Website Builder – eCommerce Tutorial

This is a long video tutorial that explains how to create an eCommerce website using your BsnTech Networks website builder. It starts with the installation, adding the needed pages, adding them to a menu, and configuring the eCommerce system. Configurations include checkout processes, payment setup using PayPal, shipping, coupons, and more.

After watching this video tutorial, two additional tutorials will help you with creating categories and products on your website:

Category Management
Product Management

Website Builder – Customizing Your Look

This video tutorial explains how to customize the look and feel of your website made with the website builder. A default template is installed which allows you to change fonts, colors, locations of the menus, background images, and the overall layout of the site. However, if you prefer to use a different template, over 1,900+ are available from the template repository to install and use. This tutorial will show you how to search and activate a new template if desired.