Doors website is at

Website and Logo Design for Oakland Handyman, LLC

Corey, the owner of Oakland Handyman, LLC in Oakland County MI, asked us to assist with creating a basic website and a logo design for him.

He waited until he had all of the information ready before placing his order.  Once done, we had the website mostly done within 24 hours.  He then sent us pictures to add to the Gallery page afterwords.

For the logo, an initial design was submitted but he then opted to have it changed up and a different design was created.

The website for Oakland Handyman, LLC is at

Website Hosting for Roberti Auto Body

Frank, the owner of Roberti Auto Body, reached out to us at the beginning of the week.  He was in need of some dire assistance.

He had a website and a domain name already – but the domain name had expired and was showing a ‘landing page’ with ads on it.  He wasn’t sure what to do or how he could get his website or domain name back.

We first let him know that if we were unable to retrieve the domain name, we could at least restore the website.  We went over to the website and saw that a copy of his site was available there in the event we needed to restore it.

After looking up the WHOIS information on the domain name, it pointed us to the person that was managing the domain.  We were able to get in contact with this individual and worked with him to oversee the successful renewal of the domain name and the domain name transfer to us so we can manage it for Roberti going forward.

The website is now back online from our web servers an the domain name transfer is in process.

Roberti Auto Body’s website is at

Website Design for Emerald Glen Doves

Patti, the owner of Emerald Glen Doves, reached out to us a few weeks ago.  Initially, she wanted to have a new logo made for her dove release business in Colorado.

After we exceeded her expectations with the logo design, she wanted us to help with a new website as well.  She was using a different hosting provider and didn’t know how to update or make changes to her existing site.  Her hosting term with them ended February 11th.

On February 1st – after the logo was done, she asked us to work to get the site done and let us know of the deadline.  She was concerned whether or not that would give us enough time to get the site completed before the site was shut off.

We had Patti covered right away!  February 1st was a Friday.  By Monday the 4th, we already had all of the contents of her old website built into a new site with a newer, more modern look.

A few changes were made to the site with removal of some links to partners and adding an Instagram link, but the site was done and approved today!

We appreciate the business that Patti provided us – both for logo work and website design services.

Emerald Glen Doves website is at

Website Hosting for Proving Grounds, LLC

Sandra from Proving Grounds, LLC reached out to us this week needing some pictures updated on their website.  We assisted Proving Grounds, LLC with some website updates in 2018 so they still had our contact information.

After the changes were completed, we let Sandra know that the website seemed to be loading fairly slow and offered our website hosting services to help increase the website speed.

The next day, we received the ‘go ahead’ to assist with the website hosting.  Their current hosting provider had the same cost as our hosting with an SSL security certificate.  So they qualified for our lower hourly cost for website maintenance and also increased the speed and reliability of their website in the process.

The website originally took between five and six seconds to load with their existing provider.  After the change, the website loads in about three seconds now.

After the site was transitioned, they also requested to put a picture slideshow on the homepage and load more pictures into their gallery.  This was all completed within a 24 hour period of time.

We appreciate the continued business from Proving Grounds, LLC!

Their website is at

Logo Design for Emerald Glen Doves

Patti, the owner of Emerald Glen Doves, contacted us last week.

She needed help getting a professional, vector logo design created for her business.  They have already been operating their dove release business for many years and never had a good logo that could be used for printing purposes.

Patti sent us over a few examples of what she was looking for.  Our logo designer started working on this and provided a few mock-up logo designs to Patti.  Yesterday, she approved the logo and it is all done!

Patti is now looking to have us re-create their website and make it easier to update on their own and search engine friendly.  As of now, their website doesn’t show up at all in the search engines although their Facebook page does.

Website Design for Heritage Hemp Products

Rhonda, one of the owners of Heritage Hemp Products, went on our website earlier this week and went through our order system to use our website builder platform.  However, before making the payment, she called and asked some questions about it.

She already had a hosting account with another provider and during the discussions, she opted to just have us build the website for her on the existing hosting provider instead of using the website builder to do it themselves.

When we were getting ready to start on the site, we noticed the website builder of her other hosting provider was very limiting and would not provide the results that they wanted.  We spoke with her further and she opted to have us host the site and build it on our platform instead.

Since Rhonda had already sent all of the information and pictures they wanted on the site, we were able to get the site completed in 24 hours.  The website was just approved and is now available!

We are hoping to ‘win’ her business for their other cattle and ranch website since they are paying twice the cost compared to our yearly hosting plan.  This would essentially provide hosting for both of their websites with us for the same cost they are paying yearly for one website with the other provider.

The Heritage Hemp Products website is at