Church Website Design For Hebrew Christian Church

Hebrew Christian ChurchCleveland contacted us last week in regards to having a website made for his new church that he was starting – Hebrew Christian Church.

Cleveland’s budget was pretty minimal, so we explained to him that we could start off with a basic website and then increase the capabilities and functionality of the site down the road.  He agreed that this was the best option to at least get a website started for his church.

He also noted that they needed to have a professional logo designed that they could use on any kind of printed materials.  He gave us a rough sketch of what he wanted.  Our graphic designer completed this logo perfectly to Cleveland’s expectations a few days ago.

We have now completed his website and it is launched and ready to go!  Cleveland stated in an e-mail to us:

“Thank you so much. You have been so gracious with us and so patient. We greatly appreciate all of the changes that you have done for us. Everything looks great. We will definitely tell everyone about your services. It has been a learning experience for us. When we contact you about adding more we will try to have our ducks in line. It has been a great pleasure working with you and Dan. We are very satisfied customers.”

We want to thank Cleveland for providing us the business with creating a church website design for him!

The Hebrew Christian Church website is at