Website Design for Coastal Marketings, LLC

Steve contacted us last week in order to get a website created for his business, Coastal Marketings LLC.  He supplied us with an example website that provides similar services as his business – which is to market timeshares to potential renters and purchasers.

The website has a few features such as a basic contact form, hover over menu navigation, and a basic contact form.  It also consists of five total web pages.

Steve emailed us the information to put on the website within 24 hours and we had the site 95% completed within a few hours of receiving the information.  A few changes were necessary including a Policies page.

The website has been approved and completed – and Steve was supplied the necessary information to empower him to update and manage the website going forward.

The Coastal Marketings, LLC website is at

Website Design for Pollard Johnson, Inc.

Natasha and Julie are the owners of Pollard Johnson, Inc. in the Washington DC metro area.  They had reached out to us initially to create a logo for their services business.

A few months after the logo was completed, they approached us and asked to get a basic website created.  We worked closely with Natasha and Julia and had a few phone conversations about changes needed on the site as the work progressed.  The website is a simple four page website with mobile device compatibility.

Their website is at

Website Design for Alliance Home Buying, LLC

Nigel, the owner of Alliance Home Buying, LLC – contacted us needing to have a website created.  He provided us an example site for what he was looking for, but additionally wanted to sell a list of property addresses that would be available for immediate download.

We received the information from Nigel quickly for what was needed on the site.  Within three days, the website was fully configured and completed!

The website for Alliance Home Buying, LLC is at

Website Re-Design and Hosting for BuzzyGrill

Mark already had a website for his invention, the BuzzyGrill, but was not getting the response rate he was hoping for.  He had the website up for quite a while and had over 40,000 visits to the site.

He emailed us asking us to take over the website hosting services and to give the site a facelift.  We got started on the website right away and had a new design completed within a few days – all while still keeping his prior sales information.

We initially provided several recommendations to Mark on how to make the site work better which might lead to more sales – such as making the homepage more appealing, adding buy buttons on the homepage, and allowing for free shipping.  He agreed with all of these items although later decided that shipping would need charged because it varies depending where the grill is shipped.

The BuzzyGrill website is open again for business and can be found at

Website Design for Barber Innovations

Manny reached out to us a few weeks ago wanting to get a website and logo created for his business, Barber Innovations.  We previously wrote about the logo that was completed for his brand.

Today, Manny has approved of the website and it is completed.  He has a small eCommerce site with a few products for barber shops showcased on the site.  He also requested to have a website blog added so he could write about any latest news and trends on the site as well.

The Barber Innovations website is at

Website Design for JS Construction Consultants

John, the owner of JS Construction Consultants, reached out to us a couple of weeks ago.  He wanted a very basic website with a few pictures and text information.

He mailed us the text information along with a copy of his business card and requested we scan in the business card and place it on the website.  He was able to email us the actual pictures needed for the website since those sent by mail were very bad quality (since they were printed out).

Once we received the information, we supplied John with the invoice to get started and he paid right away.  The website was completed within three days of the payment.

The JS Construction Consultants website is at

Website Design for Bell Ridge Christian Church

Kim from Bell Ridge Christian Church in Paris IL contacted us about a month ago.  They were wanting to overhaul their existing website and get a new site created.

We spoke with Kim over the phone regarding our capabilities and what we were able to do for them.  Kim found us through a business partnership we have with Midwest First Wireless Internet Services and also looked at our reviews on Facebook to ensure we were qualified to do the work.

Kim supplied us with a full list of things they wanted on the new website very quickly in an organized manner – enabling us to get started on the site right away.  Within a few days after the initial payment, we had the majority of the website done along with the updated logo design.

Over the course of the last few weeks, we have provided guidance and email support for how to do certain things in the website admin panel – along with a couple of modifications to the site.

Today, the website has been approved and is now launched!

The new Bell Ridge Christian Church website is at

Website Design for C & M Drywall

Mike, the owner of C & M Drywall, contacted us at the beginning of April wanting a simple website for his drywall contracting service.  He provides drywall installation, finishing, and texturing in the Bloomington, IN area.

The main purpose of the website was just to act as a place for customers to find his business and provide reputation.  Some photos of his work are provided on the website along with contact information.

The C&M Drywall website is at

Website Design for Earthbound Land

Greg, the owner of Earthbound Land, reached out to us needing to get a website created for his land selling business.  He had an example website in mind and wanted his site to resemble that example site as close as possible.  He already had website hosting and a domain name so he was needing only our website design services.

Upon initial payment, we got started on the site right away.  The site was completed within two days.  A few changes were needed to some text and pictures during that period but the site came together very quickly.

We appreciate the business from Greg!

The Earthbound Land website is at

eCommerce Website Design for The Track

Todd called us a few months ago asking about our website services.  He was referred to us by one of our other clients, Brian, the owner of Caveman Bodeez and he had very positive things to say about the experience with us.  So, Todd wanted to also reach out to us and have a website created.

The Track is in Valdese, NC and is a hobby shop plus an indoor slot car racing track.  The main reason Todd wanted to get a site created was to create an online store to sell products.

We got the initial website up and running quickly and configured the eCommerce capabilities.  Over the next few months, some questions came in about how to add products to the site, setup categories, and do a couple of small changes on the site.

They are ready to go live and the online store is open for business!

The Track’s website is at