Custom Website Design For Vintage Ford Truck Club

Vintage Ford Truck ClubMike & Toni contacted us a couple weeks ago asking about website design.  They have another website that they are partially involved in – and originally inquired about having that website overhauled.  After talks progressed, they decided to make their own website to start off – and then they will have us re-design the other website.

Mike and Toni are vintage Ford truck entusiasts and wanted to start a club that was open to those who have a Ford pickup that was made between 1948 and 1952.  Mike sent very specific requirements for the website and wanted it to look identical to his designs.

After a couple of design changes, we perfected the look that Mike requested for the website.

We appreciate the business from Mike and Toni and look forward to working on their other website as well!

Mike & Toni’s website is at

Premium Photography Website Design For Steven Jaramillo Photography

Steven Jaramillo PhotographyBsnTech Networks was contacted several months ago by Steven.  He owns and operates a photography business, Steven Jaramillo Photography, based out of Rockville Centre, NY.

Steven let us know that he wanted to have a very appealing, crisp, and professional website created.  Afterall, he is in the photography business and appearance is absolutely important when it comes to obtaining customers in that line of work.

Our website design freelancer started work on the site right away and completed a very professional website that Steven was exceptionally pleased with.  In the months since, Steven has continued to have our freelancer maintain and update his website.

While this post is a bit late, we definitely wanted to make a post regarding his website and the very precise work that our website design freelancer put together.

Steven’s website is at

PayPal Integration For Sparrow Strands Enterprises

Sparrow Strands EnterprisesSandra, owner of Sparrow Strands Enterprises, contacted us in need of some help.  She created a website by using the AT&T website building platform but was unable to do some updates to her site that were needed.

Sandra indicated that she was looking to have an eCommerce website done and that she built the site using their web builder, but was unable to add PayPal buttons to the site to allow visitors to purchase items.

She sent us over the proper coding required for each of her products and we went in and added the PayPal buttons.  We then published her site and made it so she is open for business!

Once we were done, we got a glowing compliment from Sandra:

A million thanks to you for helping me. I just got a lump in my throat as I type.  I started this in Feb with no help from anyone. I was hard for me as I know very little about computers. Than I came to the pay pal buttons I was so stressed out I could not do it. Than I found you. God Bless You.
” His eye is on the sparrow and I know he watches me”.
I may need you in the future and I will recommend you to others.

We appreciate the business from Sandra and hope we will be able to help her in the future as well!

Sandra’s site is at

Affordable Website Design For The Treasure Hill

The Treasure HillChara from The Treasure Hill resale shop in Toledo, OH contacted us to make a quick and very basic website for her and the new resale store that she was opening.

Chara let us know that she wanted the site to be very basic with no frills.  She simply wanted a site that would list her contact information and possibly a page where she could post new arrivals and updates.

We completed the design in a very quick timeframe and provided her the login information and video tutorials to manage her site.

Thank you for allowing us to make you an affordable website design, Chara!

Her website is at

Affordable Website Design For D’Elegant Pleasurable

D'Elegant PleasurableBsnTech Networks was contacted by a current customer for help making a new website.  Initially, our customer wanted to create two new websites.  After we put the pieces together, we discovered that we could combine both ideas and make one website for her to save on cost.

Ovella had us create a website for her several months ago for her “Process My Refund” business.  She then requested that we help her make a website for D’Elegant Pleasurable.  Ovella already has a drop shipping arrangement by using another provider for her full-scale eCommerce website, but she wanted to make this site to help advertise her lingerie products and to allow interested parties to create parties that would showcase the products from both of her websites.

Therefore, we setup a website for her that would allow for “Ladies Night Out” parties with a form to book them online.  In addition, there is a page on the site that serves as her Online Store that allows visitors to purchase some products directly.

We appreciate the additional business from Ovella and hope we can serve her with any of her other website needs.

Her website is at

Logo Design For Oahu Auctions

Oahu AuctionsAlicia from Oahu Auctions inquired about a logo design several weeks ago.  Alicia had a specific idea in mind that they wanted for a logo, which is great because it helps our graphic designer work towards making a logo that they accept.

After sending in the initial pre-payment for the logo, our graphic designer got started right away on the auction service vector logo design.

What is a vectored logo?  A vectored logo is one that can scale to any size with zero loss of quality.  It could even be scaled up to a billboard size!  Customers that need to have a logo designed and plan on using it for vehicle decals, posters, signs, or even billboards will require a vectored logo design.

The other kind of logo design that BsnTech Networks offers is a “raster” logo design.  These logos are a bit less expensive – but it is because they do not scale to size very well.  They will lose quality and start to look blurry or grainy when doing so.  These logos are really only meant for use on websites and small print media such as business cards and letterheads.

Oahu Auctions was very pleased with the service that we provided them for their logo design.  They even inquired with us about potentially creating a website for them.

We appreciate the business from Oahu Auctions and their trust in our logo design services.

Personal Website Design For Miya Clark

Miya ClarkBsnTech Networks has completed the design for Miya Clark.  Miya is a singer and wanted to have a personal website to showcase her talents, testimonials, pricing, and a way for potential customers to reach her.

One of our website design freelancers completed the site and made a highly unique, one-of-a-kind website for her.  The entire website is made on one page.  The page has links at the bottom which will automatically scroll to the appropriate text of the site.

We appreciate the business that Miya gave us to create the site and hope to continue doing more work for her.

Miya’s site is at

eCommerce Website Design For Above Average Beautique

Above Average BeautiqueAngela spoke with us over a month ago about how website design worked.  She was interested in launching an online eCommerce website to sell clothing and accessories to ‘above average’ women of all shapes and sizes.

Angela chose us to proceed with creating an eCommerce website design for her in addition to a customized logo design.  Our graphic designer created the logo to Angela’s exact standards and she was pleased just after the first mock-up logo design!

Angela let us know exactly what she was looking for with the site and began sending us the information to get it up and running.  After everything was done, she was exceptionally pleased with how we gave her just the site she wanted with such fast turn-around.

Her store is not yet ready to be open for business, but it is online and ready to go!  Eventually, Angela will be having us add the products to her website and she’ll “open her doors”.

We appreciate the vote of confidence from Angela for our logo design and eCommerce website design services.

Her website is at

Car Dealership Website Design For Gulf Auto World

Gulf Auto WorldSafae from Gulf Auto World contacted us a few weeks back asking us to create a car dealership website for them.  They provided us a link to a website that they liked and we modeled their site after it.

They were looking for a more premium website design that looked exceptionally pleasing and very professional.  The Gulf Auto World websites is a more higher-end website than what is included with our base website design package.

We setup the vehicle inventory system on their website, social networking integration, a few slideshows, and a couple of contact forms.  Overall, it took us a few weeks to fully perfect the site and get it to the look that Safae was looking for.

We appreciate the ability to create a car dealership website design for Safae and Gulf Auto World!

The website for Gulf Auto World is at

Small Business Website Design For Exceptional Expos & Events

Exceptional Expos & EventsVicky from Exceptional Expos & Events contacted us about making a website for her event business.  She wanted to get a simple website setup that would be just two pages – one for the home page that detailed the current / upcoming event that Vicky wanted to advertise – and another page to allow for online registration and payment.

After getting the details from Vicky, we got to work right away and had her site done within less than a week.  In addition, her site is a little more advanced than some that we do because of the registration form.  Upon the form being filled out, it automatically will send the customer over to PayPal to make the payment for the booth space.

This will help Vicky save time with the registrations by automating it through the website.  She obtains the registration form by e-mail and then receives the payment!

We appreciate the small business website design project from Vicky and hope that we will continue to provide website services to her for the longevity of her business!

Her website is at