Logo Design for Cross Creek

Tom contacted us last week asking for a logo design.  He represents a team of individuals working on a land development called Cross Creek.  He requested a logo to be made into a sign at the entrance of the development along with other uses such as stationary and marketing materials.

Our logo designer created nine mock-up examples for Tom to choose between within six days of the order being placed.  Tom responded with a couple of modifications and the logo was approved!

Tom is also having us help clean up some other graphics that they can use as well.

Website Design for Visit France With Us

Tom and Christine Goodwin, current customers of BsnTech Networks for several years and owners of BnB Rivers Edge in Todd, NC, contacted us last week wanting to have another website created.

Tom and Christine provide guided tours of France in April and in Early October to those that have been wanting to visit the area.  The website outlines the itinerary for the trip along with what is included and the pricing.

The Visit France With Us website is now completed and ready for viewing!  The address is at visitfrancewithus.com.

Craig Brown of Camden Maine: Beware

This post is factual evidence based on our communications with an individual.  The pictures below are screen shots taken from a computer at BsnTech Networks showing email history and email communication with the individual.  In addition, extra evidence of the actual Microsoft Word documents and PDF files provided are available below to support the factual data.

Craig Brown of Camden, Maine is entangled in a lawsuits in his hometown.  His believes that the police station, surveying crews, developer, and neighbors are all conspiring together regarding his property at 36 Stonehurst Drive in Camden, ME 04843.

Because of this, he also mentioned that he had to hitchhike back and forth between his home in Camden, Maine and his secondary address at 904 Cripple Creek Drive in Austin TX 78758.  His claim was that the local police had placed GPS trackers on his vehicle so they could monitor his whereabouts and so he had to hitch-hike completely across the country.

Craig contacted us on September 27th, 2018.  He was asking for assistance getting a website created to help support his cause and to bring public awareness to it.  The domain name that he reserved and setup at GoDaddy is realestatefraudamicacamdenmaine.com. We responded promptly by asking him what kind of help he needed and this was his response:


Immediately with him saying that he would not pay until the site was finished was a red flag to us.  It has been the policy of BsnTech Networks to always require some kind of good faith pre-payment before we start on any work because we have had our work stolen in the past.  However, Craig Brown seemed to be having a hard time finding a ‘good’ web designer and so with us being a reliable and reputable small business, we wanted to offer to help him.

We agreed to start doing the work.  Before we started, we wanted to ensure a proper “scope of work” was defined so that Craig Brown from Camden, ME could not request more work from us or say that we didn’t complete the job.  A message was exchanged with this scope of work and he replied with one other page which we agreed to include:


Right after sending out this email, Craig Brown began sending us the pictures, documentation, and other material to add to the website.  The timestamp on the above email was October 2nd.  The following shows a list of the number of emails that he sent showing he was actively engaged in us getting the website going:

We had the majority of the website up within one day – and it was ready for him to review on October 3rd.  Right away, there was some argument about website details.  Craig Brown sent us “revised” Microsoft Word documents on October 2nd (document1) (document2) (see scope of work email above mentioning the revised versions) with the text he wanted on the site and notations for what photos should go where.  The material was copy and pasted directly from the  Microsoft Word documents and placed onto the website.  But in an email on October 4th, he argued that we did not do what was asked.  Therefore, we went back to old PDF files that he initially provided (which were screen prints from the website he stole from the previous website designer).  We then added in the requested pictures that were not mentioned in the updated documents but were on the older PDF files (which were provided on September 27th) (document1) (document2).  We also matched the paragraph alignment, font sizes, and tried to match the font as closely as possible.  All of which were not provided in the revised/updated Microsoft Word documents.

On October 4th, he sent a message indicating that the site was looking much better:

The next day – on October 5th – he sent two emails with requested changes that he wanted done to the website.  As it is noted below, Craig Brown of Camden, Maine sent several change requests.  With an email sent October 16th (see the second-to-last email picture below) when he tried to solicit another web designer), he claims that our work was ‘sloppy’.  However, you can see that in the two emails below – he is asking us to correct several sentences, grammar, and capitalization items.  We did this work promptly within an hour.

*** NOTE in the above email #2 on his list – he is asking for a Gallery page to be created.  This was not included in the initial scope of work and I believe this is what caused Craig Brown to stop responding to our messages.  As was mentioned in an email to Craig Brown on October 16th, you cannot walk into a dealership and agree on a price for a Chevrolet and then tell the sales man that you expect a Tesla for the same price.  This is precisely why a “scope of work” email was sent to establish those boundaries.

Those were the change request emails.  You can see the second email were solely of changes to correct issues in the Microsoft Word documents he sent us – not corrections due to our negligence.  The Microsoft Word documents are available above for download to provide evidence of these ‘sloppy’ and ‘inaccurate’ issues caused by Craig Brown’s oversight.

We responded back to Craig Brown regarding the Picture Gallery issue:

As you can see, we offered to compromise to create the page if he only had up to ten photos without captions.  But this is when Craig Brown of Camden Maine went silent and did not respond.

And the final email we sent that day regarding the completion of his second round of changes and it was mentioned about a spelling issue in his second email message which we caught and corrected (see the email picture above, line #4).

No other emails from Craig after October 5th.  We attempted a follow-up email on October 8th and also again on October 9th.  The email on October 9th stated that we needed a response from him otherwise the website was going to get taken down.  Afterall, we were not going to allow Mr. Brown to steal the majority of our work either. Craig Brown was readily communicating with us quickly and several times a day (as seen by the picture of the messages he sent above).  And after the 5th of October, he stopped responding.

Therefore, we took the majority of all the data off the website on October 11th although we left the files in place.  By waiting until October 11th, we allowed him a few extra days to respond in case he was traveling or was sick.

On October 16th, he responded to one of our advertisements in Greenville, SC that was completely out of his area in Camden, Maine.  In one of the first emails he exchanged with us, he asked if we were local and wanted to sit down with someone.  Obviously Craig Brown was being dishonest since he blatantly responded to an ad in South Carolina.

If you notice in his message, he has a “website partially set up”.  That is because he stole the work that we had already completed and left intact on his hosting account.

We responded to this email and Craig Brown’s response was:

As you can see, Craig Brown of Camden, ME calls us out on four points – all of which were completely false.

#1 – He knew that the website was created in WordPress per the specification.  He deleted our account and left remnants of all of the files we uploaded in place.

#2 – He is mentioning that the features were not all there.  Note the above emails where he requested a picture gallery after the fact and it was not included in the scope of work, nor was he willing to compensate us any more for it.

#3 – He mentions about us ‘making noises’ about upping the price.  This was clearly due to him requesting additional work and features that were not included in the scope of work.

He also said that our work was ‘sloppy’.  All of the work we did was completely copy and pasted directly from his Microsoft Word documents that Craig Brown provided us.  There was no ‘manual typing’ of any kind on the web pages and therefore any errors in the written copy came directly from the material provided. As you can see in the previous emails posted here, he sent two messages asking for grammar, capitalization, and sentence changes.  This further provides evidence of the issues within the documents Craig Brown provided.

#4 – Craig Brown of Camden Maine mentioned the two edits and said we failed to complete them accurately.  If you look at the other emails above we responded to both of his messages with the changes that were completed.

In the end, Craig Brown is an individual that you do not want to do any form of business with.  We lost at least five hours of uncompensated time working on his website project. Since he was unwilling to put down a good-faith pre-payment showed that he is looking for someone to complete the website, block them out of it, and steal the work – much like he has done to us.

Website Design for Fuller Transportation Services, Ltd

Abell, the owner of Fuller Transportation Services, Ltd. reached out to us a while back needing to get a website.  He provides taxi and shuttle services in and around the Middletown, OH area.  Abell provided us an example website and let us know what functionality he needed on his website.  After the site was completed, he had a six page website that was mobile friendly with an online reservation capability, online payments via PayPal, and a basic contact form for general inquiries.

The website is at fulltranserv.com.

Website Design for IPicU Photo Booth

Terry, the owner of IPicU Photo Booth, reached out to us yesterday asking about pricing for our website design services.  We supplied a break-down of costs based on what he requested and he was ready to get started on the website right away!

We received all of the info that Terry wanted to put on the site throughout today and put the website together.  Just about 24 hours after the order was placed, the website was completed and approved!

IPicU Photo Booth’s website is at ipicupb.com.

Website Hosting & Management for Indian Springs Homeowners Association

Dee reached out to us several months ago needing help with the website for their HOA – Indian Springs Homeowners Association.  Initially one of the community members created the website and managed it themselves, but the association wanted to move the management and hosting to an outside party so there would be no conflicts of interest.

After several weeks, we began the process of getting the existing website backed up and migrated to our hosting servers.  Dee then sent many updates and changes that needed to take place on the website which we worked through as they came in.

The website has now been fully migrated over and updated to bring in the most current documentation.  Over time, the website will evolve as they are forming a website committee to discuss and determine what features and changes should be done to the website going forward.

The website for the Indian Springs Homeowners Association is at indianspringshoa.net.

Website Design for Perfectly Clean LLC

Alan, the owner of Perfectly Clean LLC, had us create a simple website for their cleaning service in the Fort Collins area.  Previously, we completed the logo design for him and now the website is done.

The website is a simple site with four pages, a contact form, and mobile device compatibility.

The website is at perfectlycleanllc.com.

Website Design for Quality Built Garages

Jess, the owner of Quality Built Garages of Wausau WI, contacted us last week.  He had a website but unfortunately lost it when the domain name expired and was not able to retrieve the domain name or the website.

Therefore, he asked us for guidance on what to do.  Because the domain name was already purchased by someone else, we opted to get the “.net” version of the domain name to keep the name as close as possible.

Jess then sent us information to put together a very simple website that qualified for our basic website service.  We had the website completed within 24 hours and the site is now live!

Quality Built Garages website is at qualitybuiltgarages.net.

Logo Design for Perfectly Clean, LLC

Alan, the owner of Perfectly Clean LLC, contacted us last week about website and logo design work.  He has a small cleaning service business and was ready to get a site and logo created to be more professional.

Our logo designer received his completed questionnaire within 24 hours of the order being placed.  After about three days, our designer submitted three mock-up designs to Alan for review.  Just a few slight changes to the color of one of the logos and he was happy with the result!

Stay tuned for the completion of their website!

Website Design For Derek Storm

Derek contacted us and needed a website overhaul.  He is a professional / freelance photographer and moved to the Georgia area and wants to focus more on real estate photography.  His existing website was mostly for celebrity photography and he didn’t have any ability to update or manage the website himself.

We helped Derek setup the new website and loaded his pictures initially.  Then, we turned him over to start adding and updating the site himself using the easy-to-use website editor platform that empowers our customers to manager their own site.

He is up and running and is on his way to getting more photos added to the site!

Derek’s website is at derekstorm.com.