eCommerce Website Design for The Track

Todd called us a few months ago asking about our website services.  He was referred to us by one of our other clients, Brian, the owner of Caveman Bodeez and he had very positive things to say about the experience with us.  So, Todd wanted to also reach out to us and have a website created.

The Track is in Valdese, NC and is a hobby shop plus an indoor slot car racing track.  The main reason Todd wanted to get a site created was to create an online store to sell products.

We got the initial website up and running quickly and configured the eCommerce capabilities.  Over the next few months, some questions came in about how to add products to the site, setup categories, and do a couple of small changes on the site.

They are ready to go live and the online store is open for business!

The Track’s website is at

Logo Design for Barber Innovations

Manny reached out to us wanting to get a website created for his business, Barber Innovations.  We spoke with Manny over the phone and explained what was needed for an eCommerce website and provided an itemized estimate for the project.

During that time, he also said he had a rough idea of a logo he wanted – and needed us to bring it to life.  Through a few renditions of the logo example to fine tune it, Manny approved the logo today and this portion of the project is completed!

The website is almost finished up and should be going live very soon.

Logo Design for Let Us Do It Handyperson Servies

Leslie reached out to us about two weeks ago asking about our website and logo design service offerings.  After a phone conversation with Leslie, she wanted to start with the logo design first.

The next day, she submitted her logo design questionnaire.  Our logo designer completed several mock-up designs for her initially – and then further modified the one logo that Leslie indicated was the winner.  After the one modification, the logo was approved and completed!

Leslie has indicated she will be contacting us very soon to get started on the website for the business next!

Website Design for Dornoch Place

Andrey contacted us on behalf of his wife, the owner of Dornoch Place in Cape Coral, FL.  They are a smaller assisted living facility and wanted to get a simple website together for marketing.

Andrey sent us over a brochure that they have and requested to have the same information put on the website.  We worked with Andrey and created a custom map at the bottom of each of the pages, added a picture gallery for the photos they provided, and also made the website mobile friendly.

Today, the site has been completed and approved!

The Dornoch Place website is at

Website Design for Phanta LaRose

Melanie, who goes by the pen name of Phanta LaRose, contacted us in hopes of getting a website created.

We discussed the details of what was needed and got to work right away on the site.  The website has four pages, social networking integration, a homepage slideshow, it is mobile device compatible, has hover over menu navigation, a basic contact form, and a newsletter system that will allow individuals to subscribe to her newsletter.

Melanie is very happy with our work and says she will be writing a review about our services very soon.  She previously contacted us several months ago to have a logo created for her publishing company.

The Phanta LaRose website is at

Website Design for Rhode Heating and AC

Brian Rhode, the owner of Rhode Heating and AC, was referred to us from one of our partners in the IT industry.  He came to us seeking help on getting better placement for his Google Places listing and to get a new website created to reduce his yearly cost of his web hosting services.

The first thing we did was to ‘take ownership’ of the Google Places listing since it was not already claimed.  We worked with Brian to complete the verification process and got his listing fully finished.  Upon doing so, his Google Places listing is now coming up at the top of the results in the communities he wanted to target.  Before, he was only coming up in his small community – where there wasn’t enough work to keep his business going.

After this was completed, we created a simpler website that showcased his products and services.  The site included mobile device compatibility and a basic contact form.

A few changes later and the inclusion of Financing buttons from his bank – the site was approved and made public!

We appreciate the business from Brian and look forward to working with him on any other website needs.

Rhode Heating and AC’s website is at

Website Design for Crazy 8’s French Bulldogs

Marla, the owner of Crazy 8’s French Bulldogs, emailed us a few weeks ago asking about our website design services.  She just started doing french bulldog breeding and wanted a website to showcase pictures of the pups and the parents with other text about her experience and the dogs.

We created the basic three page website and also added on mobile device compatibility to the site.

The site has now been approved and is published!

The website for Crazy 8’s French Bulldogs is at

Website Design for A to Z Home Inspection Service

Raj, the owner of A to Z Home Inspection Service, reached out to us a few months ago needing a new website created.  He has had a website for many years but it was outdated and prevented him from being able to make changes to the site easily.

We re-created the website using mostly the same information but modernized it.  In addition, the site was created using the WordPress platform so there is an easy to use interface for Raj to be able to make changes to his website without needing external help.

The website has been published this morning and is ready to go!

A to Z Home Inspection Service’s site is at

Website Design for Sublime Extracts

Ashley worked with us over the past few weeks on the completion of her logo design and also the website.  The Sublime Extracts website is a simple eCommerce site with a few products such as bath bombs and beauty products.

We assisted with creating the simple website for Ashley with several features – such as mobile compatibility, product loading, social networking integration, hover over navigation, and a homepage slideshow.

The site has been completed and is now open for business!

The Sublime Extracts website is at

Logo Design For Annemarie Voice Actor

Annemarie emailed us last week needing to get some information on our basic website services and a logo design.  After discussing her needs, she did go forward with a basic three page website with mobile compatibility and a vector logo design.

Several renditions of the logo were created for Annemarie.  She has now chose a logo to approve and the logo is completed!

We are working through the website right now and will be done with that very soon.