Affordable Web Design For Weather-Tite Exteriors

Weather-Tite Exteriors - Omaha, NEChristian at Weather-Tite Exteriors continue to BsnTech Networks for creating an affordable website design for his businesses. Christian came to us a couple of years ago to start a website for his business in Rapid City. As he business has grown, he has opened more locations. About a year ago, a location was opened in Minnesota. He also contact us to make a low-cost website design for this location as well. Now, just recently, he is moving to the state of Nebraska and has opened a new office in Omaha to service customers that need home services including roofing, siding, and more.

We appreciate the extra business that Christian has given us – and are humbled that he continues to put his trust in us for all of his website services needs.

If you or someone you know needs a cheap website design completed, our staff at BsnTech Networks is ready to help you for an afforadble rate that is fair.

BsnTech Networks Completes Small Business Website Design For JanSpec

JanSpecBsnTech Networks recently completed a new website for a company – JanSpec.  We were contacted by Dana at JanSpec a few weeks ago to create a website for them.  In addition, JanSpec requested to have a digital copy of their logo designed.

BsnTech stepped up and completed the website.  Dana awarded additional business to us because of the fast response times and providing quality website design to their company.  Our graphic designer recently finished the company’s logo as well.  Dana provided very specific instructions regarding the new logo design – and our designer completed it perfectly to their satisfaction the first time.

Dana was very impressed with the affordable website design that we created for him.  He went on to say “Brian, I am estatic with what you and your company has done….I am very happy to have found you and will definitely recommend you every chance I get.”.  He also noted “You built this site and logo exactly the way I wanted it done”.

Cheap Website Design Completed For Divorce Services Online

Divorce Services OnlineArthur from Divorce Services Online contacted us to make a low-cost website for his start-up business.  In addition, he had us create a logo for him as well.  Art tried to create a site at VistaPrint but wasn’t having much luck.  He then contacted us to take care of his website needs.

We completed his site soon after we received the information from him.  We created a large form that customers can fill out on his website – and once submitted, it automatically redirects them to PayPal to make the appropriate payment.

Affordable Website Design For Claim Recovery Systems

Claim Recovery SystemsBsnTech Networks just completed a site for Jeff at Claim Recovery Systems.  Jeff contacted us last week and wanted to get a website running quickly for his business.  We provided a low-cost and affordable website design service for him which included five pages and a contact form.

Jeff was instrumental in providing us the information and graphics that he wanted on his website – and the information we needed to setup the design and layout for him.  Once he saw the design for the first time, he was pleased that we hit the nail on the head with what he was looking for.

After a few other minor updates, we wrapped the site up and it is live and ready for public viewing!

If your business or organization needs an affordable website, allow BsnTech Networks to help.  We provide cheap web design services – but the quality is superb.

Support For Families of Nursing Home Residents – Website Completed

SFNR Support WebsiteBeverley, the founder of Support For Families of Nursing Home Residents, contacted us in May asking for help with her website.  Beverley already had a website up and running, but she wasn’t happy with the fact that she couldn’t edit or make changes to the site herself.  She noted that the previous designer did a good job making the site, but she just wasn’t happy with feeling locked out of her website – or trapped – because she couldn’t update her own site.

We were happy to help Beverley with her request.  We took the website from a standard HTML-based website to one that uses a content management system (CMS).  This allows Beverley to login to an administrative panel and update and make changes to her website.

In addition, she also requested that a few changes be made to the site since we were converting it.  She asked that we include a blog and a contact form – in addition to PayPal donations.  We performed all of these requests – and had everything done within a few days for her.

Beverley noted over the phone how prompt and professional we are to work with.  She will be spreading the word through her social channels about the work we’ve done and hopes that we get other customers from her sharing.

Logo Design For Sandy’s Advantage Completed

Sandy's Advantage

Our graphic designer here at BsnTech Networks received an order last week for a logo design for an accounting and book-keeping firm.  We completed the logo design in approximately one week – and the customer could not be happier.  The owner – Sandy – noted “Dan done an awesome job.  I thank you for all your assistance with making this happen”.  Because we did a great job with the logo, Sandy has also awarded us the business of creating a website for her business as well – so stay tuned for that!

Another Cheap Website Design –

MyRedCanary.comBsnTech Networks was recently contacted by Dian from  Dian recently went through a very upsetting event with his previous website designer and website hosting provider.  The company was ran by another individual – but it was then sold to a different entity.  During this transition, the new entity told Dian that they HAD to upgrade their website to a WordPress site.  Dian was not at all happy about this transition.  Before, Dian was able to login to the website and make changes to it as they needed.  But, the new company didn’t provide any kind of details to Dian on how they would be able to manage their website.

So, Dian saw our advertisements for cheap website design – and contacted us.  Dian put the order in just yesterday (June 5th) – and BsnTech Networks has now completed the site!  Dian asked us to take the website that was already online – and convert it to a system that would allow easy access to update the website.  That is exactly what we did – and in a very timely fashion.

Dian notes, “Brian, excellent service!  Faster than lightning!” in our communications.

We were happy to help assist Dian with a cheap website design – one that looks great, is functional, and most importantly – allows Dian to update the website without asking others to do simple updates.

Parr Products Receives Affordable Website Design

Parr ProductsOne of BsnTech Networks’ talented freelancers completed an affordable website design on behalf of Parr Products.  The owner at Parr Products has invented a tablet handle that can be placed on the back of almost any tablet.  It is a universal fit.  The handle allows for several differentways of viewing your tablet – whether holding the handle with your hand – or lying it down on a table so the tablet will be at a viewing angle.

Parr Products originally was attempting to make sales for their product through Amazon, but they wanted to have a website designer create a site for them to have their own company page – and to have a more professional online presence for sales and support.

Our freelancer used a special JavaScript system on the home page that provides some motion and attracts attention to the product.  In addition, PayPal integration was completed so that customers can order directly from Parr Products’ website without the fees that Amazon charges.

BsnTech Networks Assists With Affordable Website Design

BsnTech Networks has helped the owner of with some updates to their website.  They are using a classified ad system.  The owner of the website was very pleased with the efficiency of our work and the low cost for the changes they needed. needed to have the newer version of the software installed on their website.  BsnTech provided a full website backup in the event that the website needed to be restored – then performed the website upgrade.

A few other changes and affordable website design updates were done based on the customer’s request.

From start to completion, the changes were made within four days.  BsnTech even completed the majority of the work on a Sunday to aid with getting the requested changes completed in a timely fashion.

From the customer, she comments “You did a great job” in one e-mail and “Good job, looks good” in another.

Our New Customer Showcase

Welcome to our new customer showcase blog!  Each time that we have a customer come to us for any kind of service, we will showcase the work here.  By doing so, it will allow potential customers to see the work we’ve done for the customer.  Whether it is just a graphic design or a full website, the details will be available at this spot.