BsnTech Networks Creates Logo For Top Auto Group, Inc.

Top Auto Group, Inc.BsnTech Networks was contacted by Jeff at Top Auto Group, Inc. inquiring about logo design.  Jeff had a very specific look that he wanted for his logo.  Our graphic designer pulled throgh and created a logo for Jeff very quickly – completing within just a few days!

The logo went through a few different modifications to get to the look that Jeff wanted – but that is all included in the cost of our logo design.  We simply require a small pre-payment (20%) to get started on the logo and then the final amount is due upon successful completion.  If the customer isn’t satisfied with the work – even after several modifications, there is no obligation to purchase the final logo design.

Jeff has already had us start working on a website for his business based on how satisfied he was with the logo design.

We appreciate Jeff’s business!

HWS Inspections, LLC Chooses BsnTech Networks For Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Work

HWS Inspections, LLCBsnTech Networks was contacted by Shane, the owner of HWS Inspections, LLC a few weeks ago concerning some questions about search engine optimization (SEO) and how he could be found more easily online.

We went into great detalis to explain how the process worked and the different kinds of SEO services that we offer.

In the end, Shane decided to choose our entire SEO services package which included submission to online business databases, on-page SEO, and the advanced off-page SEO package that we offer.

On his website, it was made by a family member and the site suits their needs.  However, it was not optmized at all for the specific keywords he wanted to be found for.  It needed a few hours of work to fully bring it in-line with SEO standards.

Even only after approximately five days, his website already went from being no where in the top 100 for the keywords he wanted to target – to going to pages one and two!  One of his phrases is already ranked #3 in Google and the other two are #16 and #20.

With SEO work, you never can tell what will happen.  There is no guarantee as to the kind of results that we can achieve for customers because it fully depends upon their budget, how well they continue with the SEO services, and the competitive nature of the keywords that they wish to target.

Shane’s website for HWS Inspections LLC is at

We appreciate the business from Shane and look forward to a long relationship with him as we help him manage his online marketing needs!

Light on the Lake Chooses BsnTech Networks For Website Hosting

Light on the LakeDennis – a co-owner of Light on the Lake in North East, PA contacted us a few days ago.  A tragedy occurred with their previous webmaster and therefore they were looking for a new company to assist with their website requirements.

Unfortunately the main domain name that Dennis had – – was under the previous webmaster’s account and it expires today (9/19/2013).  Dennis purchased four other domain names for the site and is hoping that down the road, they will be able to purchase the domain name that they have lost.

BsnTech Networks stepped in very quickly and made a full backup of their website.  In the event that the domain name expired, they would have also lost their website since they had no information about the website hosting as well.

A few changes were made on the website – mostly to update their e-mail address – and it was then restored and setup on website hosting servers owned by BsnTech Networks.

Dennis has also expressed a potential interest in having us fully create a new website for their bed and breakfast business.  Their new domain name is at

We look forward to a long-term relationship with Dennis and Light on the Lake for all of his website hosting and website maintenance requests!

Website Design For Halloween Headquarters of Jackson Mississippi

Halloween Headquarters of Jackson MississippiBill from Halloween Headquarters of Jackson Mississippi contacted us a few weeks ago asking about several kinds of website services.  He wanted to know the different kinds of online marketing that was available – so we informed him about the positives and negatives of both kinds of online marketing – either through search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.  In Bill’s case, he needed to choose the PPC advertising.  SEO marketing can take several months before results are achieved – fully depending up on the competitive nature of the keywords and phrases chose.  Since Bill operates a halloween mega store in Jackson MS, he needed to understand that PPC was the only method that was going to bring results this quickly – since halloween is only six weeks away!

After providing that education, he wanted to think the matter over for a bit.  He then contacted us late last week and said “Let’s get going and get this site up!”.  So within only a few days, we had his site fully up and running to his satisfaction.

We appreciate the opportunity to create a halloween website design for Bill – and hopefully he will also have us manage his PPC advertising campaign.

Bill’s website is at

Shiba Country Chooses BsnTech Networks For Website Re-Design

Shiba CountryCheri – the owner of Shiba Country – contacted us over a year ago inquiring about our rates and service offerings.  With her busy schedule, she had some time to get started on her website re-design.

Cheri originally had another website that was made from another designer.  However, she wasn’t able to easily update the website and was lost when it came to doing those changes.  Because she is a dog breeder, she needed the ability to update her website with the new litter of pups that she had available for sale.

In addition, Cheri had branched out to making YouTube videos as well and couldn’t figure out how to put these videos on the site.

BsnTech helped her through the entire process.  We did a full website re-design for her although much of the same pictures and artwork was used at her request.  We copied over each of the pages from her old website and put it into a Content Management System (CMS).  By doing so, this allows her to go into her website – without the use of any software on her computer (other than a web browser) to update and make changes to her site.

BsnTech then had a screen-sharing training session so we could show Cheri how to update her pages, embed videos into her site, and answer any other questions she had about managing her own website.

Cheri was exceptionally pleased with the service that we offered that she will also have us re-design her second website as well!  We look forward to starting on that project for her – and becoming her one-source solution for website services!

Website Completed For Kundalini Guidance by Trey Douglas

Kundalini GuidanceTrey Douglas had us create a website for him a couple of months ago.  His idea was to put all of his three service offerings directly on the site.  However, he found out that this wasn’t working in the search engines very well.  So, Trey contact us again to make another website for him!

We also answered a lot of questions about search engine optimization and gave him some other ideas – especially when writing the content for his new website.  We set him up with a new domain name for his previous site that we created.  His original domain name was exceptionally long and therefore it was shortened considerably.

Trey provided us the content for the new website and we had the majority of the site done within a few days of receiving the info.  After a few more modifications and changes, he was ready to go live with the site!

Trey’s new website is at

We appreciate Trey’s continued business – and he hopes to have us create another website for him in the near future as well!

Williams Homestead Creamery Chooses BsnTech For Website Design Services

Williams Homestead CreameryBob Kapsy – Marketing Directory at Williams Homestead Creamery – contacted us several weeks ago about website design services.  He was looking to get a website designed to help with the marketing of their bon bree cheese.

Over the weeks, Bob sent us many updates and items that he wanted to have added to the website.  After working dillegently with each of his requests, the design has now been completed as the final product.

Bob will have many other updates for us in the future as they add on to the website and to their blog articles.

One of the great things about being a nationwide web design company is that we can put our talents and exceptionally priced website design services to use for many customers.  BsnTech Networks completes or provides website assistance to at least six or more customers on a monthly basis from all over the United States.  Many of our customers are on limited budgets and need something simple done and we are here for that request.

We appreciate the business that Bob and Williams Homestead Creamery have provided us for their website services needs and look forward to providing website maintenance and updates as they need them!

Website Assistance For Triple Crown Sports Agency

Triple Crown Sports AgencyMatt with Triple Crown Sports Agency contacted us yesterday morning inquiring about website assistance.  Matt already took care of getting his domain name, website hosting, and even created his own WordPress website.

However, Matt was unsure how to modify some of the theme design and reached out to us for this help.

BsnTech Networks quickly provided the services that Matt requested after his payment was received.  Within five hours of obtaining payment and the username and password information, we were able to take care of getting the design of his site to his specifications.

We would like to thank Matt at Triple Crown Sports Agency for entrusting BsnTech Networks for their website assistance request!

Website Design For Child of God International University

Child of God UniversityKatrina from Child of God International University (COGIU) contacted us several months ago in order to create a website for her new small business.  She saw our advertising with our website special that we offer.

Katrina already had her domain name and website hosting through another provider – so she didn’t qualify for our lower-priced website design services.  Even with that said, she still was very pleased with the affordable website design services that we provided her.  She got a feature-rich website with several pages, a contact form, PayPal integration, and a slideshow for a rate that was lower than her expectations.

We worked with Katrina as we received the information to put on her website and are thankful for the business that she provided us.

Website Design For Southwest Design and Development

Southwest Design and DevelopmentBsnTech Networks has finished a website for Michael at Southwest Design and Development.  Michael contacted us yesterday asking about a website and wanted to know what needed done to get a website up and running very quickly.

BsnTech explained how the process worked and answered all of Michael’s questions in a very timely manner.  Within three hours of the initial contact, his order invoice was sent out to him and he had paid.

We worked dilligently to put a website design together for him.  He provided us the content and the pictures of his site very quickly and so that was added to the site.

Within 24 hours, his website was fully completed and designed.  Amazing turn-around time for a website design company!

We’d like to thank Michael for giving us the opportunity to make him a website and hope that he will return to us if there are any other needs he may have concerning website services.