WordPress Page Editor – 2024 – Advanced Techniques

Before you watch this video, be sure you have watched the two prior videos:

This video tutorial explains more advanced options in the page editor.  We discuss the importance of using containers which will contain sections of your website.  Background colors and images are discussed along with more formatting options.

WordPress Page Editor – 2024 – Block Management

Before you watch this video, be sure you have watched the video on navigating the block editor.

This video tutorial explains how to add, delete, and duplicate blocks in the WordPress Gutenberg editor. We also go into detail on formatting each of these blocks – such paragraph options with color and font customization. The video also covers adding and formatting buttons, bullet lists, and how to setup a grid layout with four columns.

The next video in this series will show more advanced options.

WordPress Page Editor Introduction – 2024

This video tutorial provides a quick summary of the Gutenberg page editor in WordPress. This is just a high-level video showing how to modify page and block settings, hiding/showing the settings panel, and accessing the outline view.

After watching this tutorial, there are two others that show how to use the “blocks” and modify them.

Website Builder – eCommerce Tutorial

This is a long video tutorial that explains how to create an eCommerce website using your BsnTech Networks website builder. It starts with the installation, adding the needed pages, adding them to a menu, and configuring the eCommerce system. Configurations include checkout processes, payment setup using PayPal, shipping, coupons, and more.

After watching this video tutorial, two additional tutorials will help you with creating categories and products on your website:

Category Management
Product Management

Website Builder – Slideshow Tutorial

This video tutorial will show you how to create a slideshow on your website. From installing the slideshow system to creating a slideshow from start to finish, this tutorial should get you started with adding one to your website made with the BsnTech Networks website builder.

Website Builder – Contact Form Tutorial

This video tutorial will show you how to create a contact form to allow visitors to send an e-mail to you directly from the website. It covers some customization of the form along with adding it to a web page. After watching the contact form tutorial, an easy form is possible with your website.

Website Builder – Navigation Menu Management

This video tutorial will show you how to manage your navigation menus. There is a primary menu and a secondary menu in the default template that is installed with your website builder. This will show you how to create menus and menu entries to show in the navigation bars.

Website Builder – Making a Blog

This video tutorial explains how to setup and create a blog in your website builder. It covers the basics for assigning a page that will be used for the blog, creating blog categories, adding the blog to the navigation menu, and creating a blog entry.

Website Builder – Customizing Your Look

This video tutorial explains how to customize the look and feel of your website made with the website builder. A default template is installed which allows you to change fonts, colors, locations of the menus, background images, and the overall layout of the site. However, if you prefer to use a different template, over 1,900+ are available from the template repository to install and use. This tutorial will show you how to search and activate a new template if desired.