components/ com_zoom/ www/ images/ filetypes/ image.png – What??

So I have been converting the web sites over from a Windows 2000 IIS server to a Linux Apache2 server. In the process, I noticed a lot of pictures on my Zoom Media Gallery were broken and would not work!

I looked at the properties and the site was trying to pull them from:

This was clearly wrong and I don't know what that showed up like that!

This came up on locations where I had pictures nested within another gallery. For example, my Busch Gardens pictures has another gallery within it for the date that I visted since I have went more than once. The other galleries that had the pictures in the main folder worked just fine.

Well, I looked at my jos_zoom table in the database and I noticed that I had the Windows backward slash "\" to go between the directory – like "Busch_Gardens\4-24-2005" for an example. After I changed these slashes to the forward slash "/" which made it "Busch_Gardens/4-24-2005", problem fixed!

I hope this will help some of you others out there that search for this so you can correct this on your site too!