Picture Gallery Management

This video covers the management of the picture gallery platform that we use for customer websites.  The video details how to create/delete/update picture categories and ow to create/delete/update pictures in the gallery.

Website Calendar Management

This video tutorial is provided to customers that purchase our dynamic calendar – or events platform.  This video covers all aspects of managing the events on your calendar.

Managing And Updating Web Pages

This video is provided to customers so that they may be empowered to update their own website.  This tutorial covers how to login and modify your pages, how to create new pages, delete pages, and also manage menu links to those pages.

Photographer Website – Including eCommerce

This video is for certain customers that purchase a platform for photographers from us.  This platform allows the customers to create/update/delete categories along with photos.  The platform also allows the website owner to sell prints directly from their website – in addition to having password-protected directories.