Website Re-Design for Dunn’s Cajun Pitbulls

Herman, the owner of Dunn’s Cajun Pitbulls, has been a customer of ours for several years now.  He is based in Louisiana and is a pitbull breeder offering pitbulls for sale.

He expressed an interest to have his website re-created in 2023 – and then he was ready to have this completed at the beginning of 2024.

One of the main aspects he wanted on the website was a swamp scene to help theme the site to his locality.  He also wanted the website to be more streamlined and easier to navigate compared to the other site.

Over the past week, we worked with Herman to get the final touches on the site and it has now been launched!

The new site can be see at

Website Design for RipCurrentDisplays

Jeff reached out to us on January 18th asking for some guidance for a website.  He invented an educational tool to help the public understand how rip currents work on the beach and how they can sweep you out into the ocean.  Therefore, his invention is aptly named the Rip Current Simulator.

He has been showcased on a few news stories and was urged to make more of these simulators from the different organizations that have purchased one.

Therefore, that is where we stepped in and helped to create a website to help showcase the display.

Jeff was ready to get started the same day.  We secured the domain name and setup the website hosting.

Over the last several days, the website took shape and today it was fully completed!

You can find the website at

Website Design for Airweld, Inc.

Stuart, the owner of Airweld, Inc – contacted us in August asking for help with a website.  He already had a website for his business but unfortunately the domain name was lost and he needed to start over with a new domain name.

The prior website was dated and he asked to have a more modern site created and supplied a few examples of sites he liked.

About a week after speaking with Stuart, he was ready to get the website started.  We were able to retrieve information from his old website using the Internet Archive website and put it into a newer-looking website.

Updated SDS sheets also were needed.  Stuart supplied us with the SDS sheets for his website and we assisted to modify them for branding.

The website for Airweld, Inc. is at

Website Design for OKTEX Operating, LLC

Phillip, the owner of OKTEX Operating LLC, contacted us in mid November asking for some help making a website.  OKTEX Operating specializes in oil and gas exploration and drilling in Oklahoma and the Permian Basin.

Phillip wanted to get a site setup to help bring attention to his business, the activities they involved in, and to attract investors.

After initially supplying info to Phillip on our pricing and how we work to create websites, he was ready to get started three days after this initial discussion.

His website has five pages, it is mobile friendly, and has a basic contact form.

The site was approved and is now ready for the public!  The site for OKTEX Operating LLC is at

Website Design for Remeteas, Ltd

Channan, the owner of Remeteas Ltd, contacted us back at the beginning of October.

Channan has a store on Etsy and wanted to have another way of getting sales for her business, so she asked about what was involved with setting up her own website.  We discussed the positives and negatives of this and provided the pricing.

A few days later, Channan let us know that she wanted to move forward with the site.

We assisted her with getting an export of her products from her Etsy store and importing them on the new site.  The site is very simple with just a homepage and the pages for the products.

Today, the site was approved and she is now ready to start accepting sales directly on her site!

The web address is at

Website Design for TheCannaChamp

Steve, the owner of TheCannaChamp, contacted us on the 24th of October.  He indicated that he needed his website re-created using the WooCommerce system so he could begin using a different card processor for his business.

He had a different “all in one” provider that was handling his eCommerce store – and they indicated they no longer would support processing transactions for the type of products he was selling.  Therefore, he found a different provider that worked with WooCommerce.

Steve made a quick decision and within 30 minutes of our initial conversation, he wanted to get the ball rolling on the change.

We handled everything for Steve – re-creating the website including setting up all of the products.

Within two days, the site was done and it is now live!

The website is at

Website Design for Search Lights of Mississippi

Bill, a long time customer of BsnTech Networks, contacted on Friday of last week asking to get a new website created for another business, Search Lights of Mississippi.

He wanted a simple one page website for this new business where they rent out search lights anywhere in the state of Mississippi.

Some text and a picture of his search light in action was sent over.  We sourced a background graphic and added in some additional text to help fill out the site.

Their web address is at

Website Design for Omaha Bird Group

RJ called us on September 22nd asking about our website services.  He wanted to get a website created that would be a forum to allow a community to engage online.

Information was supplied over the phone about our pricing and capabilities.  An email was sent as a follow-up with the same info.

RJ wanted to get the site started right away and ended up making the initial payment to start the same day.

Within a few hours, the website was completed.  He provided us a few pictures and some verbiage to add to a few pages – but the main goal was to have a forum and get it operational.

The site can be found at

Website Design for New Birth Outreach Ministries

Michael runs a non-profit organization – New Birth Outreach Ministries.  He got in contact with us in mid-August by first calling us.  We spoke with Mike about the plans for his website and followed by with an itemized estimate by email.

At the end of August, he was ready to start with the website.  We setup the hosting and domain name and began to receive the information from him that would be included on the site.

The site is a pretty simple page – with the sole purpose of explaining his outreach and help to get donations to support the aid and education to citizens in poor countries that have been forgotten.

The New Birth Outreach Ministries site can be looked up at

Website Design for Lakeview Benefits

David, an independent insurance specialist operating as Lakeview Benefits, contact us back in mid-July asking about how our website design services work.  He already had a domain name registered and an email account setup, but then needed help with getting the site created.  After a couple of conversations with him, we understood what his needs were and moved forward with a website.

The site is meant to be a landing point for his clients and potential clients to see the types of insurance he can help with.  He assists with Medicare, a few options for regular health insurance, and life insurance.  There are five pages, a basic contact form for email inquiries, and the site is mobile friendly.

The Lakeview Benefits website is at