Website Hosting for MTL Enterprises

JW, a current customer of BsnTech and owner of MTL Enterprises, contacted us this morning and was very frustrated with his current hosting provider.  Over the past several months, his website hosting account has bee compromised.  Each time he contacts his hosting provider, they indicate they have resolved the issue and it shouldn’t happen again.

Well, today – his website wouldn’t load at all.  JW’s website is a “static HTML” site so there should be zero method for his hosting account to be compromised.

We’ve worked with JW for a few years and provided website update services – but he was now ready to have us manage the hosting as well.

We made a copy of his website and moved it over to our hosting servers.  Spent some time optimizing and removing some files that were no longer being used for the website to save space.

The site is now moved over and live on our servers.  This should be the end of any hosting issues for MTL!

The MTL Enterprises website is at

Website Design for Buzzy Taxi LLC

Jim reached out to us last week asking about our website design services.  He has a friend that owns a small taxi company, Buzzy Taxi LLC, and wanted to help his friend get a website created.

Jim was quick to provide us the specifications for the site.  It was a very simple website requirement that also included a contact form.

We got to work on the site the same day Jim made the payment and it was done the same day as well.  We did assist Jim with getting a custom email address created and added the email to the website.

The site has been completed and is ready for business!

The Buzzy Taxi LLC website is at

Website Design for Come To You Auto Repair

Robert, the owner of Come To You Auto Repair, was referred to us by another customer.  Robert had a website for his business a year or more ago but it got lost and wasn’t renewed.

He needed to get a website presence back online and so he enlisted us to help him.

We found a partial copy of his prior website so we made the new site to be very similar to the old one – with some changes and modifications.

It took a few days to complete and then we were asked to create a few more pages on the site – which was done the same day the info for those pages was received.

Robert’s website is back online and we appreciate the opportunity to assist with his request!

The Come To You Auto Repair website is at

Website Design for RedFlagged Volunteer Database

Seth, the founder of the RedFlagged Volunteer Database, needed assistance to create a simple website.  He also had us complete a logo design for his service a few weeks ago.

Seth wanted to start with a simple website to see if his idea works and to start somewhere while he works to get non-profit status and possible grant money for his idea.

His idea was to create a database for non-profit organizations to check volunteers against.  Non-profit agencies would be able to request an account at his website – and the non-profits would have the ability to see the names of volunteers who have been ‘red flagged’ by other organizations.

Over time, he anticipates growing the website to allow the non-profit subscribers to add their own entries and to make the database scalable with search capabilities.

We appreciate the business from Seth and hope his idea takes off!

The website for the RedFlagged Volunteer Database is at

Website Hosting for Garden State Bankruptcy

Andrew, a current customer of BsnTech, had a website with another hosting provider.  To aid in consolidating his website services, he asked us several months ago to move over his Garden State Bankruptcy website.

Before the move of the website hosting, he uncovered that there were about three extra months of hosting already paid for with his other provider.  Therefore, he wanted to wait to transfer over the domain name and hosting until the time became closer to that expiring.

Last week, we began the process with moving the website.  Today, the domain name was transferred and the work has been completed.

We appreciate the continued business from Andrew!

The Garden State Bankruptcy website is at

Logo Design for Rocky Mountain Installations

Justin, the owner of Rocky Mountain Installations, emailed us about our service offerings. Brian, the owner of BsnTech Networks, reached out to Justin after his email and discussed his request.

Justin’s primary goal was to get a website created for his business.  He provides installation services for fleet tracking equipment amongst other services.  While discussing, he also asked us to create a professional logo design.

Justin filled out our logo questionnaire and provided ample detail on how he wanted the logo created.  Our designer began on the logo within a few days of receiving the order.  Some changes were requested to the logo and after a few modifications, it was approved!

We are working with Justin to bring his website to completion and will write about that project soon.

Logo Design for RedFlagged Volunteers

Seth contacted us two weeks ago about our website design services.  He had an idea about getting a website created that would help non profits and others that rely on volunteers to help complete tasks in their organization.  He calls his organization RedFlagged Volunteers.

While speaking with Seth, he also requested a professional logo design.  He provided us examples of logos he liked.  Our designer took those examples and his input and created several mock-up designs for him.  After just some slight changes to one of the examples, Seth approved the logo and it was completed!

The website is almost done and we will be posting about that soon.

Website Hosting for Atlantic Roofing & Siding

Glenn, the owner of Atlantic Roofing & Siding, was referred to us by one of our other customers that highly rated us for professionalism, speed, and communications.

Glenn wasn’t too happy with the costs and response time of his current hosting provider and was looking for a change.  We spoke with Glenn over the phone a few weeks ago about our pricing and what we offer.

He was ready to move forward with BsnTech after speaking with us.  In addition to the website hosting, he asked to simplify his services and we also are providing domain name management services for him – so everything is on one yearly invoice without having to worry about expired credit cards or domain names expiring and being lost.

Today, the website has been migrated over and tested – he is now live with BsnTech Networks!

We appreciate the ability to serve Glenn and his website service needs.

The Atlantic Roofing & Siding website is at

Logo Design for AmVet Office Supplies

Alan, the owner of AmVet Office Supplies, reached out to us early last week inquiring about our logo design service.  He already had a logo created for his business but needed to have it in the vector, print-grade file types for professional printing.

He promptly filled out the necessary logo design questionnaire.  Upon receiving, our logo designer got started right away.  In less than a week, the logo was completed and approved by Alan.

We appreciate the opportunity to serve Alan and AmVet Office Supplies for their logo design needs!

Logo Design for Emerald Coast Regenerative Medicine

Aaron, the owner of Emerald Coast Regenerative Medicine, was referred to us by another customer of ours a few months ago.  Initially, Aaron was needing to get a website designed for his medical practice.  During the process of working on the website, he expressed the need for a new logo design for his business since he wasn’t pleased with the logo he had before.

Our logo designer worked with Aaron and provided him several examples to choose from within a week of receiving the order.  Some modifications to one of the example designs was requested and the logo was then approved!

We are still working towards completion on the website for Aaron as his schedule is very tight.