Professional Website Designed For Central Florida Accordion Club

Central Florida Accordion ClubThe Central Florida Accordion Club contacted one of our freelancers – Dan Cassel – to create a new website for them.  They were using a website that was highly outdated and very difficult to update over with Yahoo.  Back in December, a member of the Central Florida Accordion Club spoke with Dan about creating a new website for them.

After the culmination of seven months, their website has been fully completed and launched!  This was a very large project with dozens of pages, a members-only area, a Flash-based media player, amongst many other add-ons and features.

Dan did a great job and met the expectations of the club and met with them on several occasions to ensure the website was progressing as they wanted.

We’re very happy to have dedicated freelancers that continue to strive in making our website design customers happy and satisfied with their decision to choose BsnTech Networks for their website design needs.

Affordable Website Design for Body Shop Fitness

Body Shop FitnessBsnTech Networks has completed another affordable website design for Body Shop Fitness based in Le Mars, IA.  The owner, John, contacted us a few weeks back to create a website for his business.  He provided a logo that was already made along with several pictures and a brochure.

We took the information and brochure and setup a low-cost website design for him.  After changing around a few pictures today, we’ve now completed the site and he is happy with the results.

At BsnTech, we understand that the economy is tough and especially when you are a small business owner, it is hard to compete with other large corporations to stay afloat.  Almost all of our customers are just starting out and need to have a website designed.  Others already have a website and are looking to just have a few changes done – or to have a completely new website designed.  Our rates are still very low and we’ve not raised our prices for website design since we started 13 years ago.  That is how to beat inflation!

MySQL Database Updated Needed for United Real Estate Managers Assocation

United Real Estate Managers AssociationAl – the owner of the United Real Estate Managers Assocation – has worked with us in the past for some website updates and maintenance he has needed.  This past week, he also returned to us again for some more work.

Recently, his hosting provider upgraded the MySQL systems that they used.  In essence, they forced all of their customers to update to the new version of MySQL – or else their database(s) would cease to work.

This is what happened with Al.  He told us that the hosting provider upgraded from MySQL 4.x to MySQL 5.x and because of this, the login capabilities and other database functions of his website stopped working.

Upon getting into the file-level access of his site, we saw that the previous designer made a huge mess of the programming on the site.  There was probably two or three copies of the site that were installed throughout the file manager – but we didn’t delete or change anything just to be sure.  Instead, we had to update 50+ files that contained the database information so that his website would begin to interface with the new database.

Although it took us quite a bit longer to make the requested changes, we provided Al an estimate for the work and we stuck with the price.

Al was exceptionally pleased with our fast turn-around and the thorough nature of our services.  Once we made the changes to his website, we then ensured that all of his search functionality and login functionality was working propery after the change.

Website Maintenance Completed For Western Michigan Junior Gold Tour Website

Western Michigan Junior Gold TourJeff – the owner of the Western Michigan Junior Gold Tour website – contacted us last week.  He inquired about having us change some items on his current website.  His current website is hosted with another provider – and he had someone create the website for him a while ago.

Jeff told us that he talked to a few other website design people and none of them were interested in helping him out.  Jeff said that the other website designers made him feel like they were too busy to be bothered to make the changes that Jeff requested.

Here at BsnTech Networks, we were very happy to help Jeff with his website maintenance needs.  He did need very few changes – and we provided him a very great, affordable rate for his website maintenance.

Jeff was very pleased and noted “Awesome, 3 cheers for Brian, hip hip hurray, hip hip hurray, hip hip hurray!”.  Jeff later went on to say “Now if I would have used you for the first time, we woulda been done long ago.”

We are hoping that in the future, he will have us fully create a new website for him and bring it under our highly reliable hosting servers.  He currently is paying his other provider twice what our cost is per month for website hosting – so it will take him a little over 18 months to start saving money each month after the quote we provided him to create a new website for him.

No matter how small the website updates or maintenance needed, BsnTech is happy to help.

Morrison Logistics Chooses BsnTech Networks For Website Design

Morrison Logistics, LLCBeau at Morrison Logistics contacted us a few weeks ago to inquire about website services.  He indicated that he was working with another designer, but it had been several weeks and hadn’t received any communication from them.

Beau was very unhappy with the previous website designer’s communication – or lack thereof.  He also wanted the website designer to create a logo for his business – but they failed in that aspect as well.

Therefore, Beau placed an order with us to at least get a logo designed right away.  Within a few days, our graphic designer had a logo sent to Beau – and he was very impressed with the fast turn-around and the quality of the logo.  Beau said that it was perfect and exactly how he wanted the logo.

After the logo was done, he placed the order for the website through us as well.  Very upset, he placed a claim with his credit card company to re-coup the funds from his previous website designer charged him.  The previous designer charged him 100% of the total cost of both the logo and the website up front.  BsnTech Networks does not do this.  We require a 20% pre-payment for graphic design work – in addition to a $75 pre-payment to start on the website in addition to any hosting or domain name costs.  Once the customer is fully satisfied with the result, the balance is then due.

Beau provided us several websites that he liked – and so we got to work on his website right away.  Even during a holiday week, we completed the site in four days.

Beau then provided us some additional work by working on some documents that he had for his business – as he wanted his new logo integrated into the documents.

We appreciate the business from Beau, and hope that he will refer others to us as well based on his experience!

Affordable Website Design For Temptation Cleaning & Modeling Services

Temptation Cleaning & Modeling ServiceBrian at Tempation Cleaning & Modeling Services contact us a little over a week ago to have a website designed for his startup business.  His startup business is unique by putting a spin on cleaning services.  Instead of hiring just anyone to clean your home, you can hire models to clean your home!  You get two models that will come clean your home in either a bikini, lingerie, or even a french maid outfit!

We were happy to assist Brian with creating an affordable website design for his business.  It interfaces with PayPal so that customers can pay right away and reserve their maid right from his website!

Affordable Web Design For Song Writer’s Showcase

Song Writers ShowcasePatricia & Mel wanted to start out a unique website – a website where they could be contacted in order to showcase a song or music video for people all over the world.  Patricia created their own song called Do Me Shoes.  Originally, this also was the domain name of the site.  However, after a few days, Patricia decided to change the domain name to instead.  Patricia and Mel were very complimentary regarding how simple we made the process of changing the domain name.  And – they have an extra name that can be used for another site down the road!  As of now, both domain names point to the same website that BsnTech Networks created for them.

The affordable web design was completed in just under a week.  They had several requested changes during the design of the site – but they were all quickly implemented.

We appreciate the business that Patricia & Mel provided us and hope that we can benefit from their positive feedback through word of mouth advertising.

Cheap Web Design For The Binary Option Trainer

The Binary Option TrainerJon-Paul wanted to start out on a new endeavour that he has experience in – binary option trading.  His goal is to be able to provide training for individuals across the country – and he will even fly out and teach you what there is to know!  He also has a guarantee – that you will make a profit on it by the time he leaves.

Here at BsnTech, we were happy to assist Jon-Paul with creating a cheap website design.  Although he did use a few other features, the cost was still minimal.  Most of our customers want at least a little more with their website than our basic three-page web design package.  Jon-Paul chose to have basic PayPal integration so his customers can pay him – and also a contact form so individuals can inquire right from his website.

We are very appreciative of the business that Jon-Paul has given us to create a cheap web design for him.

Professional Website Design For The Owego Painting Company

The Owego Painting CompanyKen Luby tried to make a website himself.  He didn’t want to continue trying to make a website that may have made his company look unprofessional.  That is why he contacted us here at BsnTech Networks to make a cheap website design from him.  What he got was something exceeded his expectations.

Ken Luby has been a painter in the Owego, NY area for over 25 years.  He changed his business name to The Owego Painting Company and therefore wanted to get “with the times” and create a website for it.

We were contacted last week and Ken made the payment on Saturday.  A couple days later, he sent us the pictures to add to his picture gallery, the content for the home page, and in four days he had a fully functioning website.

BsnTech works quickly and efficiently to create affordable website design services to all of our customers.  With the quality of the sites received, the timely delivey, and the low cost, customers continue to come back to us to do more for them.

Ken was happy with our work – and said that he will be starting another website with us in a few months for another endeavor he will be starting.  We appreciate the vote of confidence from Ken with our services.

Cheap Website Design For Luigi Morelli

Luigi MorelliLuigi Morelli had us create a site for his motivational services about a year ago.  He then returned to us a week ago asking us to create a new website for his book that he has written.  The website was setup exactly like Luigi requested it – and he was happy with the fact that we set it up identical to the information he provided.  It is a very simple website – but that is what he was looking for.  Just enough to provide some introduction information about the book along with other links to the table of contents, synopsis, and more.

Another affordable website design created by BsnTech Networks – from a repeat customer!  That shows the kind of customer service and relationship we have with our customers when they continue to count on us for their website design needs.