Landing Page Design For Unload My Timeshare

Unload My TimeshareKevin contacted us late in the afternoon yesterday needing some help making a single landing page for his business.

He already installed WordPress and a theme, but he was not sure how to proceed with getting the information on his site or putting it in a presentable form.

Upon receiving the initial payment, we got to work right away on his landing page.

Just this morning, we fully completed everything with the landing page.  Kevin took a look at it and was very surprised with how fast we worked and the quality of the work that was completed.

He praised us in an e-mail – saying “Thank you so much for your help and your lightning fast service!!! I will certainly think about switching the hosting over.  We may be adding several more sites soon, as the budget permits.“.

Thank you Kevin for your business and we look forward to any other website and graphic services that we can provide!

Kevin’s website is at

Small Business Website Design For Proven Lubes Plus

Proven Lubes PlusBo, the owner of Proven Lubes Plus, contacted us about a month ago in regards to creating a website for his authorized Amsoil dealer business.

Bo gave us specific instructions on what he wanted on his website, how he wanted the website designed, and specific affiliate links that would link into the Amsoil site so he could receive revenue for anyone that used his site to make a purchase on the Amsoil website.

Upon getting all of the specifications and information from Bo, we went to work right away.

Bo was very pleased with how quickly we got his website up and running for him.  Therefore, he awarded us with some extra business with creating a slideshow that appears at the top of his website.

After another round of changes that was just received last night, Bo has now approved of the website and was ready for it to go live.

We appreciate the business from Bo and Proven Lubes Plus and hope that we can also help anyone else with their next small business website design need!

Bo’s website is at

Photographer Website Design For Jamie Boden-Johnson

Photos and More By JamieJamie contacted us just a few days ago inquiring about website design.  He wanted to have the ability to sell his digital prints online – but also wanted it to be easy for him to update the prints on his website.

In addition, Jamie provides other print design services – such as putting the prints on canvas, wood, or other background materials.  He wanted to allow visitors to inquire on the website about those products.

After understanding what Jamie wanted, we sent out the initial invoice to him to get started.  He got that paid within an hour and we started on the site!

A short few days later, his site is now fully done and launched!  Although he only has a few prints loaded so far, he is now fully in charge of his website and can start making profit from his photography hobby.

We appreciate the business from Jamie and hope we can take care of any other website design needs that him or his friends may need.

Jamie’s website is at

Small Business Website Design For Big River Partners, LLC.

Big River Partners, LLC.Shortly after completing the logo for Chuck, owner of Big River Partners, LLC, we had his website up and going.

He was very happy with the results and was impressed with how quickly we put a website together for him.  He expected that the site would have taken a month to create.  Not with BsnTech!

We got to work right away on his website and after he sent us the materials, it was done in just a few days.

Thank you Chuck for your business and we’re glad we could help out with creating a small business website design for your company!

Chuck’s website is at

BsnTech Networks Creates Website Design For On Fire Promotions, LLC.

On Fire Promotions, LLCBsnTech Networks was contacted by Jessica, owner of On Fire Promotions, LLC, to create a website for her event staffing and modeling agency.

Jessica already had “designed” the website using PowerPoint and showed us exactly how she wanted the site to look on the site.

Upon receiving the intial design deposit, we went to work very quickly on her website and had it completed within 48 hours!

Jessica did have some difficulity getting her domain name to point to our web hosting servers.  She originally had purchased the domain name through another provider and wanted to maintain control of the domian name.  After having tried a couple fo times to update the “nameservers”, she gave us access to her account to make the changes on her behalf.

Here at BsnTech, we go the extra mile to help out our customers as much as possible to ensure they are fully satisifed with the services we provide.

Thank you Jessica for your business and we hope there is other work we can do for you in the future!

On Fire Promotions, LLC’s website is on

Logo Design For Big River Partners, LLC.

Big River Partners, LLC LogoChuck contacted us about a month ago to have us create a website and a logo for his startup business.  Just recently we have completed both although he is not yet ready to go live with the website.

However, he was very excited to see his logo was done quickly and the professional quality at which it was completed.

Thank you for choosing BsnTech Networks for your logo design and website design services Chuck!

Logo Design For GroupLaunch

GroupLaunch LogoJon, a long-time customer of BsnTech Networks, contacted us to make a very simple logo design for a new endeavour they are going to try.

Our graphic designer took the specifications that Jon provided and created a logo that met their needs.

Jon will be having us design a website around the new business very soon.

Thank you for the additional business and ability to continue serving your website and graphic design needs Jon!

Website Design Completed For Sugar Hill Tile

Sugar Hill TileKathi from Sugar Hill Tile contacted us a few weeks back asking for help making a website.  Initially they had started their own website using one of the do-it-yourself website builders that another company provides.

Unfortunately they were not at all happy with the results and wanted to have help from a professional website design company.

Once we understood what Kathi wanted, she promptly cancelled the website builder account with the other company.

Kathi then provided us the content that she wanted on the site in addition to general information about the color scheme.

We completed the site in two days and then made a couple of minor updates that Kathi requested.

Kathi responded in an e-mail stating “Thank you so much.  I appreciate the fact that you have been in contact every day.”

Kathi’s website is at

Website Work Completed For Playstation Examiners Store

Playstation Examiners StoreDiane, the owner of Playstation Examiners Store, contacted us a few weeks back asking about some updates she needed on her website.  After a few weeks, she contacted us back saying another individual was not able to complete the requested changes on her website.

Diane runs a website which interfaces with Amazon Web Services to pull a set of products that are then displayed on her website.  The goal is to then get customers/visitors to her site and to click through those links, which then goes over to Amazon.  Each time that someone purchases something from Amazon using a link from her site, she then makes a commission on that sale.

Unfortunately, there was an “update” routine that was to run in the background in order to update and refresh the products from Amazon’s site automatically, but this wasn’t occurring.

After understand what needed done, we got to work right away and fixed the problem quickly.  There were some configuration issues with her site that prevented it from connecting to Amazon properly to download that information.  In addition, a “cron job” also needed setup so that a script would be run every hour to look for updates.

We appreciate the business from Diane!

Diane’s website is at

Affordable Website Design For Quad City Laptop Repair

Quad City Laptop RepairJohn, the owner of Quad City Laptop Repair, contacted us a few weeks ago asking about website design services.  After answering his questions and understanding how he had his website hosting and domain names pointed, we sent out the initial pre-payment invoice to him this past weekend.

On Monday (yesterday), he sent us the information we needed to start on his website design.

In a little over 24 hours, we took his information that was provided and created his website, one that is very eye-appealing and hits home his main selling point for his business regarding his laptop repair.

John was very satisfied with how quickly we got the site up and running and says that he will most likely be adding more functionality to the site later on.  He noted “Glad to work with you, BIG THANKS!!” in an e-mail to us.

We appreciate the business from John and Quad City Laptop Repair!

John’s website is at