Advanced Product Management – Variations & Drop Down Options

This video tutorial is meant for customers of BsnTech Networks needing assistance with their eCommerce site.  This video will show you had to add drop-down options for products such as color or size.  Instead of making a product for every product variation, this video will show you how to add those product variations as drop-down options.

WordPress Music Store Tutorial


This video tutorial covers the requirements to manage a music store that includes a music player that can be embedded on the website. It covers the process for uploading and setting the actual paid download and creating the listing in the music player to allow visitors to play the music (or sample) from the website.

The link that is needed for the Buy Now Link is – Ensure to replace YOURDOMAIN with your domain name and DOWNLOAD_ID with the numerical download ID from the Downloads section of the site.

WordPress Simple Product Management


This video tutorial covers the necessities to manage simple products on your website made with WordPress. This video tutorial will explain how to add products, edit products, delete products, add a featured image (the main image that appears in the product listing), add additional images, set pricing, and adding to categories.

WordPress Product Category Management


This video tutorial provides information on managing your eCommerce categories created using the WordPress platform. Easily manage your categories after watching this video tutorial by learning how to create categories, delete categories, edit them, add a thumbnail picture, add descriptions, and modify sub-categories.